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    Us Media Radio - Where relationships and technology collide

    in Business

    Deborah Chaddock Brown and Candace Benson discuss the latest in social media trends for small business owners.

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    The New Million Dollar Idea Network Radio Show (Social Media 101)

    in Business

    Social Media 101


    My name is Charlie Childs. Host of the Million Dollar Idea Network Radio Show It is my Job to give you at least one thing to think about changing to the positive something in your Spirit, Soul/Mind and Body. We talk about your path to success. The tools and habits needed for success in your Business,Family and Faith.

    We are going to talk about the basics of social media.

    How can you use social media for your businesses?

    Do I need all social media platforms


    We are going to take our time and explain what social media is.

    Review Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN Pinterest and more

    You will leave with a basic understanding how social media can work for you.


    Part 1 of the Social Media Presence Tool

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    Us Media Radio: Where relationships and technology collide

    in Business

    Candace Benson and Deborah Chaddock Brown will talk about the top 21 social media platforms and apps for 2015. Join us. 

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    in Politics

    POLITICAL ANIMALS--Policy Policy Question by some political cognoscente" Is Governor Jerry Brown sicker than he looks,talks, acts and walks?"  Has he "kicked" his prostrate cancer?

    Controversial statement by Governor Jerry Brown "California will get 10-15 million more people!"  Audio extract expose

    Sunny Jim Rolph was the last governor elected from San Francsico--Rolph died in office.

    Nixon's Death--What President Nixon said about San Francisco's homosexuals

    POLITICAL LANGUAGE USED IN THE MEDIA--"Illegal aliens crossing the US Border are described in many american media as "undocumented immigrants"

    Audio extract from national news broadcasts upcoming Friday

    Africans and middle eastern refugees attempting to enter Europe are described in American media as"Migrants"   But no explanation as to the supposed difference between the Africans and the Latino "Migrants"

    SALINATION--General Philip Berrigan  interview upcoming friday

    UPCOMING: BRITISH & CANADIAN MILITARY VERTERANS who have settled in California--Historical Audio interview extracts  From the CARSON-VERZOLA   Historical Archives

    WRECKING CREW--New Movie which documents the musicians behind many of the great pop music groups from the Mamas & Papas to Nancy Sinatra--audio extract fair use

    A Movie you should see if you are interested in learning about the great musicians behind the pop musicians and top hits from the sixties to the eighties

    4-20-2014--Births-Deaths & Events relevant to US(a)  French Generals in Algeria rebel against De Gaulle's plan to free Algeria

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    The Alt Media, Evolution, Racism, Alien Theosophy and all their EVIL P3

    in News

    Nicodemus continues his series discussing the evil nature of just about everything we are exposed to in the alternative media and certain elements in the world of science. Ultimately we are being led by the deceived who are passionately using their various positions and platforms to propagate mass deception. While some don't know any better having been blinded to the truth, many others have set out to willfully deceive those who have come to trust them with a malevolence that could only be described as evil. 

    In this episode, Nicodemus the physiological effects of the alternative media on the brain, racism and evolution and how everything in the end is completely related to this slow bridging between the current system and the new religion of the coming 'new' age based in Alien Theosophy.

    Stay Tuned for the continuation of this series dealing with Quantum Mechanics and String Theory and the direct relation to Alien Theosophy.

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    Social Media And The New Consumer

    in Business


    Digital channels, such as social media and online platforms, have permanently changed the way people interact and communicate with each other and with businesses. As people become increasingly wired and tech-savvy, businesses need to transform to keep up with the changing customer demands and to do so quickly.  


    On this show you will learn:

    -The impact social media has had in our personal and professional lives (including business development, personal branding and networking)

    -How customer behaviours have changed today due to social media

    -What do businesses need to do in order to meet these new customer needs

    Radio Show Guest: Kamales Lardi

    Kamales Lardi is an author, lecturer and strategist specializing in digital transformation, social media & enterprise collaboration. She has more than 15 years of experience in management consulting, specialising in corporate strategy, business process optimisation and digital transformation. Kamales has advised global companies in Europe and Asia, including UBS, Bacardi Martini, Zurich Insurance Company, Sigg Combibloc, Swiss Re, Victorinox, and Swiss Federal Railway (SBB).


    Bases on her experiences, she developed the Social Media Strategy Framework that guides companies utilising digital technologies to gain sustainable business value. The framework is presented in her book “Social Media Strategy – A Step-By-Step Guide To Building Your Social Business” authored in collaboration with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW). Kamales consults with well-known European companies and lectures on social media strategy at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW).

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    ''Eric Perry'' Director of the Upcoming new show (True Ghost Stories)

    in Entertainment

    Tonight I talk with Eric Perry a Director , Unit Production Manager,Lead Investigator for Haunted in New England TV Series. He is also the director for the up coming new show True Ghost Stories.And founder of Central NH Paranormal Society.. Eric Brings 5 year of paranormal investigating . Eric is a father of 3 kids and was just recently Awarded IPAA ,International Paranormal Acknowledgement Award he is also a published author. Eric is a skeptic and believes everything can be explained.

    This show is pack with Amazing Information your not going to want to miss, I talk to him about his new Projects and what the paranormal Field is ready for.

    You have a Paranormal team and want to sign up for this new Series then just tune in this coming Saturday Night 8 Pm est!!

    Haunted in New England below please check it out!!!


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    Alt Media Hypocrisy, Big Bang/String Theory Deception and Kabbala Connection P4

    in News

    Nicodemus continues his discussion on alt media evil, the inherent racism being propagated by the theory of evolution and its god-hating, celebrity purveyors, and opens up on string theory revealing the true Kabbalistic nature being thoroughly embraced, preached and worshipped by the religion of Atheism and Alien Theosophy's contemporary clergy members in lab coats, blazers and turtlenecks. We are being prepped to accept a false origin of the universe as the evil, satanic system ushers in exactly what you're heroes are beating into everyone's skulls ad nauseum (e.g. impeding peril, doom, destruction, financial collapse, more enslavement, separation and hatred for each other) with sledgehammers and unholy self-worship. 

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    in Football

             **** COACHES CORNER 215 RADIO SHOW ! ****

    We will be talking about the" SUPERBOWL CHAMPION NW RAIDERS" parade. Also a review on last weeks prediction on what teams should be number 1#. We will be talking about who has the best coaching staff in both LYAA  &   A.Y.F. Social media is it the new wave of coaching and recruiting, and much more......

    www.blogtalkradio.com/blogcoachtom or call in at 646-668-2431

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    Tracey The Director on JOTU & GEMS!

    in Entertainment


    Award winning cinematographer, Tracey The Director. With his company, Kinship Works Production Company, in collaboration with Atlanta House of Shoots, Tracey works for major industry players including T.I., DJ Drama, Trey Songz and more. In addition, he has been hired for large productions including the Steve Harvey Neighborhood Awards and Ladies Who Brunch: Atlanta.

    Tracey The Director has now partnered with National Best Selling Author, David Weaver, to turn his novels into 30 minute episodes. The new series will bring forth some of Atlanta's hottest talent, including Love and Hip Hop's Erika Pinkett. He can discuss his success in one year, the pros and cons of having celebrity clientele, and inform your supporters on how they can get involved in the new series.


     FB ~ Tracey The Director Fobbs

    InstaGram: TraceyTheDirector

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    Facebook Social Media Etiquette

    in Education

    Has social media created and condoned actions that if donei in person would render someone to get fucked up, stomped out, slapped or clapped ? Join us as we explore the deep psychological effects of what instant social media is compelling some of us to evoke on a demented level.