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    Is Love and HipHop ATL fixed? Why we love NewPorts?

    in Internet

    Here we discuss the popular reality show Love and HipHop ATL and discuss rather or not if the show is hoaxed or scripted and our views on the show and how it depicts the men and women on there. Also we discuss why the newport cigarette is the most popular cigarette in the african community plus other topics come join.

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    Yoga - Not Just An Exercise, A Lifestyle

    in Self Help

    Maha Abbas, is a well known Certified Trainer from The Classical Yoga by Professor Moiz Hussain. Karachi Pakistan. Her education also includes, Alternative Medicine Clinic Educational Background: Schooling from KGS & St. Michaels Convent School College: DHA Women College major in Education & Psychology Bachelors from Karachi University MBA from Newports University in HR & Marketing

    Globally,  Maha is a yoga therapist as well as a motivational trainer and have 14 years of wonderful experience in schools, universities, corporate, embassies, consulates, theatre, gyms, clubs, spas, ngo’s, tv media and radio and hotels all over Pakistan.

    Maha Exclusive Programs: Family Yoga Couple Yoga Chair yoga for old age The Retreat Program for Corporate

    We will talk about Yoga for the whole family, why we are so stressed in our homes, communities and around the world. How we can come together in our families and communities and how Yoga can play a vital role in the bonding experience.

    Yoga: relaxes the body and mind, builds strength and stamina, increases happiness in daily living and can rid many simple ailments in the body, if done on a regular basis.

    Join US!!

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    "The Relationship Show" starring the Glitter World Order

    in Comedy

    So this week.... the relationship conversation makes its way to the front...however THIS show will cover the topic a bit...differently....
    From leaving the God damn toilet seat up...to trying to sneak in the bed smelling like Newports and skripper sweat...The Giltterati's Vanity, Cherish & Ashlyn will probably piss every male guilty of this sh*t off as well as cover BMR in glitter and weave fragments for the night...So LADIES, this is YOUR show!!! call in and tell us about the time he tried to wear your pan...nvm
    Fellas: "Weave" lost this one...get it? *bangs corny cymballs*
    - Jordan

  • 00:46

    A first account witness of genocide.

    in Politics Progressive

    When Saddam Hussein gassed the Kurdish people with mustard gas, there were some who were fortunate enough to survive this act of genocide. This is the case with myself, and the community in which I live. No, I'm not referring to drugs, guns, nicotine enriched Newports, malt liquor, H.I.V., etc. No. When I speak of genocide, I'm speaking of the type mentioned above. I hope that you believe this is an outrageous exaggeration. Why ? Because when you listen to the real life, documentable experiences that I recall from early childhood, you WILL leave with 100% concurence that the above claims are true. Incredible and explosive are only a few words to describe REAL LIFE, PHYSICAL AND GENOCIDAL ACTS THAT KILLED SOME AND SICKENED MANY PEOPLE. I will present incontrivertible evidence that what our community experienced is still occuring on a large scale. If you want to hear a show that is about genocide that far exceeds hunches, rumor, or heresay, my first-person witness to black genocide is the order of the day.

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    Newport To Pay $71 Million To Dead Smokers Family!

    in Entertainment

    A Superior Court jury awarded compensatory damages of $50 million to the estate of Marie Evans and $21 million to her son, William Evans. A hearing on punitive damages could result in the total bill for the cigarette company rising even higher.

  • 02:31

    The Gas Is Too D*mn High and Other Economic Ills

    in News

    $4.00 per gallon for gas???..and the price for gas and everything else will only get higher while your pay stays stagnant, goes down or disappears all together.

    Now is the time to have a conversation about how we are going to hustle gas, food and Newports. Let's breakdown how our parent's used to scrape by and maybe we can reminisce and draw some guidance from their "we gotta eat" tactics.

    We will also be "puttin' cases" on the politicians that got us in this mess to begin with.

    We also bring you the latest in politics, current even

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    Repellent Radio Episode3

    in Music

    Be here or be a box of newports

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