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    Who's in Charge & APR Holiday Programs

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    Calling all Patriots:  We invite you to join us for another week of family holiday programming on www.AmericanPatriotRadio.com

    Monday December 8th

    8:00 PM ET

    The next installment of “Who’s in Charge?” goes live on the air with more solutions and more consumer alerts for the holiday season.

    Immediately following is Dr. Meola with more holiday children’s programming as he presents the next episodes of the “Adventures of Cinnamon Bear” and “Christmas on the Moon.”

    Link for Scribed doc for week of December 8th shows:


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    Who's in Charge & Doc's Choice

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    The next installment of "Who’s in Charge?"

    Monday, November 17, 2014, 8:00 PM Eastern Time

    Calling all Patriots!  We invite you to join us for the next installment of “Who’s in Charge?” as we start another week of our continuing mission to find solutions for the problems facing the average American today. 

    Monday’s show is a most timely heads up for Americans. As we are busy making our holiday plans, we still need to remain on our guard as consumers.  Mike will be alerting the listeners about some of the scams and con games going on that are hoping to catch people so caught up in the holiday spirit they aren’t as vigilant as they probably should be.

    Also Mike will be sharing information on how to evaluate the worthiness of charities you may be considering donations to as part of your holiday generosity.  When you get the facts about some of the most publicly visible organizations you may be shocked about how little of what you give really goes to help anyone at all.

    Finishing out the broadcasting day in our last hour, 10:00 to 11:00 PM ET, Dr. David Meola will be doing a selection of holiday episodes of old time radio shows sure to bring back many great memories.

    As always the forums and phone lines will be open for the listener’s questions and participation.

    If you want to find out why tens of thousands of people around the world have come to trust and value Mike’s teaching, we invite you to examine his bio and lifetime achievements at www.AmericanPatriotRadio.com under "Our Team" tab.


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    Who's in Charge & Doc's Choice

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    Friday, November 07, 2014, 8:00 PM Eastern Time,

    We invite you to join us for the next installment of “Who’s in Charge” as we Come to the end of another week of our continuing mission to find answers and solutions for some of the most pressing problems facing the average American today.

    Once again Mike will be responding to the will of the people, the questions and comments from our loyal listeners, as he covers several more topics of importance to those who join us .

    Tonight Mike will be covering several more topics in his continuing series of “Hard Times Survival Strategies”.

    In these hard times more people are being forced into bankruptcy.  How bankruptcy effects your credit isn’t totally out of your control. There are some very specific things you can do to lessen the negative impact to your credit score.

    Mike’s second topic:  Things you should consider to determine if you have enough or too much home owners insurance, either way it can cost you a bundle.

    Mike’s third topic: A clarification and follow up to a comment Mike has made on previous shows Mike’s passionate belief that , “there are no throwaway people.”  But you might be volunteering to fail.  Do you know the difference between being skeptical and being cynical?

    If you want to know why tens of thousands of people around the world have come to trust and value Mike’s teaching we invite you to examine his bio and life time achievements at www.AmericanPatriotRadio.com

    10:00 to 11:00 PM ET Doc's Choice hosted by Dr. David Meola

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    Who's in Charge & Creepy Tales

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    The next installment of "Who’s in Charge"

    Friday, October 31, 2014 8:00 PM Eastern Time

    Calling all Patriots, Spooks, and Goblins!

    We invite you to join us for a little Halloween fun as we end our forth week of serving our listening community.

    Tonight we will be doing our “Halloween SpookTacular” show.  3 hours of Halloween trivia, Halloween historical facts, and plenty of the old great Halloween songs you are sure to remember from your trick or treating childhood days.

    As always the forums and phone lines will be open for the listener’s comments, thoughts, and memories of their younger years going out and partying with their friends on Halloween night.

    Tonight’s fun presentation will be co-hosted by Mike and, American Patriot Radio’s own Cool Ghoul, Dr. Meola.

    There will be apple bobbing contests and plenty of candy to pass out for sure.

    Cider and donuts will be served immediately following the show! LOL

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    Never Better

    in Entertainment

    In this world where the illusion of thoughts of comparison & judgment toward others seems to happen. It actually doesn't. We're all "never better"... we all have the truth of the inner well-being & equality we all share. Despite the thoughts that pass through our mind, we can make a choice as to what we entertain in our brain, to be at peace as well as who we truly are.

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    The Head DiVA In Charge Dishes with WEUPs Mid-Day Diva ML6!

    in Entertainment

    Who is she? She's Huntsville, AL Mid-Day Diva ML6! If you have not heard of her, you have been under a social media rock! She is beautiful, talented, funny, and educated, but she is a SURVIVOR! We talk about her fight with Breast Cancer on Friday 10/24!

