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    Sending violet flame to the people and elementals of Nepal

    in Spirituality

    Let's invoke violet flame and give mantras to the Divine Mother on behalf of the earthquake victims in Nepal and their loved ones.

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    Prayers for Nepal with Anne Marie Harris and Carlie Kilduff

    in Health

    Join your host, Rebecca Girouard along with co-hosts, Anne Marie Harris, organizer of the Prayers for Nepal project and Carlie Kilduff, Spoken Word Artist, as they give insight to the devastation and global human response to the Nepal Earthquake.

    Anne Marie, who is a Yoga teacher and therapist, started a fundraising campaign for "Earthquake Disaster Relief for Nepal" via GoFundMe to raise funds for the Shree Mangel Dvip Boarding School for Himalayan Children in Nepal.  She has spend much time at this incredible school.  These children are in a time of need and Anne Marie is doing what she can to help.

    Carlie Kilduff, Spoken Word Artist, joined in the efforts to perform at the event "Prayers for Nepal" and offered her inspiring poems to help fundraise in Victoria, BC.

    Together, we'll have inspiring conversation about this area of Nepal.  Find out how you can help bring shelter, food and water to this community.  We are ONE.

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    Catholic Now: Helping Nepal

    in Christianity

    On Tuesday, May 5th at 4:30 PM EST we will talk about the Nepal eartquake and how you can help, the French Court and JPII,  and the Year of Mercy, all that and much more on the next episode of Catholic Now! 

    Enter to win a free rosary blessed by Pope Francis here: http://woobox.com/5qeimr/eslpe0

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    in Current Events

    There is growing evidence that the SIXTH SEAL OF REVELATIONS CHAPTER 6:12 began to be ushered in, starting back in 2011, with a DOUBLE DARKENING OF THE CORONAL POLES OF THE SUN, aka "BLACK POLE HOLES" phenomenon. Just before the MASSIVE M9.0 MEGA-QUAKE that devastated Northern Japan in the Spring/March 2011, it was proceeded by a DOUBLE DARKENING OF THE SUNS MAGNETIC POLES. Once again in the Spring/April of 2015 another MASSIVE M7.8 MEGA-QUAKE pulverizes Napal, not long after, yet another DARKENING OF THE SUNS MAGNETIC POLES! These BLACK POLE HOLES ON THE SUN are coinciding with GREAT DESTRUCTIVE EARTHQUAKES UPON THE EARTH, just as Revelations 6:12 forewarned that they would!!... Is this SOME NEW & EXCITING EVIDENCE THAT THE 6TH SEAL OF REVELATIONS IS NOW BEING USHERED IN with the warning that "THE SUN BECAME BLACK AS SACKCLOTH OF HAIR AND THERE WAS A GREAT EARTHQUAKE"...? It has only been since the launch and usage of the SDO Solar Observer Satelite back in 2010 that such "BLACK POLE HOLES AT THE SUNS MAGNETIC POLES" have been studied in such fine detail, as never before!.. Could it be at these UNCANNY SOLAR MOMENTS that our own EARTHS MAGNETIC POLES ARE BEING TUGGED UPON THE STRONGEST BY THE SUNS BLACKENED POLES and resulting in these COLLOSSAL QUAKES??.. Will this COSMIC CONNECTION only get worse in the coming future, as we draw closer to the RETURN OF CHRIST?... Let's talk about this and other AMAZING ENDTIME EVENTS TRANSPIRING in the Month of April 2015, as we look back and revisit how we got where we are right now... fresh in the AFTERMATH OF SUPER BLOOD MOON #4... Lets examine what got us here and WHATS NEXT?... Join us on todays LIVE BROADCAST... Become a part of PROPHETIC BIBLE HISTORY IN THE MAKING, with yours truly, Steve "Si" ~ The Bible Guy and send me a howdy email to "nnylss2691@gmail.com" and give me a holler... 

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    Over 1,100 dead from powerful earthquake in Nepal (Second Coming Watch #622)

    in News

    1. A powerful earthquake struck Nepal on Saturday, killing over 1,180 people across a swath of four countries as the violently shaking earth collapsed houses, leveled centuries-old temples and triggered avalanches on Mt. Everest. 

    2. The Middle East is plunging deeper into an arms race, with an estimated $18 billion expected to be spent on weapons this year, a development that experts warn is fuelling serious tension and conflict in the region. 

