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    Gearheads Auto Hour: 2016 Vehicle Review, Recalls and Auto News Episode 1

    in Automotive

    One and a half gear heads guide you through the latest and greatest in the automotive industry. Industry veteran, Greg Sanchez - former editor with Motor Trend Magazine and CDN's own auto writer, Duane Pemberton guide you through today's auto trends. 

    In this episode, we'll cover: 

    The horrific and massive car recalls from the big 3s during this entire 2014 fiscal year
    The latest and the greatest tech stuff in all the new cars for 2014
    All the 2016 vehicle unveils within the last month or so... (Mazda Miata, Mercedes-AMG GT, the new Lincoln Navigator)
    VW passes GM in global auto sales race!  How did that happen?
    NHTSA Fines Hyundai $17.35 MILLION for brake recall delays
    Our driving impressions of the 2014 VW CC R-Line Edition

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    Standardized Field Sobriety Tests

    in Legal

    This podcast with James Doerr of Lavelle Law, Ltd. will explore a detailed explanation of the three NHTSA approved Standardized Field Sobriety Tests.

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    Knock Knock - Who's There?

    in Politics Conservative

    Conservative Primetime-Jan 3 2013
    Tonights Broadcast is dedicated In Loving Memory of :  Army Specialist Christopher Crosby, 23, of Wilmington, was found dead in his room in the barracks on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, near Anchorage A NY Newspaper published A interactive Map off ALL residence in their area that have REGISTERED GUNS  in their daily edition  newspaper.
    Is this  VIOLATION OF YOUR PERSONAL FREEDOMS? How about informing local criminals and thieves who already purchase the newspaper to see who won't be home due to funeral or family Christmas? How about NOW telling the BAD people who does NOT have Guns or Weapons, just incase they are in need of A FAST & QUICK Holiday SCORE? The paper obtained, & published, the names and addresses of pistol permit holders in Westchester and Rockland counties through a Freedom of Information Act request. Since when is this kind of INFO property of A so called media outlet?
    Do we as people have ANY FREEDOM's or rights left? This show will also wish The Federal Reserve A Happy 100th birthday. It was 12-24-1913 that we the people re-joined the FRB system. Oh & our loving Govt. wants BLACK BOXES in ALL NEW Cars for tracking purposes?

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    Trucking Safety: Investigating the E6 and E10 Brake Valves

    in Current Events

    Serious accidents can occur when truck drivers experience a failure with the air brakes. Many drivers have been cited for failing to inspect the brakes properly or for driver fatigue. But what if it had nothing to do with inspection or fatigue, but instead, a long over-looked problem with defective brake parts?
    The NHTSA first began a recall of treadle valves in the 1970's, with the most recent recall as early as August, 2012. Many believe that this is a serious safety issue that could be the actual cause for many accidents that are ultimately blamed on the driver.
    Our guest, Allan Powell has over 30 years as a professional truck driver and is a consumer advocate for the prevention of truck accidents as he believes that many within the industry are unaware of the hidden dangers of treadle valve corrosion. Through his work, the CVSA released the 2012-2 Inspection Bulletin.
    Also joining us is Rickey Gooch, managing partner of Legal Benefits Group, as we discuss the E6 and E10 treadle valves, how this potential hidden danger can affect the driver and carrier, why this issue is even a greater threat today and why no serious industry study is being done to investigate the problem.

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    Vehicle Recalls

    in Automotive

    The NHTSA has announced several recalls recently and the Internet Car Czar will discuss this issue. GM, BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Volvo and Buick recently outlined several recalls of sedans and crossovers. Plus I'll have my "Driving Tip of the Week"  and I'm not talking about your golf swing either. I'll recap the rain-shortened Auto Club 400 won by Tony Stewart this past Sunday. The Guest Call-in number is 646.716.7965 and as always the chatroom will be open. Hope to see you there...

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    Auto Technology - Too Much or Not Enough?

    in Automotive

    The Internet Car Czar explores Automobile Technology and when does it become distracting. We already have texting, Touch-Screen Navigation but when will it become too much. NHTSA's David Strickland has that daunting task to figure all of this out and make recommendations to automakers where the line is. We'll have that plus a short recap of the 54th running of the Daytona 500 which ran on Monday. All that and more. The Guest Call-in number is 646.716.4965. Hope to see you there...

