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    Best Practices for Yoga In Schools

    in Education

    Want to bring yoga to your school? Don't know where to start? Join us to learn best practices for a safe, effective school based yoga program.

    We chat with Jennifer Cohen Harper, one of the editors of the newly published Best Practices for Yoga in Schools. 

    Based on the collective wisdom and experience of 23 contributors this guide supports all who desire to help students thrive.

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    The Givers Secrets - Best Practices of Social Networking - Part 2

    in Technology

    Have you ever wondered why some networkers are phenomenally successful and other struggle to even get one referral? Why is it that many are attracted to a few seemingly special networkers and others are shunned? Could it be that there is a secret that these few super networkers know that others do not? Part one of this serices shows the relationship between face to face and online social networking.  In this second episode of “Best Practices of Social Networking Secrets”,we will cover what those super networkers know - the secrets that make these super networkers magnetic. The secret that brings them followers and referrals far beyond the average business Networker. The secret of Giving! "Giving you say?" It can’t be that simple. Well, I didn’t say it was simple or even easy, but yes, the science and art of Giving is the Secret. In part three of this series, we will explore the secret that demonstrates that there is no substitute for proactive participation. today however we will be exploring the Law of Reciprocity, how giving is the Secret that makes Super Networkers Magnetic. So tune in and turn on to this weeks episode of Working The Web to Win as we explove the Secrets of social Networking by Giving!

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    The Best "Me Time" Practices. Part III - Super Food for Your Life!

    in Self Help

    Wellness and success go hand in hand. Taking "Me Time", by taking the time to discover natural and holistic practices that are available, which is an important step for emotional wellness, so you can start living your life in peace, with purpose and happiness. Super Food For Your Life!
    Sheila Z. Stirling is a true visionary of our time, She is known as a catalyst for wellness and success. Spending time in nature, meditating and/or being grateful will support you in creating a life you love to live. Gratitude is a powerful tool for your emotional and physical wellness. Our goal is to help you sync your mind, body, and spirit for a most rewarding life.
    Sheila's "Me Time"  has to do with taking a moment in nature, either high in the mountains or just outside in the grass.  (Walking or meditating and being grateful).

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    New Year's Resolutions & Using Business Best Practices to Accomplish Your Goals

    in Dreams

    Join Dr. Wayne Applewhite, Co-Founder of Just Leadership, LLC, Adjunct Professor for Boston University, and the host of “Affect!”, as he and his Guest Ms. Judith Schouten discuss: New Year's Resolutions and Using Business Best Practices to Accomplish Our Goals.

    Are you wanting to use the New Year as a starting point to set your personal and or professional goals? Ever thought of using Business Best Practices to support your efforts? Ever took a journey and really did not know how to get there from here?  If yes is the answer to any of these questions, you will not want to miss this episode of Affect! 

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    The Best "Me Time" Practices - Part IV - Super Food for YOU!

    in Self Help

    Cheri and Vicki will be sharing the "KEY" to getting the most out of "Me Time", so you can discover the importance of receiving and filling up to recharge your batteries, so to say.  When you actually take time for yourself, you'll find you are happier, calmer, and more at peace.  When you are in this peaceful place, you are able to handle the day to day "stuff" with ease and joy. Your family will surely appreciate your energy, to the point where you'll rub off on them. Which means they'll be more at peace and happier too.  Imagine what life would be like if everyone was able to understand and handle their emotions more effectively, so they can resolve difficult situations easily, feeling relaxed and calm. Would that be a life changer for you?

    We'll share this "KEY" and an exercise to help you handle your emotions more effectively.  When you understand how you are handling your emotions now, you'll be able to make changes that'll support you in living the image of more happiness, peace and joy. Menopause changes your hormones, in turn causing even more emotional swings, frustration, and feeling unfulfilled. Let's change this madness to change your results. Join us for this special episode of Bee Talk.

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    You - The Best Invention Ever

    in Lifestyle

    YOU -- The Best invention Ever is funny, ecclectic, original, interesting and unique.  The host Valencia Lyles-Saunders lets you into the world outside the box.  She is a gray area adventurer. Please join her and she what she uncovers.  (347) 637-2319 and press 1.

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    KNOT: Our Best and Favorite Moments From 2015

    in Entertainment

    Follow us on Twitter: KNOT = @knotradiotalk; Dantea = @jusTay_willdo; Nieama = @nieamab; O.T. = @DocPorterOT

    Like us on Facebook:  www.facebook.com/knotyourtypicalradiotalk

    Call in at 661-449-9318

    As the time rapidly keeps moving forward, we take time to reflect on the best moments from the 2015 collection of KNOT broadcasts. As we settle fully into 2016, we will play the favorite moments from the 2015 shows and recollect on why those moments were the most fun, memorable, or poignant. This show is sure to be chock-full of laughs and great memories. Please join us as we move forward, by taking a brief look back at some of the best – and maybe not so best moments of KNOT from 2015.

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    Social Networking Secrets & Best Practices – Part 1 - Two Sides of the Same Coin

    in Marketing

    Have you ever wondered what the relationship is between face to face networking (aka word of mouth marketing) and social media marketing? Have you noticed all the similarities between these seemingly very different marketing venues? I mean, come on, with word of mouth you’re having a one to one meeting at a coffee shop or networking event and with social media you’re posting current events in your industry, right? How could these two very different venues have any similarities at all? Well, in this series I will cover over three dozen similarities that these marketing systems have in common. This episode will help you understand the commonality of these venues so that you will start to use them synergistically to gain more followers, prospects and long term loyal customers. In part one of this series, we will cover how these two systems are two sides of the same coin. In part two we will cover how both use the “Secret of Giving” and in part three Carl and I will explain how both require proactive engagement for your ultimate success. So tune in and turn on to this weeks epsiode of Working The Web to Win where we explore Social Networking Secrets & Best Practices – Part 1 - Two Sides of the Same Coin.

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    Best for President (JDRO SHOW)

    in Politics

    WHO HAS THE BEST VEIWS. Who can make america great again.

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    The Appearance * 2.5.16 * Round Table with Augusto, Larry and Stewart Best

    in Christianity

    Augusto, Larry and Stewart Best from Night Shadows Radio will cover a range of topics in this lively round table duscussion.

    Augusto's Website...


    Larry Taylor's Blog...

    Augusto on Roku TV...

    Augusto on YouTube...

    Augusto on MediaFire...

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    Clues You Might Be Best Friends and the Horrors of Stumbling into an Adult Store

    in Women

    Host Anna Lind Thomas and co-host/best friend Laura Perkins talk about clues you might be best friends with someone. As always the podcast takes unexpected twists and turns, including the horrors of stumbling into adult stores, Facebook pet peeves, and when friend loyalty goes too far. Grab your best friend, a bottle of wine and listen and laugh with us!

    Follow @HooHasPodcast and Like our Facebook Page. 

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