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    Rick Bisio's Franchise Focus - One on One with NFP Sports' James Thomson

    in Business

    James Thomson, President and CEO of National Fundraising Partners (NFP Sports), joins co-host Graham Chapman for an informative Q&A discussion about their emerging high school sports fundraising concept.   Listen in as James and Graham discuss what it takes to be a successful franchise owner and how NFP Sports' unique fundraising program helps high school athletes develop financial knowledge and sales skills that last a lifetime.

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    An Introduction To The ISM Mastery Model

    in Business

    While part of ISM2015 is celebrating the past 100 years, it’s more about focusing on the 100 years ahead. Thomas W. Derry, ISM CEO, made that focus front and center during his press conference to launch the ISM Mastery Model. The ISM Mastery Model is a major step forward in training practitioners and growing the profession.

    Joining me today to talk about this new program is Lara Nichols.

    Lara is Senior Vice President, Procurement of NFP

    You can learn more about the ISM Mastery Model through the following link: http://magazine.ism.ws/succeed-with-ism-mastery-model/#sthash.yhFX9xdI.dpuf

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    Forward Boldly: Dr. Jay Boyd & Christopher Gawley, NFP

    in Religion

    Fr. John Fisher fills in as host for Christine Niles in this episode, in which he discusses the topic of Natural Family Planning with Dr. Jay Boyd, author of "NFP: Trojan Horse in the Catholic Bedroom?" and Christopher Gawley, author of the article "Heroic Parenthood."
    What is the Church's teaching with regard to marriage and children? Do you have questions about NFP? Call the show at (646) 716-4669 with your questions, or add your voice to the chat room at the bottom of the episode page.
    Saturday, Oct. 26, 2013, at 10 pm ET.

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    PT. 2 RECLAIMING OUR YOUTH.....THE FIGHT IS ON. Featuring LaVon Thomas

    in Lifestyle

    On the heels of last Thurday nights sucessful broadcast, we are going to continue it, picking right back up where we left off. On this Thursday nights broadcast we'll expand the broadcast to an hour and a half!!!! I'm thoroughly elated to have back by popular demand, my great friend and brother, Mr. LaVon Thomas, who has served as an Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) in Washington D.C.,as well as, the Dupage County County NAACP, Keys for Kids, Celebrity Charity Wishes, and S&S Developement Group NFP. He has traveled the nation, giving countless lectures and mentoring our youth. He is also a PROUD member of OMEGA PSI PHI FRATERNITY INCORPORATED.

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    EMS ROAD DOCS ILLINOIS with Steve Tomaszewski & Soldiers Family TV & Radio

    in Sports

    The Soldiers Family TV & Radio with Steve Tomaszewski presents: The ROADDOCS Illinois 

    Welcome to the EMS ROADDOCS Illinois, NFP

    The EMS ROADDOCS Illinois, NFP Riding Club is made up partly of full and part time people who work in emergency services, active and retired, including doctors, nurses, paramedics, EMT’s and Firefighters. They areProfessional Members. Additionally, we have Certified Members, who are First Responders. They have current training in both CPR/AED and have a First Responder – First Aid Certification.

    We are a non for profit 501 (C) 3 organization whose Cornerstones are: Community Support, Medical Training, Networking, and Leadership and Development.

    EMS ROADDOCS Illinois, NFP supports local business, and American made products.

    It is a great honor and privilege for me to assume the role of the EMS ROADDOCS Illinois President.


    Steve H. Mosias

    President – EMS ROADDOCSIL, NFP

    NAEMSE – National Instructor

    American Heart Association – National Instructor

    ASMI – Lead Instructor

    American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons – National Instructor

    1141 E. Main Street

    Suite 103

    East Dundee, IL 60118



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    Garden of Holiness: The Contraceptive Mentality and NFP

    in Christianity

    Christie Martin invites back Rozanne Ohmes and together they explore the Contraceptive Mentality and its ill effects on marriage and the practice of NFP. 

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    Preventing Sports Injuries & Training for Success

    in Health

    Do you want to decrease your chances of a sports related ER visit this season? Call 347-850-8486 to join us on Root Cause Radio Wednesday January 14, 2015 at 8 pm EST as we give the scientific secrets to sports training success.

    Sprains, strains, fractures and concussions are at the top of the list for sports related ER visits for children ages 6-19. Sports injuries like these can be prevented! 

