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    Dr Nels heals dogs' back pain, plus dog training/behavior questions answered.

    in Pets

    Welcome back, Dr Nels Rasmussen www.nelshealingministry.com.  Host of The Dog Show, Julie Forbes, brings two of her dogs into the booth this week for Dr Nels to "adjust".  Both have tweaked backs.  The first is her 12 year old dachshund and the second is her 8 year old australian cattle dog.  Dr. Nels practices a technique called B.E.S.T. that has worked wonders for many animals in the Greater Seattle Area.  Learn about his wonderful work on today's show.  Then, Julie talks with booth engineer and director of operations at the station, Eric, about his new rescue dog.  She'll answer any and all questions he has about the new member of his family.  Find Julie's blog and all past episodes archived at www.dogradioshow.com.


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    Truth Front to Back Ep 1 With Desiree Deluca & Karen Fisher

    in Entertainment

    Welcome to the Grand Opening of our new crazy infested show  Truth Front & Back     Your host for the next steamy 60 minutes are Desiree Deluca & Karen Fisher       All listeners call in 646-595-4038    Special Guest  for the evening  is  DR Kelsey Obession  The adult star  with a PHD     

    You do not want to  miss these 2 hot women giving  you the Truth about the industry and adult films   raw,bold and graphic

    Informative sexy women  what else could you ask for?

    11:30pm  Intro   song   Star  Nels Van Go

    11:35 Meet the host and what Truth Front to back is all about

    1140   Announcements and First music break    Heroine  Twerking Like Miley Cyrus

    11:45   News     The nasty in the world of adult entertainment any comments about anything in the adult world

    11:55  2nd music  Break   Perfect  by Alana Evans

    12am   Guest  interview  Dr Kelsey Obsession

    12:15   3rd music  Break   star dancing   by night core

    12:17  phone calls 

    12 28  outtro  say goodnyes and thanks  to dollhouse radio 

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    For the Love of Teaching and Mo Cap

    in Work

    On this episode of Conversations in the Zone, I have the unique pleasure of chatting with Nels Madsen.  Nels grew up in Iowa City where he met his wife, Fran – their 40th anniversary is coming up this year.  He has a B.A. in Physics, M.S. and Ph.D. in Mechanics and Hydraulics – all from the University of Iowa.  He's been employed at Auburn University since 1978 where he currently serves as Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Associate Dean in the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering.  He's also worked with Motion Reality, Inc. (MRI) since 1984 as Research Director for their motion capture efforts.  Nels loves teaching and working on motion capture development – he was fortunate to be recognized along with colleagues from MRI with an Academy Award for Technical Achievement related to their motion capture efforts.

    To learn more about Nels and the work he loves, visit Motion Reality, Inc. and Mechanical Engineering Department at Auburn University.

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    Healing Touch - Chiropractic for Dogs & Dangerous Flea Prevention

    in Pets

    Welcome back Dr. Nels Rasmussen.  Dr. Nels has healed paralyzed dogs with his unique chiropractice touch.  Today Dr. Nels works on host, Julie Forbes' 11 year old dachshund who has a tweaked back.  Hear how he works his magic, and Julie also continues the conversation about dangerous flea control for pets.  Don't put chemical pesticides on your animal! Despite what the industry will assure you - THEY ARE NOT SAFE.  

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    That's All Folks! 2013 Art Fair Wrap Up

    in Art

    We did it! We completed another year of art fairs. Before we get too far into the future we'll take a look back at 2013 for an assessment. The guests are:

    Nels Johnson, photographer from Florida, in the business since 1976
    Jim Parker, photographer from Michigan
    Melanie Rolfes, painter from Georgia
    Kelly Smith, sculptor from California, second generation art fair artist

    We'll ferret out their backgrounds so we have context for understanding their answers, then we find out their best and worst shows, their favorite shows, their best stories and biggest disappointments, plus - their plans for making 2014 a banner year and a special tip from each for newcomers to the business.

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    Let's Talk! With Ed and Molly w/Special Guest Felonious Munk

    in Current Events

    This week's special guest is comedian Felonious Munk - known for recording wild, "salty" YouTube rants as part of a series he calls “Stop It B!” - who slams both the left and the right for things he finds "ridiculous" and became known to conservatives for his famous 2011 rant against Obama's out of control spending which has been seen by over 2 million people.
    Join us every Thursday, 9pm ET for "Let's Talk! With Ed & Molly" with Hosts Ed Stevens and Molly James who will be discussing everything from sports & entertainment to current events & politics with their unique and often irreverent take on the hottest topics of the week.
    Each week Ed and Molly will be chatting with some very special guests.  Check back each week to find out who their guest(s) will be!
    This show can also be heard at BigDawg Music Radio.
    Join the Culture Revolution at BigDawg Music Mafia&a

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    New Year and V-Scale - Nick Ozorak on Lets Talk Trains

    in Hobbies

    Nick Ozorak, host of the virtual railroading review series "At The Railyard", will be hosting this week's show.  Scheduled guests will include Nels Anderson (Administrator of Trainsim.com's file library and forums) and Rick Franzosa (content creator for Belanger Locomotive Works/Zosa Trains).  We'll be making New Years predictions and looking at the future of the hobby.  Be sure to call in via Skype or by Phone (646-716-7106).

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    Show with guests Chris and Nancy

    in Art

    Tune in tonight for a discussion with Chris Dickerson about his film, "Women Under the Influence." Also featured is poet Nancy Davenport, gracing us with a few of her recent writes. The host tonight is Zen Daddy T (aka Wm. Andrew Turman). In the studio will be Pragmatic Nels. Listen, and if you are not careful, you might learn something!

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    A Time of Encouraging Words With Evangelist Debra Tate

    in The Bible

    Proverb 26: 2 New International Version
    Like a fluttering sparrow or a darting swallow, an undeserved curse does not come to rest.
    The Curse Does not Come Causeless, There’s Got to be a Cause For the Curse.
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    Tramane Munks -Medley go to Reverbnation from Cleveland Ohio
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    this is a test

  • Music Mondays with Tramane Munks Fine Arts Studio

    in Education

    This episode is about how music has become the universal language of many cultures. 

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