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    Now is New

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    This is about learning, or rather remembering and practicing what we have forgotten a long time ago, to be fully present

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    Please join us today, Wednesday, November 11, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. PST or 7:00 p.m. EST for a live show with host Denise Messenger.  Her guest is David Crooch, owner and founder of Osteobroth and Crave Protein.  We will be discussing his cutting-edge protein and the many health benefits associated with it.  David first received his personal training license in 1999. In 2001, he graduated from Oklahoma City University with a degree in Physical Education. While in college David also took courses throught the Resistance Training Specialist Program (rts123.com) and the Muscle Activation Techniques program (muscleactivation.com).
    In 2001, David was also a member of the first class of students studying Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT). MAT is a revolutionary approach to the assessment and correction of muscular imbalances, joint instability, and limitations in range of motion within the human body.  David received various Personal Certifications including Resistance Training Specialist Mastery Level (RTSm) - Which is high-level biomechanics, related to exercise. In 2002, he started Dynamic Biomechanics, Inc., a Chicago-based fitness, therapy, consulting and education company. It wasn’t until nearly a decade later that David first conceptualized both Crave Protein and Osteobroth.  You asked for it and we deliver!



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    Paula White's Reign At New Destiny Church Is Now Officially A Pornocracy! (226)

    in Christianity

    Paula White's present tenure at New Destiny can now officially be called "The Rule Of Prostitutes or The Government Of A Prostitute" reminding us of the time in ecclesiastical history when the apostate church of Rome was plunged to new lows because of a group of morally debased prostitute popes (the years 904 - 964 AD).  Yes indeed, T.D. Jakes spiritually daughter and prized sow has turned New Destiny Christian Center Church into a cesspool (II Peter 2:22).  This was made evident yet again this past Thursday night (November 19, 2015).  Paula White's lewd interpretation of St. Luke's holy account (Luke 7:36-50) of Jesus and the sinner woman was exceedingly blasphemous!  Tune in as Wolf Tracker CRYS ALOUD and SPARES NOT exposing Paula White's transgressions and sins with her debasing of Luke 7:36-50 (Isaiah 58:1).  In addition, Wolf Tracker University has made the decision to put Paula White's First Fruits Offering Teaching on trial since she has repeatedly refused to debate Dr. Elisha Coles.  This historic mock trial will start Friday January 1st 2016 and end Sunday January 31st.  E-mail us at wolftracker14@gmail.com if you desire to follow "The Trial of the Year" and receive the WORKBOOK containing ALL OF THE DATED OUTLINES that will cover the proceedings in this 31 day mock trial.  There is no cost for WORKBOOKS.  YES, WORKBOOKS are yours FREE OF CHARGE!

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    Get Healthy Now with Denise Thomson, Pang!

    in Health

    Good morning and welcome to Get Healthy Now with Denise Thomson, Founder of Miclknight, where Health and Wellness are one. I am an Educator, Speaker, Radio Show Host, Fitness Trainer and a full circle health coach.


    Today’s topic: Pang

    What does it have to do with Get Healthy Now?

    Why this sound? How does it make you feel?

    Something or someone comes to an abrupt stop.

    Then what?


    X-Rays, shoulder dislocated, stiff due to 15 hrs delay

    ER Dr tried 3 x, put me out, shoulder in.

    Why am I telling this story?  Ways to get redirected after a pang. My reflections: glad it was not worse, glad I could get up, happy shoulder was put back in place, life goes on. After every fall or pang, get up and do, be and give your best again. No need to get depressed, no need to feel sorry for yourself, look at your life being fully balanced and bounce back. I chose my balance over imbalance just because I was in pain.

    In every situation we get to chose the outcome as long as we live.

    Your choice?

    Start laughing as quickly as possible as it releases the good, healing endorphins. It also helps you balance quicker and the pain subsides faster.

    OK, what comes after Pang? Get up!

    Don’t let a fall hinder you from following your dream. Sometimes we need to fall forward to get stronger and better at what we are doing,

    Pang! / Get up!


    Gift: http://thomson.enagicweb.com


    Contact info: www.miclknight.com




    Until next week! Stay healthy and empowered!