    Tonight's panel includes:

    Dr. Charlie Abbott - symptometrist & founder at Symptometry of North Carolina, LLC. health center,  athletic injury specialist, and Director of Administration at the American School of Symptometry, INC, NFP

    Adam Combs - owner and head trainer at 520 Athletics, located in Richmond, VA, and BBD Organics, LLC - which manufactures certified organic skincare products using environmentally sustainable practices.


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    in Education

    Join the Dino Dean Show Sunday September 21st @ 5pm CST. Dino will be speaking with LaMar Stephens of the New Jersey-based Rap Entertainment, Inc., he will be speaking about his three-part docu-series entitled "Cities In Crisis."  "Cities In Crisis" is about the problem of  youth violence that is ravaging cities all across America. T.I., Common, Ice Cube and Talib Kweli, along with educators, actors and community activists, all drop their own brands of knowledge and wisdom regarding the Black youth violence crisis in this amazing and important film series. La Mar will also be giving us information about the Peace March and Mini-Concert, scheduled for Sunday, October 26 in Jersey City, New Jersey. Also Professor Stacee Lang from Lang Capital Group, NFP will be telling us about her 7th Annual Grant Writing Business Boot Camp. Professor Lang has won over $70,000,000 in Grant Awarded Funds. On Saturday September 27th, she & her team of Expert Grant Writers will Tell All. This will also be a Get It Off Your Chest Sunday. In this segment we talk politics, current events, our community, no subject is off limits. The call in number is 646-200-0067. Join the Dino Dean family for smart uncompromising conversation!!!




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    AbuseDomestic Violence Advocate Kelly Porter stops by Good Deeds -Dr.ReneeSunday

    in Motivation

    Good Deeds presents Kelley Porter-a  victorious leader and expert on overcoming all forms of abuse, avoiding toxic relationships and the art of forgiveness, Kelley Porter is an Author, Speaker, Life Coach and Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Victim’s Advocate. Kelley is the prototype of what happiness is after thirty years of abuse, toxic relationships and uncertainties. Her purpose is to empower and inspire all victims, survivors and individuals to develop a forgiving heart, stand in their truth and live in their passion. Her intense, transparent and authentic style of speaking will empower anyone to self-reflect and correct behaviors that may hinder them from living a healthy and non-toxic lifestyle.

    Kelley -first book, Perfectly Planned which is about overcoming Incest, Rape & Sexual Abuse is not only inspirational and empowering it is an amazing memoir that will provide hope for the abused, 
    knowledge for the unaware and strength for the survivors. 

    In 2013 Kelley started NFP organization titled Voice of Champions. Their mission was to empower abuse victims and survivors to stand up and speak out via the use of a concrete platform. Kelley succeeded in empowering numerous individuals to share stories that have never been shared with anyone. Kelley’s Coaching & Consulting’s new mission and vision will focus on assisting and empowering clients to break free from the generational curse of abuse, stop living as a victim, avoid toxic relationships, walk in forgiveness and live in their 

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    Andrew Hoffman--A World Of Statistical Lies 04.Aug.14

    in Finance

    Manipulation Mondays with Andrew Hoffman

    Unmitigated disaster in US;
    Inability to attack precious metals;
    Horrible ADP report—just 3k manufacturing jobs;
    GDP report totally fabricated;
    FOMC couldn’t be more dovish;
    Amazon’s horrible earnings;
    ISM seasonally adjusted to positive;
    Case-Schiller looking at big housing drop;
    Microsoft layoffs;
    Employment costs index up .7%;
    Chicago PMI falling like a stone;
    Construction spending down;
    NFP report usual fix-who’s starting businesses;
    Portugerse Bailout and bailin;
    Japan -6.5 GDP 2nd Quarter; 
    China covert QE has started.

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    Andrew Hoffman--The More Things Change-The More The Fed Does The Same 30.Jun.14

    in Finance

    Manipulation Mondays with Andrew Hoffman:

    6pm every day the metals get taken;
    Interest rates continue to plunge 2.6 is taken as world bets on QE;
    Economic data—NFP coming up;
    How we’ve skewed markets from reality;
    Central Bank stock buying gone wild;
    How and why Wall Street estimates 3% GDP growth in 2nd Quarter;
    Loony Tunes on parade;
    Europe worst private loan numbers;
    Italy’s debt surpassed Germany;
    France—36 consecutive months of unemployment increases;
    Spain will announce a deposit tax;
    Bank stocks are breaking down;
    Japan announced 8 percent drop in spending and 24 year high in CPI;
    China’s collateral scandal is expanding—17% May decline in copper;
    Chinese corporate debt passes 17 trillion;
    Shanghai gold exchange says gold to be priced in East;
    Just in--Fed’s Williams says they won’t raise rates for some time.