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    Venezuela's collapse: Does it give warning to a tottering America?

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    A friend send us a link this week to a report out of Venezuela that newborns are dying in hospital from exposure to bacteria spread by an infestation of opposums at the facility. The report also said restroom service was spotty as well. 


    Six years ago, there was many a Lefty who touted Venezuela's "constitutional right" to health care as a model for the U.S. to follow. Even just a couple years back, as consumer goods began to be in short supply, and the Venezuelan economy was faultering, many an American or European Lefty dismissed such reports as media hype, just biased bashing of a popular socialist regime. 


    The facade of prosperity is now long gone. Venezuela's hit the wall. It's in full collapse, and despite a government crackdown on news reporting, those stories that do get out paint an ever more dire picture. 


    So, is this just the stuff of another South American country falling on hard times, or do Venezuela's hard times hold clues of what may be taking shape in our own USA?


    If you're still among those who insist such a downfall can't happen here, join us Friday at one o'clock Eastern as we connect some of this week's dots that, when connected, suggest we really are living in unparalleled perilous times. 



    Apologies for the lateness in posting this week's show outlook. Doug's been under a jury duty summons all week, and we weren't sure he'd be clear by show time. The summons has been lifted, we're clear for Friday's show. 

  • Let's Coach! with Mark & Carolyn - Rock-A-Bay-Baby

    in Goals

    Let’s Coach with Mark and Carolyn, Wednesday, August 5, 2015, Noon EST

    Paying Forward

    Paying it forward matters.  Top-selling Realtor, Debbie Henninger knows how.  In addition to her real estate career, advising women on protecting their real estate assets during divorce, and sitting on several community boards, Debbie has a passion – improving lives of pre-mature babies and their parents.  She raises funds to improve and expand MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

    Debbie organizes, runs and sponsors Rock-A-Bay-Baby Music Festival (tiny feet. tiny hands. BIG HEARTS.)  This year’s event will be held on Sunday, August 30th, from 12-5pm, at Conrad Ruth’s Villa, in Middle River, Maryland.  Come out and listen to live music from three great bands and improve the lives of newborns and their families.

    Debbie, joined by Kristi Rasmussen of the Franklin Square Foundation, will talk about the NICU expansion and the Music Festival.  Debbie will also provide great fund raising ideas and lessons learned from hosting this event.

    Join Mark and Carolyn, and Debbie as we talk about the joys of paying it forward.

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    The Real Side Obama's HIT list? - Mis-Gender confusion should be fined!

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    Hr1  President Obama lavishes adoration and praise to Islam for contributions to the world... like algebra. Uh... that goes back to Babylonia.

    #ClintonPrivilege = Hillary gets $600 haircut while putting department store and salon on security lockdown. Sure, she's like us.

    Liberal ethicists argue that newborns are not people, so it's acceptable to do after-birth abortions. Oh, you mean murder?

    University of New Hampshire offers Bias-Free Language Guide to students. There won't be much being said on campus this year.

    American is problematic word for Univ. of NH. Is American money & federal funding also a problem? 

    Hr2   Covering crazy news stories with pundit & author Michael Hausam.

    Republicans can never disparage other GOP in public. It's Party first. #SarcasmFont

    Fellow Republican attempts to unseat Speaker Boehner as Speaker of the House.

    Los Angeles thinks they are ending gun violence by banning 10-round magazines. Do you think the criminals will comply?

    Stop Iran Rally in Los Angeles.

    Planned Parenthood asks media to keep quiet on the latest video. Don't worry, that doesn't look suspicious. 

    Hr3  MSNBC guest says FCC should impose fine for media misgendering transgenders.

    Former Carter staffer wants to kill all Republicans and Conservatives.

    President Obama criticizes Kenya over gay marriage & gives billions to Iran who executes gays.

    Defending the Iran Deal.

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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    Adoption Focus: "Having Faith" a conversation with Angela, an Adoptive Mom.

    in Family

    Listen as Angela shares her family's adoptive journey which over the course of 4 years is filled with multiple losses and disappointments. During this time Angela and her husband Jim always had FAITH their child would find them. In 2014 this Adoption Associates family became complete when they received  a child through "Safe Delivery" , which is part of The Michigan Safe Delivery of Newborns Act.  Their story is inspirational and heart warming, as is their message " to never give up " .

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    Healing after a Cesarean Section with Kimberly Bepler, CAPPA Faculty

    in Women

    Kimberly Bepler joins CAPPA Radio for a thoughtful conversation about healing after a cesarean section and creating a plan for the possibilty of birthing this way.  Kimberly is the owner and founder of ABC Doula Service and also trains doulas both in Portland and all around the Northwest.

    She has worked extensively with families doing doula and lactation support for the past 14 years.  She is a Certified Postpartum Doula and CAPPA Faculy Postpartum Doula Trainer, a Certified Postnatal Educator and a Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

    Kimberly has been working with postpartum families since she had an infant of her own, and has a passion for newborns and their families.

    Since founding ABC Doula in 2001 she has seen the company grow to serve over 1200 families, and loves the collaboration of the team that has come together. Kimberly is the mother to two lively school-aged kids, and enjoys the collaboration at home with her husband Mark, who supports ABC as the Accounts and Website Manager.