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    Zenzi Hodge, The Never Snowy Christmas

    in Writing

    If you asked Zenzi Hodge what she wanted to be when she grew up, you would not have heard the word author; however, that is what she has been for most of her life, whether she wants to admit it or not. Zenzi, the daughter of teachers, has been writing most of her life, something she's done since she wrote her first poem about living on St. Thomas, published in a children's anthology when she was in elementary school. Her love for creative expression continued but she purely wrote poems for fun not, as she would say, for public consumption. In 2007, Zenzi began writing short stories for her son to share his family history with him. But her passion for writing for young children came in 2011 after she lost her grandfather & she took the words her son used to express his sadness to write a story titled, I Can't See the Morning.

    While the character in The Never Snowy Christmas is inspired by her son, much of the antics are of her own imagining as she STILL wishes for snow on St. Thomas.  Zenzi is an alumna of Florida A&M and Clark Atlanta Universities and is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated.  She resides on St. Thomas with her husband and son.

    Will it snow in St. Thomas?  That is the hope of a young boy living in the US Virgin Islands.  Each year at Christmas, he wishes for snow in the island paradise he calls home and this Christmas he intends to get it.  Join him on his quest and find out if this will be the year that he gets snow in St. Thomas or will he continue to ask, "Where's My Snow" for another holiday season. 

    Visit Zenzi's website at www.neversnowystory.com/

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    Who's in Charge & Creepy Tales

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    The next installment of "Who’s in Charge"

    Monday, October 20, 2014, 8:00 PM Eastern Time

    Calling all Patriots,

    We invite you to join us for the next installment of “Who’s in Charge” as we start a new week on our continuing journey of looking for more answers and solutions.

    Mike will be discussing one of today’s most controversial topics, “Fracking”.  As in all hot topics there are facts and there are opinions.  Mike will be interviewing a Midwestern farmer who has had a “Fracking” and Oil drilling operation on his family-owned farm for years.  What he will be sharing is personal firsthand experience about the impact the operation has had on him and his neighbors.

    As in all emotionally charged issues there is what you know and what you were told to believe.  Plan to join us for your own personal checkup for your point of view on this highly emotionally charged, lightning rod issue!

    Creepy Tales double feature presents Inner Sanctum’s

    Amazing death of Mrs. Putnam &

    The color blind formula

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    Who's in Charge/Creepy Tales

    in Education

    Friday, October 17, 2014, 8:00 PM Eastern Time

    Calling all Patriots,

    We invite you to join us for the next installment of “Who’s in Charge.”

    We are coming to the end of another week on our continuing journey getting answers and discovering solutions for those things we all need to have control over in our own lives if we are ever going to be able to say “We are the person in charge!”

    Mike will continue with the second half of his in-depth discussion of the history, legalities, and science behind the myths, and truth about the production, distribution, and use of Ethanol as a viable alternative liquid transportation fuel.

    Mike will be laying out a very simple grass-roots plan that will cost Washington, DC not one red cent that we can put into action Right now, TODAY, that would take the USA from an energy importer to an energy exporter in less than 180 days, totally breaking our dependence on Middle Eastern oil while eliminating our annual foreign trade deficit and turning it into a $300 Billion per year trade surplus which could be put to a much better use here at home for our crushing national debt or to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure.

    It’s no different for any country in the world as it is for each of us as individuals. Unless you are doing something to get into the alternative energy game You Are Not In Charge of anything, including your own life!

    A little about Mike’s credentials:

    Mike started working on energy independence for himself and our nation, long before he was a physics major in college.

    He has conducted experiments, made innovations, and invented components and systems to decentralize/localize power sources for home, industry, and transportation for over 50 years.

    Tonights Creepy Tales double feature presents Beyond Midnight

    Man who sold his soul & The Signalman

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    Recovery Radio Fresno with Never Again

    in Motivation

    The NNIA Network presents Recovery Radio Fresno with Never Again fellowship

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    You Are In Charge

    in Motivation

    3 Crucial Steps For Creating The Perfect Life | MP3 and PDF Download

    Go to: www.UltimateLife360.com

    You’ll also be able to watch a short video on how you can reprogram your habits of thinking for happiness and success.


    Inspiration of the Day | Double Header

    “We cannot change our past.
    We can not change the fact that people act in a certain way.
    We can not change the inevitable.

    “The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude.

    “I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.
    And so it is with you… we are in charge of our attitudes.”

    Charles Swindoll
    Author, educator, and radio preacher


    “A man will be imprisoned in a room with a door that is unlocked and opens inwards as long as it does not occur to him to pull rather than push. ”

    Ludwig Wittgenstein
    Philosopher who taught at the University of Cambridge


    So Now What?

    I like these two quotes together because they ask a simple question:

    What if it really was that easy?

    What if you really could turn your life around just by pulling rather than pushing? OK, that’s a rather weak way of describing how to fix life’s problems but what if instead of resisting whatever it is that’s going on you use the most powerful tool in your toolbox to deal with it...

    To Continue Reading At MojoWisdom.com CLICK HERE



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