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    Vehicle Safety Issues

    in Automotive

    Ok so you just experienced an issue with your vehicle that's safety related. I'll discuss what to do when you have an issue and how you can file a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Being proactive is always the best policy that may lead to a recall on the problem you just encountered. Plus I'll have your Driving Tip of the week and a recap of the Kobalt Tools 400 ran at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The guest call-in number 646.716.4965 and as always the chatroom will be open. Hope to see you there. If you can't catch us live, be sure to check the archives plus you can subscribe to American Chevy 360 on iTunes in the Podcast directory.

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    Pulse™ Safer Braking Technology

    in Automotive

    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administraton (NHTSA) and the National Insurance Board (NIB), more than one of every three vehicle accidents involve some sort of rear-end collision. With distracted driving becoming more prevalent, this trend is expected to increase. Approximately 90% of these accidents are avoidable if the following driver had one more second of warning. Today, the Internet Car Czar talks with Mark Olson, President of Kinetech LLC, maker of the Pulse™ Safer Braking Technology about their product. More information can be found by visiting their website @ PulseProtects.com. Also, here's a blog post introducing Pulse to Jim Glover Chevrolet - Lawton/Ft. Sill area customers.. You won't want to miss this episode. The guest call in number is 646.716.4965 and as always the chat room will be open. Hope to see you there.

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    Drunk Busters of America

    in Legal

    In 1995, Curt Kindschuh started Drunk Busters of America.  Curt & his staff have worked with over 15,000 customers in 64 countries. 
    Curt Kindschuh worked in law enforcement for 18 years, & in 1993 was recognized in the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Awards for his creative approaches to crime prevention. He was one of the first Drug Abuse Resistance Education Officers in Wisconsin, & worked for 4 years in 23 schools as a D.A.R.E. Officer. He started the “Shop With a Cop” program, which has since been duplicated in others areas of the United States, & also was a bicycle safety officer.
    A volunteer with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) from 1990-2002, he worked full time as the Wisconsin State Executive Director of MADD from 1994-1997. For 4 years he was a part-time instructor for the Group Dynamics Traffic Safety Program, which is mandatory for 1st time convicted drunk drivers in Wisconsin. Until his commitment to Drunk Busters of America forced him to cut back, he also taught criminal justice classes. Curt knows and understands impaired driving. He has arrested drunk drivers, investigated fatal crashes, counseled convicted DUI offenders & worked as an advocate for victims of impaired driving crashes.
    Curt completed the NHTSA certified DWI Detection & Standardized Field Sobriety Testing course, & he is the designer and patent holder for Drunk Busters Impairment Goggles, used worldwide in the fight to stop impaired driving. Curt was a member of the Driving School Association of the Americas, American Driver Traffic Safety Education Association, the Wisconsin DARE Ofcrs Assoc. & the National DARE Ofcrs Assoc. He is a member of the International Association for Driver Education, & he has established a reputation as a creative, innovative, passionate visionary in impaired driving education.

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    Speed Limiters - Possible New Mandate for Truckers

    in Current Events

    With the CSA and the impending hours of service change, there is a new mandate on the horizon for the trucking industry. The NHTSA has begun the rulemaking procedure to make speed limiters mandatory on all heavy-duty trucks, with the set speed being 68 MPH. The move is being pushed heavily by the ATA, Road Safe America and nine major motor carriers. By governing all trucks to 68 MPH, will this improve safety or is this a way for the major carriers to level the playing field for the hiring of drivers in this new CSA environment?

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    Child Passenger Safety Week

    in Youth

    Did you know motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for children? NHTSA Administrator David Strickland joins AAA to promote Child Passenger Safety Week by offering advice on proper car seat and booster seat use.   Learn valuable safety tips, find out why booster seats are such an important step for children and discover the critical step parents can take to ensure their car seats are installed correctly.  For more information  visit AAA.com/CarSeats

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