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    Marion Harris Kimmey on Nepal & Native America

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    Marion Harris Kimmey – wife of the late John Kimmey who lived with the Hopi for 30 years, joins us to dicuss her recent sojourns to South America and Nepal. Inspired by her workings with some of the 13 Indigeneous Grandmothers of Native America, she was led to take these travels and connect with others in her quest for more knowledge and understanding. Listen in for a fascinating discussion. Find Out more about the work she is doing and the amazing Trilogy written by John Kimmey at: MotherEarthFatherSky.org
    Watch for developing updates on Marion’s page at: MotherEarthFatherSky.org/spirit

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    John Vourlis – Practicing Yoga for Freedom

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    Yoga For Freedom is the true story of 20 American yoga students and teachers who went to Nepal on a two-week trip to Nepal and came home forever changed. Author John P. Vourlis takes you on a magical journey that combines social reportage from a faraway land steeped in the mystique of the Himalayas, with a fascinating, poignant, and at times funny journey of self-reflection for this group of diverse travelers.

    The book contains many incredible color photographs and is based in large part on the journals kept by each member of the group. The serendipity of the excerpts from these journals at first catches you unaware, but then as you move along in the journey with the author, he makes you feel, in a special sort of way, as if you are a member of this band of adventurous travelers.

    These intrepid travelers not only visited some of the holiest spiritual sites of Buddhism and the country’s spectacular natural wonders, but also spent time at both a private and a government-run orphanage in Kathmandu, as well as an orphanage in western Nepal that was on the front lines of the child slavery problem.

    Visit John's website for more information: www.hometownmediaproductions.com/

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    Business Talk -Dr. Govinda Koirala, Financial Economics Apr 8, 2015 at 1:0o pm

    in Education

    April 8, 2015 at 1:00 on BUSINESS TALK – Dr. Govinda Koirala, Professor of Economics and Finance at the Emerson E. Evans, School of Business at the University of Rio Grande.  Dr. Koirala has a unique background, growing up in Nepal, running a successful Restaurant in New York City for many years and being a Full Professor for the MBA and Undergraduate classes.  His topical areas include preparing and maintaining financial stability in today’s market.

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    hello Nepal

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    hello nepal, a phone in show where u can call or chat w/me during the show and dedicate the Nepali tracks that'll b played on the show, Thanks to globalhutshop.com and Enlightened Nepal for their support for this show, and thanks to all the listeners, ur suggestions, comments, and questions are welcome...Click on the follow button to get updates on upcoming shows.

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    Himalayan Hemp | From the Mountains to the People

    in Entrepreneur

    On this Hempisode we are blessed to have Special Guest Tyler Bell from Himalaya Hardware!

    Tyler Bell, will share with you some of the amazing history, benefits and value of Himalyan Hemp. He's got a rock solid company and is in Nepal nearly 10 months out of the year working with the local hemp farmers, and product makers! Enjoy his insight aout the past and the future of hemp with your host Tyler Hemp

    Let's Connect!


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    Modi Beloved of Nepal,China's 1st Yoga Fest,Indian Govt's Yoga/Cow Initiatives

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    These and more stories to be featured on another episode of Hindu Radio - Breaking the Sound Barrier 

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    What's Masculinity Got to Do With it - with Laxman Belbase

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    What is the role of masculinity in conversations about violence against women and girls? Why has the release of the film, India's Daughter which allowed us to hear the voice of a convicted felon threatened the very idea of it? Most importantly, how can the essence of masculinity be used towards finding ways to prevent violence against women and girls?

    Join me when I speak to Gender Advisor for Save the Children in Stockholm, Laxman Belbase as we explore these areas.

    Laxman Belbase is an experienced social worker, advocating human rights of children & women with proven record of quality programme development, implementation and advocacy in the field of child rights & social justice at national, regional and global levels, for the last 12 years.

