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    DJ Free Leonard Radio

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    DJ Free Leonard Radio: Political Prisoners News & Hip Hop Music for Social Justice

    Hosted by DJ Free Leonard

    Tonight's guest: Harvey Arden, editor of "Prison Writings: My Life Is My Sundance" by Leonard Peltier. 

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    DJ Free Leonard Radio

    in Hip Hop Music

    Hosted by DJ Free Leonard 

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    DJ Free Leonard Radio

    in Hip Hop Music

    Hosted by DJ Free Leonard

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    Horror Poet Lemmy Rushmore and Artist Niall Parkinson

    in Poetry

    From emotionally dark to horror, Lemmy Rushmore's work can be seen in many anthologies which feature the superbly dark art of Niall Parkinson and released by James Ward Kirk Publishing. In addition he will be included along with other talented writers and poets in the anthologies: Hell II: Citizens, Cellar Door III: Animals, Indiana Horror Review 2014, The Grays, and Bones III, all coming soon from the great team at James Wark Kirk Publishing. His newest work can be viewed on the Parkinson Rushmore Project Facebook Page as he is currently involved in a unique collaboration with the extraordinarily talented artist, Niall Parkinson. Niall Parkinson is an Irish artist specializing in the origination of dark, surreal, conceptual and spiritual hand drawn illustration from which he explores the darker regions of the human heart and experience. His background is in commercial graphic design and he had spent over 20 years working in this capacity within the printing industry. Niall has also had success in the music industry designing cd covers and booklets primarily for European metal bands.

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lemmy.rushmore, https://www.facebook.com/niall.parkinson.501

    Parkinson Rushmore Project: https://www.facebook.com/TheP.R.SProject, http://parkinsonrushmoreproject.wordpress.com/

    Amazon links: No Sight for the Saved, Demonic Possession, We Are Dust and Shadow

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    NIALL LEONARD Author of "Crusher" & Husband of E.L. James

    in Books

    We speak with Niall Leonard, author of the new book "Crusher". Niall is the husband of 50 Shades of Grey author E.L.James and aided in editing the trilogy for his wife.
    Niall Leonard grew up in Newry, Northern Ireland. In 1977 he attended the University of York to study English, and from there went on to The UK National Film and Television School where he trained as a screenwriter and director.  His first film was Absolution, an old-fashioned revenge thriller with a supernatural twist, filmed on location in Newry in 1983 and starring Derek Halligan.  Niall returned to Newry In 1985 to shoot locations for his graduation movie, the black comedy, No Man’s Land, starring Patrick Bergin and Des McAleer.
    As part of the 2011 Nanowrimo novel-writing event Niall wrote Crusher, a gritty crime thriller set in London featuring Finn Maguire, a dyslexic young offender investigating the murder of his father.  The novel was picked up by Random House for publication in September 2012, and Niall is currently working on its sequel.
      Niall has led seminars and workshops on screenwriting and script editing for the BBC, the Northern Ireland Film Council and the Irish Screenwriters’ Guild, and lectured on the creative process at the University of Reading.   He is married with two kids and a rather smelly dog and lives in West London.  

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    Apostle Leonard Emmons - BEAUTIFY ME

    in Radio

    Apostle Leonard Emmons New weekly Broadcast every first and third Tuesdays Starting January 2015 , Pastor of Living Way Christian Center 235 West 40th Gary IN -  BEAUTIFY ME LORD

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    Beatleness: How John Lennon Influenced the World, with Candy Leonard

    in Culture

    Candy Leonard, the author of "Beatleness: How the Beatles and Their Fans Remade the World" joins us today for a live interview.

    Candy will be discussing how John Lennon and his life influenced not only a generation, but the world then and now to see life holistically - that is, as a whole, not in parts.

    This is Candy's first live interview on K WAVe 6 Radio, but if we're lucky, not the last one.

    Join us Wednesday, December 3rd at 9:00 am Eastern for this wonderful insight into the life of John Lennon.

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    Voices of South Africa with Leigh and Niall

    in Politics Conservative

    Leigh Oxley Du Preez

    I was born in South Africa; I am only a second generation South African. I have 400+ years of American blood flowing through me. I have lived through and seen the utter devastation in my country and have lost much through the brutal violence in South Africa like so many of my fellow folk.

    I do not have a fancy education but I am a giver, I live to serve my God and my people. I am involved with South African Family Relief Project. I am directly responsible for clothing and feeding White South African Families that are in crisis.


    My name is Niall Mac Áibaicín and I currently live in Co. Donegal, Ireland. I lived in South Africa for approximately 20 years until the end of 2009 and worked as a financial and budgets manager as well as an academic director in universities within South Africa, Switzerland and Germany. My area of academic work was in Strategic Management and Organizational Behavior. I specialized in Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. The last few years of my time in South Africa were spent working as a volunteer for an Irish government funded organization in KwaZulu-Natal setting up clinics for HIV, Aids and TB within a squatter camp and in a remote rural area.

    Having married in South Africa and with two children who were born there, all of whom are now, thankfully, living in Ireland, I developed a great love for South African and its entire people. On the other hand I am glad that we do not live there any longer, given the rapid increase in rates of violence and murder within South African society.

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    Dr. Leonard Coldwell - How to Cure Yourself of Cancer!

    in Self Help

    Author, lecturer, clinician, radio and TV personality, Founder of the IBMS Instinct Based Medicine SystemÒ. Dr. Leonard Coldwell Cured his own mother from Hepatitis C, Liver cirrhosis and liver cancer in the terminal state ( with the prognosis of 6 month to live ) over 40 years ago. Based on Expert statements, Dr Coldwell  has one of the highest success rates with cancer in the world. Dr Leonard Coldwell is endorsed and supported by the elite of the health experts like Dr Rima Laibow MD, Dr Betty Martini, and many more. His "Instinct Based Medicine" reveals the cause of all disease. His practical solutions to stress and emotions have provided tens of thousands of people with more than just hope. Dr Leonard Coldwell is the author of 19 best selling books and thousands of publications and hundreds of CD and DVD self help systems. Dr Coldwell trained and spoke for Military and Veteran organizations, 9/11 first responders, as well as firefighters, police and the naval weapon station, Medical University of South Carolina and countless of the largest organizations in the world. It is believed that his Stress reduction system is the most endorsed and sold in the world.

     for more details Visit Dr Coldwell’s websites and for free health advice write to instinctbasedmedicine@gmail.com websites: www.drleonardcoldwell.com and www.DrColdwellOpinion.tv  



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    Pro. Rosalind & Leonard Jeffries 50th Anniversary Celebration - KEYS TO WIN!!

    in Current Events

    Professor  Rosalind & Dr.  Leonard Jeffries are celebrating 50 years of their holy union - one with the other.  They are also re- dedicating themselves to the Pan African struggle & the traditions of Africa among black people in America.

    They will share life lessons with us on how to maintain a healthy relationship, what to do during the tough times, how important is an African centered marriage.

    Why is the divorce rate so high among black people in America? What steps were taken to dismantle the black family? What steps should we take to put ourselves back together again.

    We'll talk to two living legends tonight @ 8:00pmest 646-478-4447

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