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    The Uncut Truth About The Nephilims Part 4 With Apostle Rudy Goldstein Jr.

    in The Bible

    The End-Time Prophetic Zone, Brings (Part 4) of this End-Time insight into the plot of the nephilims.. In this episode Apostle Rudy Goldstein Jr. Will reveal the great deception of the Giants in today's world .These truths had been hidden from mankind for centuries, but the hour has come for the eyes of the church to be open. That's why Elohim has sent one like John the Baptist A WATCHMAN to WARN THE PEOPLE .. You won't likely to read this in the New York times, nor will it be preached in the traditional churches.. We are in deceptive times people of God, but we can be on watch by walking in the light..  Let the End-Time Prophetic Mantle that dwells on Apostle Rudy Goldstein  take you into the deeper mysteries in the higher realms.  Don't MISS this show Kingom Love to All,

    Tap in and Be Bless.



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    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    L.A. Marzulli will be Pastor Paul Begley's guest talking about the "Nephilims" the Giants or Fallen Angels that walked on the Earth before the flood and after the flood durning the days of King David and the land of Israel. Will the Nephilims come back again as in the Days of Noah during these last days. Also in Paris, France 1.5 Million people along with some World Leaders including French President Francois Hollande, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu, and even Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. The World wondered why American President Obama, or Vice President Biden, or Sec. of State John F. Kerry did not attend. Also  President Obama is expecting World Leaders to come to Washington for a "Counter-Terrorism Summit at the White House, but does not specificlly address Radical Islam. These and much more current news events along with bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 

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    Nephilims.....Demigods.....Just depends on who's talking....

    in Religion

    Redundancy from differing perspectives is an indicator of truth.  Take another look at the mythology you've been given all of your life and then match it to the scriptures.  It would be hard not to re-think your world if those "Stories" were actually scriptural truths, right?  Time to change your perspective!

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    The Giants in The Bible Intro.

    in The Bible

    The End-Time Prophetic Zone Radio, Brings to you a taste of it's featured show

    The Giants In The Bible this episode goes live tomorrow at 6:30 pm EST. With Apostle Rudy Goldstein Jr. out of Bronx, New.York, Plugin people of God to hear the uncut truth about the Nephilims; Can the Fallen Angles offspring still be around us today? What does the bible REALLY say about it all?

    If you hunger for truth you're at the right place..  Tone in Tomorrow and be Bless 
    Kingdom Love to All 
    Apostle Rudy Goldstein Jr.


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    Israylite Way - Superheroes, Nephilims, Gods, Aliens

    in Culture

    Join in tonight as we discuss superheros, the gods and nephilims.  The avengers movies came to theaters the other day May 4,2012 it has already grossed over 200 million.  This is the first of the summer superhero movies to come out this year.  Spiderman, and batman will be joining later. 
    What does all this mean, why are their so many gods and nephilim movies coming out, what are they trying to tell us?
    This is a live call in show, the number to reach us is 347 633 9606.

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    Luciferinas-FreeMasons-Illumnati-Whos The Puppeteers Pulling the Strings?Maybe Nephilim Connections?

    in Paranormal

    :Tonight's Topic For The Show:

    The Luciferian,FreeMasons,Illuminati,The Worlds Government Connection..
    The Sons of God-The Nephilims-The Watchers-The Emim's-The Repha'im-The Gibborim-The Zamzummim-The Anakim-The Horim-The Philistines-The Sepherim-The Perizzites-The Giants-The Children of the Fallen Angels mentioned in Gen 6-4, Annunaki or Anak ..Using the Bible to explain them, and also them appearing in the Summarian Cultures before the bible..
    The Bible Clearly tells us there still here..They will be in are sides like Thorns..
    "There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare [children] to them...Meaning Pre-Flood/After Flood...
    They are no longer giants in a physical sense..
    They are now the Giants of INDUSTRY...
    They Force feed us Technology..A little at a time...

  • The ultimate temptation; Woman!

    in Women

       Our debut broadcasting episode show that you won't want to miss about Creation, Destruction and Resurgence of Man.

    TOPIC: The ultimate temptation; Woman!
    DISCUSSION: "Was everything perfect until woman came along..?"

    We will dwell into the topic and see how things were and could have been with the coming of woman into the world from God's creation.

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    FOI - Technology, Fallen Angels, Ufo's, & The Great Deception

    in Culture

    The bible tells us there was a time on earth, when angles left heaven, came to earth and took human women for wives. The result of these unions gave birth to beings known as Giants or Nephilims. The story of these giants exist in all cultures of the world both modern and ancient.

    Today we will discuss all these matters from an historical, and scriptural understanding. Modern Technology is ancient. Satan the adversary who is the ruler of all the fallen ones, will use technology, and man's ignorance to bring upon the earth the greatest deception of all time.

    This is part 1 of a series of shows dealing with this very important topics. Tune in, it will be a live call in show. The number to call in is 914-338-0980

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