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    O show do nick

    in Current Events

    O show do nick

  • Curious Times - Nick Fox, Spiritual Guide

    in Spirituality

    Nick Fox incarnated onto this planet 23 years ago, with the main purpose of helping people, no matter who they are, or where they come from. Growing up in Sydney Australia, his research and discovery into all things spiritual, has lead him down a path of knowledge and understanding, giving him a remarkable awareness and trust in his play as a guide and teacher. Let’s just say he’s dived down the rabbit hole many times, giving him a wide-ranging and in depth understanding of this world and the many others out there.

    Nick does not consider himself a master or someone to look up too, just another human being, playing, exploring and discovering on this planet. He sees all life as perfect and equal, and he always reminds everyone he connects with that life is about having fun!

    Through his writing, readings, crystal products, videos and his soon to be airing radio show, he spreads love, joy, and bliss with all, reminding everyone of the importance of being playful. 

    Contact him through facebook at facebook.com/nickfoxmedium

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    "Bloodline of the Gods" author Nick Redfern

    in Spirituality

    Nick Redfern has a vast audience of readers who have waited in anticipation for the recent August release of his latest blockbuster, Bloodline of the Gods: Unravel the Mystery of the Human Blood Type to Reveal the Aliens Among Us. The world-famous author of dozens of bestsellers, Redfern lays out scientific evidence that at least 10% of the human population is descendant from an ancient and advanced alien civilization that has manipulated their blood type.  Are some of us the products of extraterrestrial gene tinkering? An internationally known researcher and journalist on the subjects of conspiracies, UFOs and aliens, Redfern answers this and many more questions about the “adjusted” genetic makeup of our species. Bloodline of the Gods  takes us on an amazing trip into the distant past and to a time when proto-humans were genetically manipulated by ETs, perceived by ancient man as nothing less than all-powerful gods.  Encompassing accounts of the legendary Anunnaki, alien abductions, hybrid children, secret and powerful societies, and an elite bloodline that holds significant sway over the planet and its people, Bloodline of the Gods reveals the shocking truth concerning those people who are not entirely human.  Visit http://www.warwickassociates.com  and click on Bloodline of the Gods.

    At the top of the show, it's Anastasia's Starseed News, bringing topics of interest that you won't hear in the mainstream!

    Mercury goes retrograde on Sept. 17 until Oct. 9.  Read about it here: http://starseedhotline.com/events.htm#mercuryretrograde

    Thanks for tuning in!

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    Centralian python talk with Nick Mutton

    in Pets

    In this extra episode we are joined by Nick Mutton from Inland Reptile. Nick has one of the best bredli collections in the states, possibly even the world. He works with different bloodlines and morphs and has some of the nicest examples of this often overlooked species of python.


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    Life Coach Annette Jones, Emmy Award Winning Director, Producer Nick Nanton

    in Business

    Annette Jones  received her life coach training from popular self-help book author Martha Beck's coach training program. She is the owner of Ananda Transformations Life Coaching, a blogger and a fine art photographer. She uses her coaching super powers of intuition, compassionate listening and unique insight to help her clients connect to their own inner wisdom. She helps her clients to create more success and happiness in their lives through transforming their negative thoughts and beliefs with special coaching techniques

    Nick Nanton 3-Time Emmy Award Winning Director, Producer and Filmmaker, Nick Nanton, Esq. known as the Top Agent to Celebrity Experts® around the world for his role in developing and marketing business and professional experts, through personal branding, media, marketing and PR. Nick serves as the CEO of The Dicks + Nanton Celebrity Branding Agency, an international branding and media agency with more than 2200 clients in 33 countries. Nick has produced large scale events and television shows with the likes of Steve Forbes, Brian Tracy, President George H.W. Bush and many more. Nick is recognized as one of the top thought-leaders in the business world, speaking on major stages internationally and having co-authored 36 best-selling books, including The Wall Street Journal Best-Seller, StorySelling™

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    Motivational Monday- The Power of Your Reflection & Strength in the Mirror!

    in Motivation

    This week on Nick and Erik in the Monin's Motivational Monday the topic is really good!! Nick and Erik Williams dissect a famous quote by the late and great Frederick Douglas. This is an episode you don't want to miss!!

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    Does Hypocrisy Effect Your Witness?

    in Motivation

    Last week, Nick and Erik broke down just how to know you.. that's right you.. are a hypocrit. Now that that's out of the way, just how do we (those of us that are accused of hypocrisy and/or espouse the label and idea that we're a hypocrit) handle the stigma as we attempt evangelism. 

  • Sandie Bass , Rosalene Glickman, Michelle Akda, Nick Carter

    in Business

    Sandie Bass leadership coach who helps companies and entrepreneurs develop leadership ability—everything from finding an authentic leadership style, to discovering blind spots, moving past fear, and improving communication and conflict management. Sandie had a 20-year career as a Marketing and Human Resources leader before becoming a coach. She was the head of Human Resources for Medtronic Latin America, and later the head of Marketing Communications for a $2.5 billion division of St. Jude Medical

    Rosalene Glickman, Ph.D. international best-selling author of Optimal Thinking, hailed by academia and the media as “the successor to positive thinking”. She is the President of The World Academy of Personal Development Inc., a Los Angeles training and executive coaching firm

    Michelle Akda author and Zumba fitness instructor, is a Certified Dream Builder Life Coach and expert in "Thinking Technology." With a Master's in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University, a lifetime of Fitness, Health and Wellness practices, and over Twenty Years of Spiritual Study and research, Michelle is a well rounded Life Coach able to work with clients to help hone their vision, and get in touch with their DREAMS so they can live a life they LOVE

    Nick Carter serial entrepreneur—founder of over a half a dozen businesses, currently the acting CEO of 2 startups and an active partner or board member in 4 other established companies.Nick is the author of “Twelve Seconds,” which teaches entrepreneurs to get their small business off the ground.  He describes his vocation not as a farmer, a software engineer, or a foodie, but simply as a person whose sole job is to see opportunities in the marketplace and create businesses to seize them

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    BOAA923: Nick Redfern

    in Paranormal

    Prolific paranormal author and longtime friend of BoA:Audio, the illustrious Nick Redfern returns to the program for a discussion on his latest esoteric offerings, including Bloodline of the Gods, Chupacabra Road Trip, and The Bigfoot Book.  Sure to be an expansive conversation covering a wide variety of paranormal genres and thoughtful takes on the world of high strangeness.

  • WWGW's- A Winning Response to Failure w/ Rev. Dr. Alexander Houston

    in Motivation

    Nick and Erik are back! Only this show, the two of them are not alone. Nick and Erik have joining them on this " Who We Got Wednesday" none other than the Rev. Dr. Alexander G. Houston. The pastor of The Christian Church in Philadelphia. Dr. Houston has seen many levels of success.We all know that with success comes failures. Tune In and hear Rev.Dr. Alexander Houston tell us how winners respond to failure,but also the nourishment in which the bible gives us about it. 

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    Motivational Monday- Bouncing back from failure

    in Motivation

    Nick and Erik are back for another Motivational Monday. After a different week of success, but more importantly failure, listen to the "how to bounce back". This one will be good.

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