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    NFL Talking Heads - 4/12/15 NFL Draft - QB's, Rb's and more...

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    We talk about the NFl Draft, who will trade up for a QB, which team takes the first RB off the board and more. 

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    Paydirt! Former NFL Pro Bowl Running Back Thomas Jones is on the Show!

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      On this episode of The VDown, we welcome 12 year NFL veteran and Pro Bowl Running Back Thomas Jones to the show! Thomas was drafted #7 in the first round by the Arizona Cardinals in the year 2K out of the University of Virginia. From there he went on to play with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Chicago Bears where he rushed for 112 yards with an average of 7.5 yards a carry in Super Bowl XLI. He then went on to the New York Jets. 

      During the 2008 season with the Jets, Jones scored 13 rushing touchdowns, 2 receiving touchdowns, and an AFC leading 1312 yards rushing. This strong play sent Jones to the Pro Bowl for the 2008 season. He then set a New York Jets record for rushing touchdowns the following season with 14.

      Thomas then spent his final two seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs. During his time with the Chiefs, Jones become only the 25th player in the 95 year history of the National Football League.

      So join us on April 7th at 5 pm CT/ 6 pm ET as we reminisce with Thomas about his playing days and have him tell us about his new adventures and plans for the future at www.blogtalkradio.com/vdown. If you can't listen live you can always listen later at www.blogtalkradio.com/vdown and don't forget to visit our products page at www.thevdown.webstarts.com/products.

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    Spirit Sessions with Drew and Shelly

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    These collaborative real talk sessions with Psychic Mediums Drew Cali and Shelly Wilson are dedicated to individuals interested in all things spiritual. Topics may include spiritual perspectives, raising individual and collective awareness, elevating our consciousness, spirituality on a day-to-day basis, connections with the Spirit world, and personal experiences as a Psychic, Medium and Healer. Listeners are invited to participate in topic discussion and/or call in for live readings and insight. 
    Psychic, Medium and Healer Drew Cali recognizes that honor, integrity and compassion are a must when working with Spirit. Ultimately, it is his intention to assist people with opening their hearts and minds in order to realize their full potential of healing, learning, loving and living in the here and now. Drew offers private and group sessions as well as workshops to assist others in enhancing and exploring their own gifts.

    Intuitive Medium, Reiki Master and Spiritual Growth Coach Shelly Wilson would love to assist you on your spiritual journey. She offers private readings, intuitive coaching, Reiki sessions, and teaches workshops. She is the author of 28 Days to a New YOU, Connect to the YOU Within and Journey into Consciousness. In addition, Shelly is a featured columnist and the Metaphysics Editor for OMTimes Magazine.

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    January Jones - Ricky's Revolution - Jeannie Kerrigan

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    January Jones -Ricky’s Revolution

    Jeannie Kerrigan is an author, healer, teacher and spiritual leader and an incredible keynote speaker for non-violence. Having taught Quantum Healing, Somatic Polarity, Ancient Wisdom Teachings and Indigenous Spirituality to students all over the world, Jeannie’s lifelong passion is to bring modern relevance to this wisdom ~ weaving the web of non-violence and empowering sacred movement in its highest vibration.

    Through her book Layla, her organization ~ Ricky’s Revolution Non-Profit, workshops, one-on-one healing sessions, radio, television and public speaking, Jeannie empowers people with the tools and wisdom they need to heal themselves and each other. Jeannie helps people discover the shift in vibration and provides the support needed in transitions and peace of mind for life.


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    The Urban Jazz Connection Chocolate at Midnight featuring D Maurice Waddell

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    Join D Maurice Waddell on The Urban Jazz Connection 24/7 for Chocolate at Midnight...../Smooth Jazz and R&B on WYDL Radio....

    Live shows on Thursday Nights! 
    11pm - 1am cst
    Midnight to 2am est 

    Only on.... Chocolate 108.1

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    WELCOME TO THE NFL PODCAST...will ADRIAN PETERSON..come 2 my dallas cowboys..OTHER PUNK..jerry jones will do anything 4 a ring..BITCH PLEASE..and news that i can think of....CALL THE SHOW..724-444-7444--ext 111314...MY NAME IS JEFF FROM SPECULATION SPORTS..share the show..comm and music free...AND AWAY WE GO SPORTS FANS..live on the shoe..TWITTER..cowpoteradio...thanks 2 listen

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    January Jones - Chess & Finances

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    January Jones - Chess & Finances

    The idea to use chess as a metaphor to illustrate financial concepts began when I listened to my kids’ chess coach teach them the philosophy of the game and I saw that he was using the same ideas that I used when speaking with clients.

    We started examining how we could employ chess strategies, the very same ones that had propelled Susan Polar to championship status, to improve investment portfolios. We decided to begin the task of researching and writing Rich As A King.


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    Minister Drew Collins

    in Religion

    Facing giants, storms, wars in your life? Need guidance? Questions about your life, relationships, purpose? Seeking revelation? Do you want to better understand what God is saying to you? Tune in to Talk The Talk Radio with your host "The Northern Belle" Playwright Andrea Carr every Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m. Log in www.blogtalkradio.com/faithinme or call 347.857.4339. Thank you!

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    January Jones- Abused & Lived to Tell It

    in Women

    Hanna Lulgjuraj - Murray was shot in the chest in cold blood and was left for dead and Lived to Tell It. Hanna's story is very compelling and riveting.  It's a true crime account about survival and courage.  Hanna was living a beautiful life, a life of dreams that suddenly all changed.  Her dreamlike life turned to horror as her raging husband stood across from her and fired his gun.  

    By a miracle, she survived to tell her story and how she overcame abuse. It would be very beneficial for your audience to listen to Hanna's experience and know what questions to ask to identify abuse.  Reading her story, Lived to Tell It one will gain courage and the power to overcome similar situations and give hope to every woman trapped in an abusive relationship. 

    Contact: www.AngelofMercyShelter.org

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    NFL Talking Heads - 4/8/15 Speculation Time! Will next round of QB contracts be overpaid? Cowboys an

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    We cover some of the recent NFL speculations and make our own for the upcoming 2015 season. Will the Cowboys and Eagles make the playoffs? Is R. Tannehill, Newton, Eli Manning,Sam Bradford, R. Wilson, Luck, all going to be overpaid in there next contract?

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    January Jones - Myles Miller

    in Finance

    Myles Miller is the founder of Milo Services Enterprises, LLC and the creator of LeadUP.biz. As CEO and Founder, Myles has introduced, to the business world, a progressive and dynamic way of training and pursuing career development. Myles has led corporations, non-profit organizations and thousands of individuals to new heights, allowing them to unlock their hidden potential. Myles brings 30 years of experience in project management and training across varied industries including retail, defense, state and federal government and hospitality and has worked with all sized projects, from small and local to international, costing over $100M up to $500B involving teams from 100 to over 10,000.

    Currently living in Harrisburg, PA with his wife and nearby to his daughter, Myles has kept his roots in Central Pennsylvania. But his specialty is stepping outside of the box and going everywhere to assess the needs of teams, people and companies and helping them to become SUCCESS-filled in accomplishing their goals.

    Myles has achieved several accomplishments of his own recently and has co-authored with Brian Tracy, an inspirational book called, "Against the Grain.", which released in early September of this year. He is currently awaiting the release of his next book in December, which he is co-authoring with Steve Forbes, called "Successonomics.

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