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    LIVE from Rita's Water Ice in Newtown PA

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    We had a full house at the Ritas Water Ice in Newtown PA enjoying $3 Gelati's and winning Eagles tickets and Smashing Pumpkin tickets!

    We were joined by dozens of fans today live at Rita's Water Ice

    Robin gave us an update on the first fast food joint to start serving cerveza

    Joe dropped one of the best one liners ever at a Rita's location

    Tony was doing demolition over the weekend but still had enough juice left over to shake every hand and take pictures with every person in attendance.


    CAST: Tony Bruno, Miss Robin, Luigi Curto, Joe Corrado

    What our listeners are saying:

    "The BEST Podcast BlogTalkRadio!" - @xtNetworks

    "The world needs to know of the greatest sports mind behind the microphone in the history of the world!" - @MrMainEventDM

    "This Podcast is so funny. I love how anything goes!" - @SprintCarMom

    "Best way to start the morning man. I'm dying laughing! Salute to Tony Bruno & crew" - @CForClarity

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    Newtown Massacre

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    Conservative Primetime- "I was going back to my classroom," the boy said. "Then I heard something like a person was kicking on a door. Then I turned around and I saw smoke. ... Then a teacher pulled me into her room." Asked what his reaction was amid the chaos, the boy said simply, "Whoa." "You can never be prepared for this kind of incident," an emotional Gov. Dan Malloy said, his voice shaking as he recounted the assault on "a number of our citizens, beautiful children, as well as the adults whose responsibility is to educate those children." Newtown police Lt. George Sinko called the shootings "definitely the worst thing we have experienced in this town," telling reporters it took officers just minutes after they arrived to recognize "what a horrific scene we had there."   Join The Discussion@424-222-5255

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    Live @ 'Edmond Town Hall Theatre - Newtown, CT' January 18, 2015

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    LIVE@ General Description

    Sometimes the Underground Church surfaces in physical ways the internet can only record and broadcast…but this can also be our best stuff!  Unforeseen crises or inclement weather can disrupt our real life speaking schedules today and create opportunities for us to go live in this format. Let this be an inspiration for your Christian life - you are "going live" somewhere every day! 


    LIVE@  Edmond Town Hall Theatre - Newtown, CT  

    This live edition of the Underground Church captures what happens when we conduct a Sunday morning local church service at Connections Church in Newtown, Connecticut.  This group of believers meet right in the heart of a community still recovering from the shocking effects of one of the worst school shootings in the U.S. just two years after the fact.  A true "underground' convergence of faithful believers.  We believe this is another opportunity to be present for the Lord in key places which lead to His bigger plan to spiritually reawaken a nation.  The topic: Growing is the Secret to Not Falling

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    Newtown Abuse Circus

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    Murders in Newtown Connecticut
    Media Circus

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    Deanna Spingola talks to her guests Wolfgang Halbig, Jim Fetzer and Dave Gahary, as they discuss their day in Newtown, Connecticut.

    Update (by Deanna): Unfortunately, Dr. Fetzer and Mr. Halbig were unavailable for the program. They decided to join Jeff Rense later in the evening after taking a much-needed rest from their day's activities. Apparently, Halbig was unable to obtain the answers to his 16 questions from anyone in Newtown after spending all of the time and money (from donations) to go there. One may see the answers to those questions by visiting Wade's page, which he posted on March 23, 2014. Halbig did not ask the school board the only question that they, having the proper jurisdiction over, could have answered—had the school been in operation during the last five years? Some people claim that it was not. It is uncertain exactly what Halbig and Fetzer actually accomplished but their visit certainly became the focus of a lot of media attention. An NBC correspondent was at the school board meeting, InfoWars had a representative there and the local newspapers covered Halbig's viist. 

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    The Harriet Cammock Show - NewTown

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    20 kindergartners killed. 6 Adults and the shhoter himself. Was this in a warzone? No, this was Newtown Connecticut one Friday morning three weeks before Christmas.
    Where do we go from here? Violence in America, specifically gun violence has overtaken our nation. We must end the violence.Now>

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    The Aftermath of the Newtown, CT Tragedy

    in Politics Conservative

    Join Host Sue Ann Penna and guest Anthony Colandro of Gun for Hire as they discuss the issues following the massacre at the Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, CT.
    Live chat will be available during the broadcast.

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    RTU: #236 - Bye-Bye, Bayside

    in Sports

    Ready to Unload: With Cal & Sanpete

    Sunday, June 14 is World Blood Donor Day - The theme of the 2015 World Blood Donor Day campaign is "Thank you for saving my life". It focuses on thanking blood donors who save lives every day through their blood donations and strongly encourages more people all over the world to donate blood voluntarily and regularly... YOU WILL SAVE A LIFE!

    Subscribe to the RTU: Podcast in iTunes HERE - Also available on STITCHER HERE

    RTU: #236 - Bye-Bye, Bayside

    UNLOADING on: Sanpete's last show from Bayside NY was a gem... we discussed the move to a new town (literally, Newtown) and how to root for his teams there and keep his boys loyal to those teams. Then we went around the horn literally to the MLB all star game NBA Draft, the Mets and Yankees, good press for Geno, and Okie on the block. All in all an hour 40 of great sports and stuff talk...

    Plus, Ballers on HBO... will Sports Entourage work? What sports TV series do we want to see...

    Tune in live, or check out the podcast on Wednesday on iTunes!

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    Famous Failures - Coach Joyce E. Barrie - Part 1

    in Self Help

    Zig Ziglar says that "failure is an event, not a person."  Coach Joyce Barrie says that you should not be afraid of failure; you should embrace it.  You can learn from it.  Be inspired by the great Thomas Edison who proclaimed, "I have not failed.  I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

    Coach Joyce recommends that you reflect on what you learned from the experience and be assured that you can do better next time.  Affirm "I will do better next time!  I will succeed!  I will make lemonade out of that lemon!  I will win."  

    YES, you will win.  Stay positive, keep going until you attain your objective. The road to success often has many obstacles but keep going and you will reap the rewards for your persistence.

    Listen to Part 2 of Famous Failures on June 18.  http://tobtr.com/s/7705185


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    #139 "Newtown's Trees" Author Frank Miller

    in Education

    Newtown's Trees is an allegory about the 2012 tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, using the town's beloved trees cut down by the protagonist as the central theme.  It is a book that can be appreciated on several levels; by adults who know the horrific details of the events that took place on a cold December morning, as well as by children who read the book or have it read to them as a sad story with an uplifting ending that outlines the strength of the human spirit.

    The tale has an even wider application to other news stories that portray bad things happening to good people. Newtown's Trees is a book that warms the heart and leaves the reader feeling that despite these often senseless tragedies, there's a lot of good in this world.

    Frank L. Miller is a writer and trained school psychologist. He earned an educational specialist degree in school psychology, and practiced for thirty-eight years before retiring in 2012. Frank adopted his son and daughter after marrying their mother, an elementary guidance counselor, and then adopted his daughter’s first-born child when she was unable to raise the child. The author lives on the Eastern Shore of Maryland with his wife of thirty-one years and the granddaughter they have thoroughly enjoyed raising who is now fourteen. Newtown’s Trees is Frank’s second publication, having written a book chronicling the battle he fought with his school district over his eldest daughter’s drug abuse and expulsion from school.


    We will also feature the 2015 National Distinguished Principal for Texas, Diane Gough of Hewitt Elementary School in Hewitt, Texas. We will hear about her great Watch D.O.G.S. program.

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