    3. Israel’s air force commander said on Thursday that the use of Israeli military force against Iran’s nuclear facilities would be an act of “last resort,” but part of his role is to ensure that the air force has “the genuine capacity to get the job done” if ordered to do so. 

    4. The Russian Defense Ministry said on Thursday that U.S. troops were training Ukrainian forces inside the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine, but the Pentagon flatly denied it, accusing Moscow of a “ridiculous attempt” to obscure its own activity in the region.

    5. U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said in Washington on Thursday that the U.S. will deliver to Israel fifth generation stealth aircrafts in 2016 as he pledged his country’s firm commitment to defend the Jewish state from its regional enemies.

    You can read these stories in more detail and get more prophecy-related news at SecondComingHerald.com.

    The prophetic passage of Scripture we are looking at today is Joshua 21:43-45 which reads: " And the Lord gave unto Israel all the land which he sware to give unto their fathers; and they possessed it, and dwelt therein. And the Lord gave them rest round about..."

    Our second coming quote for today is from Anthony Ashley Cooper. He said: "The only remedy for all this mass of misery is the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. Why do we not plead for it every time we hear the clock strike?"

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    magar hour goes full rone in dat nepal zone

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    magars all over the earth unite
    to fight the under rone jim joes 
    347 215 7638

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    Reviewing INNERVISIONS-H.Tubman-Tibet/Nepal Earthquakes-Sick Whitey's Sex Shop

    in Culture


    *We will discuss a controversial interpretation of Stevie Wonder's masterpiece Innervisions. You heard it...but did you really listen? *Cynical Afrikan will be on board to discuss the latest perverse behavior in white supremacy.

    JOIN US!

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    Practical Peace (Recognition of Baltimore, Nepal, Armenian Genocide Centennial)

    in Spirituality

    An exploration of the theme of recognition in recent events, and the unltimate goal of every one of us - Peace. How we can choose peace in our lives now by dropping out of drama and conflict.

    Instantly download mp3's at www.markmezadourian.com
    Facebook page: Mark Mezadourian - Angelic Infusions
    Twitter: @markmezadourian
    Instagram: http://instagram.com/markmezadourian

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    The Natural Mentoring Experience

    in Spirituality

    Haiti, because Africans wanted their own traditional culture, their identiy. We don't talk much about the major accomplishments, those brothers and sisters who fought and died for their freedom. The legacy they left for us to remember, study and understand. Against tyrrany rought by other nations, currently under the guise of the United Nations.

    http://www.globalresearch.ca/france-and-the-history-of-haiti/17130 They know that their real enemies are the United Nation's Stabilization Missions in Haiti, which is led by the US and France and encompasses troops from the following countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, France, Guatemala, Jordan, Nepal, Paraguay, Peru, Phillipines, Republic of Korea, Sri Lanka, United States and Uruguay.  By the 30th of November 2009, there was a total of 9,065 UN uniformed personnel, 7,031 troops and 2,034 police from over 41 different countries throughout the world participating in the UN occupation of Haiti.

    http://www.un.org/en/peacekeeping/missions/minustah/facts.shtmlCall into my 2 hour show 11-19-15, Thursday, 6pm/Est or 5/Cst at 1-914-803-4571. Press 1 to comment on the topic, remember to keep your ph muted to avoid background noise. What was it that the African Haitians knew and understood about their enemy to be successful in creating their on nation of free people, how could they have stood up to so many powerful nations, even to this day!  Was that a real earthquake or a covert attack to disrupt Haitian sovereignty?  We don't seem to support them as "black" people.  We discuss in detail many other methods but theirs won!

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    Stop Nepal Vaccinations & HR2232, Vax All Children ~ Dr. Laibow & Sallie Elkordy

    in News

    Nepal http://org.salsalabs.com/o/568/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=17799 ~ HR2232 http://org.salsalabs.com/o/568/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=11690 ~ Forced Vaccination is a crime http://drrimatruthreports.com/forced-vaccination-is-a-crime-against-humanity/

    Public Advocate is hosted by Sallie O. Elkordy who can be reached here https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sallie-O-Elkordy-for-Mayor-Vaccine-Free-NYC/587347554614900

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    Alcohol and Addiction in Nepal

    in Health

    Don't miss this show. Broughton Cohburn joins us to talk about the overwhelming need of Alcohol and Drug Treatment and Education in Nepal, the Sherpa Village of the Khumbu and Everest National Forest. This is going to be a fantastic show. We will explore these issues and recap our own experiences during the filming of Climb4Sobriety in the Everest Region of Nepal