    Pioneers works around engaging boys and young men in creating safe spaces for children & women at community level and mobilise communities to address violence against women and girls, child marriage, sexual abuse & neglect, corporal punishment, violent punishment of children, domestic violence, addressing masculinities, sexual & reproductive health & rights (SRHR), sexual and gender-based violence and gender rights in general. Had worked , for 3 years, as an Academic member for Bio statistics in Department of Public Health and Biometrics in Department of Pharmacy in Asian College, Purbanchal University, Nepal.


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    Racism - Theory of Liberalism - Obama peace prize

    in Politics

    HR1  Eating 3 meals a day is racist? Yet another example of watering down the true meaning of racism.

    Evan Sayet stops by to talk about his Heritage Foundation speech 8 years ago that's still making waves. In what he calls his Unified Field Theory of Liberalism, he says modern liberalism has NO values!

    Netanyahu's speech and why American Jews vote the way they do. Modern liberalism is the antithesis of Judiasm. Voting Jews see 2 parties: 1, the party of NO values and 2, the party of Christians.

    HR2  Nepal official says human waste on Mt. Everest is a major health and environmental problem affecting the pristine nature at the world's highest peak

    Students at the University of California Irvine vote to remove the American Flag because it's offensive. Maybe they should move to a different country.

    Xander Gibb stops in for a chat tonight - a little Xandermonium. It'll be a lively discussion, to be sure! Talking LGBT alphabet soup and redefining common words, a lack of leadership in the White House, and cavorting with the enemies of our allies. Regardless of our political affiliations, we're Americans first!

    HR3  US approves manure as acceptable to feed seafood that will be used for human consumption. EWWW!

    Did Vice President Joe Biden just enter the Betty Ford Clinic?

    Does Nevada need a bill to allow children to pray at any time & place in school? Think it through before you answer...

    Police officer man-handling an 80 year old woman bringing cupcakes to her grandchildren in school.

    1st time a Nobel Peace Prize Chairman has ever been removed after controversy surrounding 3 out of 6 prize winners (including President Obama!)

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    Lynn LaFountain Channels The Master, D'Hartma

    in Spirituality

    Lynn LaFountain has been soul transference channeling D'Hartma since the early 1970s for people throughout the world.

    This type of channeling that she does is called Soul Transference.  During the session, her soul trades places with an entity who no longer inhabits this plane of existence.  Lynn must go into a deep state of meditation in order to allow this exchange to take place.  She will do this LIVE on our show today.  D'Hartma will take your questions LIVE.

    D'hartma's last incarnation was lived in Nepal in 968A.D.  He chose to learn and grow on the other side of existence, where he moved through the dimensions to become a seventh dimensional Master Guide.

    His messages to individuals help them learn to become self-empowered and master their own destinies.

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    Yoga for Freedom: 20 Travelers, 1 Amazing Journey

    in Lifestyle

    Yoga For Freedom by John Vourlis is the true story of how twenty American yoga students traveled to Nepal to raise awareness about child slavery and how they came home forever changed. One student described the experience saying, "This trip was like a bed of nails."  Today, the author recounts their riveting journey of self-discovery in the ancient land of Buddha. 

    John Vourlis has been practicing yoga since 2000.  He has over 20 years experience working in Hollywood in the entertainment industry in various capacities.  Currently, he is an adjunct instructor in Film and Digital Media at Cleveland State University.  He has written for children's educational videos, online video games, and feature films.


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    World Call In

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    Dennis, Jeff, & Susan have invited their friend Amminadab to join us and discuss this interesting topic:

    Religions without Borders USA, Inc is dedicated to solving conflicts and improving relationships around the World. Through interfaith dialogue, disputes resolutions services, radio programming and collaborative actions with national civil societies and religious communities, they maximize the ability of individuals, communities and Nations to promote peace, operate efficiently, and to effect positive change. As a U.S.A 501 (c ) with registration status in Uganda, Yemen, Nepal, Former Yugoslavia countries and beyond, they provide services and partnership opportunities to individuals, governments, intergovernmental organizations, nonprofits , educational institutions, foundations and other underserved populations.

    For more info, just go to www.rwbm.org

    Please join us and help to save our planet !


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