    Learn about Kimberly's many training oppourtunities and read her insightful blog on her website http://abcdoula.com/ you can also find her on facebook https://www.facebook.com/ABCDoula.

    Want to hear more of our CAPPA Radio shows?  Liisten to our show with Dr. Johannson about Cesarean Birth from an OB/GYN's perspective http://www.blogtalkradio.com/cappa-radio/2015/04/16/choosing-an-obgyn-cesarean-sections-and-more-with-dr-joshua-johannson


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    The Red Whine with Jodi and Di - April 1, 2015

    in Politics Conservative

    The Red Whine with Jodi and Di - April 1, 2015

    First of all Thank you for making us the #1 show on Altcon radio. We love our fans :) Tonight on the show guest host Katie Johnson is back to discuss the trafficking bill and recent trafficking events. We are also discussing the report  out of the UK that states newborns can be killed like the unborn. Does the lack of regard for human life explain the increase in trafficking in the world in general?

    Politics of the day, and of course...your phone calls. We love hearing from you!


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    Hour Glass Brides - Jodie Myers - Encore - Childbirth and Family Filmmaker

    in Moms and Family

    Join us for 1 hour at 1:30 Pacific Time and 4:30 PM Eastern Time.

    Host Nicole Brandon is one of the most sought after speakers in the world today. From Health, and Wellness to Wealth and Ultimate Success her seemingly unlimited well of information is simply mind boggling.

    Nicole is known internationally for sharing her amazing secrets and remarkable knowledge on stage, screen, TV and in books throughout the world.

    Please visit Nicole's website: http://www.nicolebrandonworldwide.com/

    Nicole's Guest:

    Jodie Myers - Childbirth and Family Filmmaker

    I’m still only one in a handful of birth videographers, but birth photography has gained popularity worldwide! Recent media exposure has helped bring awareness to our field, and numerous birth related documentaries have also changed the way people think of childbirth. (i.e. Birthing Into Being, The Business of Being Born, Orgasmic Birth, Birth Day etc.) The times they are a changing, and in today’s world of instant digital gratification and documentation of every personal or world event – professional Birth Videography has an important place. It’s a priceless gift that will be cherished for years and possibly generations to come


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    Allergies Developing in Newborns?

    in Nutrition

    Dr. Len Brancewicz of www.TheNutritionShoppe.net discusses today's health topics from a natural and traditional perspective. 

    Weight loss, ADD, hormone help, cancer, and so much more!

    www.TheNutritionShoppe.net..why are so many children developing allergies at earlier and earlier ages??  we discuss

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    Mary Ellen Mannix - The James Project - Protecting Newborns

    in Lifestyle

    Join me as I interview Mary Ellen Mannix, author, teacher, restorative practices educator & facilitator, and nationally recognized patient safety advocate.   December 1st at 11AM PST/2PM EST.
    Today Mary Ellen is working with her state senator to ensure that all Pennsylvania newborns receive appropriate screening for the most common birth defect – SB 1202 The James Mannix Bill.  www.jamessproject.com
    James's Project is a community based organization focused on improving communication in healthcare with the goal of saving children's lives and clinician's livelihoods. Communication strategies have an impact on our infant mortality rate. We want to improve it.
    James's Project works on three levels to save other children and families from the losses James and his clinicians and families endured.
    --Proactive – on sight, online, and phone education and awareness programs to help parents and caregivers prepare and learn the best practices to safely navigate their child through the healthcare system. There is information that parents can get that will help them most successfully advocate for their child - as well as themselves, so treatment decisions are truly family centered.
    --Active - healthcare coaching & bedside advocacy (which can be bedside or simply by phone) to assist & empower parents who have a hospitalized or child in crisis and feel communication with care providers is not as good as it should be.
    --Reactive - medication and conciliatory services if and when there is an outcome that the patient and family have questions about.
    Kenotes and Workshops:  Mediation via Restorative Practice methodologies, Family Group Conferencing, Family Group Decision Making, Healing & Growth Conferences in Healthcare, Speakers Bureau, Supportv Groups

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    Feeding Newborns - How To Breastfeed

    in Parents

    www.my-natural-motherhood-journey.com I will be speaking with Mackey Roberson, who is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, about how to breastfeed your newborn. We'll be covering topics such as failure to thrive and nipple soreness. Here's a little about our guest:
    I was born into a military family in the mid seventies with career driven parents who chose to bottle feed me because that’s what everyone else did. Hailing from a family of formula feeding women, the odds were not in favor of me becoming a breastfeeding warrior. But I am. Today I look for every opportunity to engage in discussions with prenatal women about their feeding options. I encourage and support  Moms who choose to breastfeed. When I take off my “professional titles”, I’m a wife, long term breast feeder, baby wearer, homeschooler, co-sleeper, Christian and a myriad of other things. My husband and I share in the joys and triumphs of raising 8 breastfed children. My children are 17,15,13,12,8,6,and my nursling is 15 months old. My life goal is to see breastfeeding become the norm.

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    EU mandating RFID be on newborns ?

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