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    BWS Mz Mocha Chats w/ Author Neffeteria Pugh

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     Author/Mother/Reality TV Star/
    Neffeteria Pugh.......................
    October 25th, 2012 Central

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    Hit Reality Show Keyshia Cole: Soullowdolo and Artist Phan

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    Nikki Rich Talks with Hip Hop Artist  Phan the Konnect man and Soullowdolo Soullow Dolo who announced thru his music that Molly and Mary are the new it crew keeping it turnt up in the streets and in all the clubs across the world.Soullow Dolo a native of Flint Michigan has stomped his way back into the music scene with his highly anticipated single Molly and Mary which can be heard here: You may remember Soullow from BET’s Hit Reality Show Keyshia Cole: The way it is and was alongside his wife Neffeteria “Neffe” Pugh in another BET Hit Reality Show Frankie & Neffe.

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    B.W.D - Interview with: Neffe Pugh + LAK + Warchyld

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    Born Neffeteria Pugh, in Oakland, California, Neffe was a product of the streets of the East side, she never had the opportunity to experience a family-oriented environment.?Living in Brookfield, one of Oakland's most turbulent neighborhoods, she and her grandmother shared a small three bedroom house while struggling to maintain sanity. The environment eventually took a toll on Neffe, causing her to run away at the age of 12.Neffe seized the "whatever it takes" attitude to get by while enduring a tumultuous childhood. She spent most of her youth running the streets with her substance-addicted mother, in and out of group homes and jail. After the birth of her daughter, Neffe sought focus in her life and returned home to her grandmother's house where she developed a laissez-faire attitude toward life.??"I stayed where I could, I did whatever I had to do to get by and having my first daughter made me realize that it is not just me now; it's someone else I have to look after and I need to get my stuff together," Neffe said.?
    In 2006 Neffe became a reality tv star. She got her start on BET’s show “Keyshia Cole The Way It Is” with her sister R&B singer Keyshia Cole. During the series she and her family allowed cameras a candid look at their ups and downs for three seasons. The show was so successful it resulted in a spinoff called “The Frankie and Neffe Show” which aired on BET for one season.
    After taking some time away from the cameras Neffe is back strong  and launching a brand new venture, a book entitled “ The Price I paid“. It’s a cautionary tale about the pitfalls of reality stardom but also, a story of redemption. The book is being published by Tionna Smalls and her company Talk Da Ish Books. The book is expected to be released in the fall of 2012.
    Neffe holds many titles but feels the most important ones are that of Wife and Mother. Neff