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    Determining the new direction for New Groovin Rhythms

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    Still trying to decide what to do with the radio station and website.. keep the social network? Develop radio apps for iPhone and Android.. Turning the social network into a paid members only website to cover monthly operating expenses. Keep a basic/ simplified website that links to the radio apps and our main sponsors? Website banner advertising or in app/ mobile device advertising campaigns? New 3D virtual world multiplayer video game, So many thoughts right now.. let me know what you think? What is it worth to you? Call in during tonight's live show! (657) 383-1017

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    Worked all day now its time to play all night

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    It's been a long work day. It's past midnight now but the shift is finally over and it's time to chill with some cool tunes on New Groovin Rhythms. Let me know what you are in the mood for tonight. I'm always open to your requests and suggestions. What did you do today? Go to work? Was it your day off? Maybe some sort of special occasion? Get on the air with me during the live broadcast and let me know! (657) 383-1017

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    SFP-NOW Featuring Aleks Paunovic

    in Television

    Welcome to the latest SFP-NOW in which we discuss weekly news and bring you interviews.

    Joining me for the news segment is Raissa who will be discussing recent developments in televiison and film.

    Our special guest this week is Aleks Paunovic who is well know for his various roles in television series such as Continuum and IZombi. Aleks talks with me about these shows, but also chats about his new film 'Numb', which is both produced and acts in.

    So tune in and listen as we bodly take you where no other show can take you.

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    and now for something completely different- episode 58 friday the 13th

    in Culture

    coming up  at11:30 pm EsT-Episode x58of and now for something completely different-  Ray Update. KAB Family enterprises news, Facebook updates for Cook's Club, PDS, the Group for the Insane, Can Am League baseball, fantasy baseball, people, pets and fun Ebay, Avon, Amway, SCIFI and more.


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    Please join our show this Wednesday, August 12, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. PST and 7:00 p.m. EST with host Denise Messenger and special guest, Dr. Arthur Epstein.  We will be discussing cutting edge treatments for dry eye and Blepharitis.  Arthur B. Epstein, OD, FAAO, FABCO, FBCLA, DPNAP is a native New Yorker who grew up in the Bronx, NY.  He graduated from the City College of New York with a B.S. in psychology and received an O.D. degree from the State University of New York, State College of Optometry were he also was the college's first resident in ocular disease.  After relocating to Phoenix, Dr. Epstein co-founded Phoenix Eye Care, PLLC.  He heads the practice’s Dry Eye - Ocular Surface Disease Center – The Dry Eye Center of Arizona, and serves as its Director of Clinical Research.  Active in the profession, Dr. Epstein is a fellow of the American Academy of Optometry, the British Contact Lens Association, the American Board of Clinical Optometry and is a Distinguished Practitioner of the National Academies of Practice.  He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Certification in Medical Optometry, a member of the American and Arizona Optometric Associations and Past-Chair of the AOA Contact Lens & Cornea Section. He was a founding board member of the American Optometric Society and currently serves as President of the American Board of Clinical Optometry.  Dr. Epstein is a prolific author who has published many hundreds of articles, scientific papers and book chapters. He is a Contributing Editor for Review of Optometry and Executive Editor of Review of Cornea and Contact Lenses. He founded, and serves as Chief Medical Editor of Optometric Physician™, the first and most widely read E-Journal in eyecare in the United States!   You asked for it and we deliver!



  • New music on a new BlogTalkRadio channel for New Groovin Rhythms

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    Hello, good evening and thank you for tuning in tonight for all kinds of great music by your favorite independent artists on New Groovin Rhythms. We offer guaranteed radio airplay for your unsingned band's original music so if that's something you are looking for please follow us on BlogTalkRadio and send us a message to find out more! Call in this evening during the live broadcast to get on the air, give a shout out or request your favorite song!

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    Author Ellen Reid on Write Now Radio!

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    2pm ET / 1pm CT / 12pm MT / 11am PT

    (Outside US: Dial 00 + 1 + 714-464-4891)

    Viki Winterton interviews Ellen Reid! 

    Ellen Reid is a Book Shepherd, an author, and a speaker who practices what she preaches. Her primary focus is assisting authors in starting their own independent publishing company and producing a book that will represent the excellence of their message. She does this with an uncanny ability to get inside her clients’ minds, grasp their vision, then guide them in creating materials that take them to levels beyond what they had imagined possible.

    She has steadily built her reputation as one of the field’s premiere Book Shepherds by consistently producing top quality, often award-winning books for authors who chose the lucrative indie publishing approach to getting their books to the public. She is able to do that because her unique background gives her the experience and vision to assemble a creative team and, through her direction, inspires them to exceed the vision of her clients.

    Also her book, Putting Your Best Book Forward: A Book Shepherd’s Secrets for Producing Award-Winning Books that Sell has won several awards. She sponsors the National Indie Excellence Awards now in its 9th year. Ellen makes her headquarters in Southern California and serves clients worldwide.