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    Negotiation and the Family

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    Negotiation is a part of life. It is important to be able to negotiate in work and at home. In fact, a child begins to learn the art of negotiation while at home.  During this episode of the “We All Got Issues” show, Dr. Glenda interviews Master Negotiator and Body Language Expert. Greg Williams.  Tune in to learn more about the art of negotiation. This is the first part of a two part series.

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    Negotiation For Business and Personal Success with Richard Kaye

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    Host Lori Wilk interviews Dr.Richard Kaye for tips about how to use negotiation skills for more success in business and personal transactions. Dr. Kaye demonstrates the power of understanding and practicing negotiating skills whether you're negotiating with yourself, family members or strangers. This is a fast-paced episode and live call-in show so your're invited to ask questions and connect with your hosts while we're on the air at 347.237.5638. Follow on Twitter@Successipes.

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    Negotiation and Compromise

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    We will discuss strategies to encourage negotiation and compromise.
    As usual, we will also discuss two delicious recipes for sharing. The "safe" recipe will be Fettuccine Alfredo and the "adventure" recipe will be Chicken and Sausage Stew.

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    Leader Negotiation Skills

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    It was said by Henry Ford the pioneer of the automobile industry that Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
    Many individuals are either unaware, or unable to bring people on their side.  They may resort to scare tactics, and the iron fist.  In reality, every communication and every conflict situation needs to be completed with a win-win proposal. 

    In this episode we will discuss the importance of negotiation skills in leadership quality, and discuss some methods for offering win-win scenarios for the process of business and interpersonal success.

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    Negotiation and the Family Part 2

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    Negotiation is a part of life. It is important to be able to negotiate in work and at home. In fact, a child begins to learn the art of negotiation while at home.  During this episode of the “We All Got Issues” show, Dr. Glenda interviews Master Negotiator and Body Language Expert. Greg Williams.  Tune in to learn more about the art of negotiation. This is the second part of a two part series.

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    Negotiation and Relationship Management with Peter Hiddema

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    Peter Hiddema is an international expert and speaker on negotiation, conflict management, and collaborative relationship management.

    Building on his association with the Harvard Negotiation Project, the renowned research center dedicated to improving the practice of negotiation and conflict management, Peter has taught and consulted on the principles of the methodology in numerous countries on four continents. Using a strategic approach, he shows his clients how to establish mutually profitable agreements within a framework of cooperation. In the past two years alone, and dealing with a remarkable range of problems, Peter has advised executives from global Fortune 500 companies on transactions totaling billions of dollars.

    In addition to advising and training leading global corporations, business executives, and entrepreneurs in his role as Founder of his own Consulting company, he has worked with the Canadian Government; First Nations groups; U.S. governing bodies; the World Health Organization; and various international NGO’s. As well as being highly adept at working with diverse cultures and organizations worldwide, Peter has lectured at leading educational institutions including Queen’s University (Canada and the UK), Harvard University, and in recent years has been a Visiting Professor in France and Singapore at INSEAD – The Business School for the World. 

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    Negotiation Skills

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    We will discuss how to improve our negotiation skills, and create successful outcomes.
    As usual, we will also discuss two delicious recipes for sharing. The "safe" recipe will be Savory Rice, and the "adventure" recipe will be Beef Bourguignon.

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    Earn More! Salary Negotiation Skills | The Organized Cook

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    Margaret A. Neale is the Adams Distinguished Professor of Management. She was the Graduate School of Business John G. McCoy-Banc One Corporation Professor of Organizations and Dispute Resolution from 2000-2012. Trust Faculty Fellow in 2011-2012 and in 2000-2001. From 1997-2000, she was the Academic Associate Dean of the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University. Professor Neale's major research interests include bargaining and negotiation, distributed work groups, and team composition, learning, and performance. She is the author of over 70 articles on these topics and is a coauthor of three books: Organizational Behavior: A Management Challenge (third edition) (with L. Stroh and G. Northcraft) (Erlbaum Press, 2002); Cognition and Rationality in Negotiation (with M.H. Bazerman) (Free Press, 1991); Negotiating Rationally (with M.H. Bazerman) (Free Press, 1992); and one research series Research on Managing in Groups and Teams (with Elizabeth Mannix) (Emerald Press). 

    From busy corporate gal to even busier mother of four with one special needs child, Toni Spilsbury realized early on the importance of family mealtime. With a passion for cooking and a desire to save time while maintaining balance in her life, she created a way of cooking through detailed planning and organization and is now sharing her enthusiasm for taking “back” the family dinner in The Organized Cook.  Toni understands and connects with the unique demands of today’s busy mom with her recently released book The Organized Cook- Busy Mom’s Remedy to Dinnertime Ruts and Runaway Grocery Bills, which helps other on-the-go moms save time and money at the grocery store and in the kitchen while cooking healthy delicious family dinners. In 2006, Toni Spilsbury co-founded Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation with the mission to build the first school for the blind in Nevada. 

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    Executive Deceit and Optimizing Negotiation Outcomes

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    In his September 1st, 2010 Commitment Matters blog post titled "The Power of Negotiation," IACCM CEO Tim Cummins made reference to the paper ‘A Conspiracy of Optimism’ from the International Center For Complex Project Management.
    The paper identified the ‘conspiracy’ that leads executives on both sides of the table to ‘lie’ to their trading partners and to create a combined version of ‘the truth’ that leads to mutual delusion over what they can achieve, by when and for how much.
    It was an interesting article to say the least, and one which provides a powerful backdrop for today's guest Keld Jensen who joins me to talk about his book SMARTnership: The Third Road.

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    Negotiation 101: Building Blocks for Getting What You Need

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    We negotiate every single day over important and routine requests. Spouses negotiate over household and financial duties, co-workers negotiate time off, job tasks, promotions and salaries. When a perceived disagreement or dispute erupts, know how to negotiate effectively and constructively by learning the very basic building blocks. Join Stephen and Pattie, as they outline and demonstrate how to listen beyond the demand, identify the common goals and negotiate to get what you need.

    Pattie Porter, LCSW, AAP is the President of Conflict Connections®, Inc. Pattie has worked extensively in the dispute resolution field for nearly 20 years providing mediation, team facilitation, negotiation training, and conflict management and abrasive leader coaching services to individuals, businesses, government agencies and higher education institutions. She is a licensed clinical social worker and holds the Advanced Practitioner-Workplace Mediator designation from the Association for Conflict Resolution, the Credentialed Distinguished Mediator from the Texas Mediator Credentialing Association, and the CINERGY® certified advanced conflict coach and coach-mentor.

    Stephen Kotev is a Washington D.C. based conflict resolution consultant offering mediation, negotiation, conflict analysis, facilitation, training and somatic education to private and government clients. He holds a Master of Science degree from George Mason University’s School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution. He is a former employee of the Association for Conflict Resolution, the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution, the Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution and Conflict Resolution and the D.C. Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency as an ADR Specialist.

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    January Show: Your Career Questions Answered

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    SixFigureStart offers career coaching by former Fortune 500 recruiters. Our show is hosted by Caroline Ceniza-Levine, former recruiter in financial services, management consulting, media, technology, and pharmaceuticals. Caroline answers YOUR QUESTIONS about job search, career advancement, salary negotiation, networking, interviewing, resumes, career change, entrepreneurship, and more! Email info@sixfigurestart.com to submit your question for a future show.

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