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    Mad Man Pondo!!!!!

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    Oct 30, 2015
    Let's try this again ....
    -Tonight's guest is Madman Pondo!
    Topics include:
    -When / where was Pondo's first match? How did he get his start? Thoughts on his training
    -What inspired Pondo to become a fan?
    -How did the STOP sign become such a fixture? How does he get them?
    -Thoughts on the Scissor Incident with Ian Rotten
    -How was Pondo's relationship with John Zandig
    -Thoughts on Lobo; Nick Mondo
    -Memories of the "Bed of Pencils" spot at Tournament of Death
    -How did Pondo get hooked up with Ian Rotten / IWA-MS?
    -Wrestling in King of the Death Matches
    -Memories of the "Circus Death Match" vs JC Bailey
    -Pondo's highest spots
    -Memories of JC Bailey; Trent Acid
    -How did Necro Butcher react to having his arm ripped open vs. Pondo?
    -What is Pondo's connection to the Jerry Springer show?
    -Thoughts on the "Gathering of the Juggalos"
    -What was the Vicks Challenge with Marilyn Manson?
    -How did Pondo start IWA-EastCoast?
    --Starting the Masters of Pain tournament
    -How does Pondo feel about the resurgence of Death Match tournaments?
    -Working in Chikara with Necro
    -How did Pondo become a video game star?
    -Thoughts on tagging with 2 Tuff Tony vs Nick Gage & Justice Pain in CZW (2005)
    -Favorite memories of wrestling in Japan
    -Hilarious road story involving ICP, a girl that was 'loaned,' and "Mean" Mitch Page
    -Being a WWE 'rosebud'
    -What does Pondo rate as his top 3 matches?
    -What is Pondo's new promotion?

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    Yakuza kick radio Tangled Web review

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    Oct 14, 2015
    -jay cat gives an update on his latest racing weekend
    -jay cat's visit to a chiropractor
    -Insane Lane makes a video of himself eating one of Jay's Carolina reaper peppers
    -review of CZW tangled web 8
    -Worthless bit**hes on "Defend Death Match Wrestling" group on Facebook
    --Defend Necro?!?!?!
    -Jay Cat gives his Week 6 NFL picks
    -Buy an "I'm a John Zandig Guy" t-shirt!!

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    Rory Gulak on Yakuza Kick Radio!!!!

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    Jay Cat begins by covering various topics, including: -Wrestling legend "Rowdy" Roddy Piper dies --Jay touches on the Podcast One Austin-Piper drama --Rob Feinstein selling counterfeit Piper autographs? -Recap from the last Ronda Rousey fight --Jay Cat's thoughts on Rousey's place in the overall field of women's MMA -Jay Cat weighs in on the Drake-Meek Mill beef -On Point cancels the appearance of IWA-MS wrestlers -Preview of this weekend's CZW retribution show

    Rory Gulak (f/k/a Mondo) is tonight's guest!

    --Topics include: -How did Rory get in to CZW -Did the "Little Mondo" gimmick hold him back? -Wrestling Trent Acid --Necro Butcher -His entrance into the Death Match scene -His relationship with Nick Mondo through the years -Going to Japan -How did Drake Younger make Rory want to quit wrestling? -Working in the 2011 IWA-MS King of the Death Matches --Thoughts on Ian Rotten -Working with Matt Tremont -Wrestling Ron Mathis -Memories / favorite moments in Japan --Korakeun Hall --Wrestling Jun Kasai -Thoughts on inter gender wrestling -Altercation with Brett Lauderdale after a TOD -What would be included on a 3-Match Rory Mondo compilation? -Why did he quit wrestling? -Hepatitis 'scare'? -His mindset going in to Cage of Death, and Nick Mondo's involvement. -How did he make the decision to return to wrestling? -What's the plan going forward for Rory Gulak? -Future goals?

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    necro & ill bill

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    Necro was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and grew up in the Glenwood Housing Projects. Necro is the son of two Israeli expatriates, Necro's father was a combat soldier and his mother an Orthodox Ba'al Teshuva. "In the PJ's and everywhere I looked there was a wolf. The projects was like a maze for a little 5 year old and it gave me a lot of freedom to be around different cultures", Necro says. He lived there for eight years from about 6 years old to age 14, when he moved to Canarsie.
    Necro began his musical career at 11, playing guitar in a thrash metal band. But in due time, he made a transition from metal to hip-hop. In 1988, Necro rhyming after being influenced by his older brother Ill Bill, who would constantly kick rhymes in the house. Fiending for props Necro realized he had something original to contribute to Hip Hop. He would rhyme in the lunchroom everyday until he was kicked out of South Shore High School for fighting. He made his first demo in about 1990 and won a demo battle contest on the Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito show on WKCR 89.9FM. In about 1993 Necro started rapping brutal full time making a demo called "Do The Charles Manson". He started getting a rep for rapping rugged. At this time in Necro's life he was young, angry, usually armed and a drug dealer in Canarsie. He's been influenced by rappers like the Geto Boys and Kool G Rap plus anything that has had an impact on the Hip Hop generation. In 1994 Necro hit up radio stations and dropped rhymes that are considered legendary by fans on the Stretch and Bobbito show. In '95 he proceeded to drop rhymes on the Wildman Steve and DJ Riz show WBAU 90.3FM with verses that earned the man a large following and to this day kids are still trading his freestylesStudio Releases
    1998: Necro (Vinyl EP)
    2000: I Need Drugs
    2001: Gory Days
    2002: Gory Days: Special Edition CD/DVD
    2004: The Pre-Fix for Death
    2005: The Sexorcist
    2007: Death Rap
    2008: The Sexorcist: Special Edition CD/DVD
    2010: DIE!

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    2D Sports Proudly Presents: PWR SLAM! Trios of Terror Night

    in Wrestling

    Join PWR SLAM! Tonight @ 9 PM EST / 8 CST when we talk to two multiple member teams that have been making a mark on the independent scene. Although only a few years old, The Viking War Party has distinguished itself by holding wins against top teams, including The Hooligans and Necro Butcher of CZW and "The Wrestler" fame. We'll discuss working with three people instead of two and the details of a contest they are doing in conjunction with us. Join us when we talk to all THREE members of Viking War Party The American Viking, Jake Parnell, & Frank Wyatt who together make up Viking War Party but are each respectivley talented wrestlers on a singles basis. Next we will talk to THREE out of the FIVE members of the Beer City Bruisers. For the past five years any combination of the group has destroyed their competition. We will talk about the history of the team, the influence of Frankie DeFalco, Matt Winchester being in ROH and other subjects. Join us when we talk to Brandon Blaze, Matt Winnchester, & "The Outlaw" Jay Kross from The Beer City Bruisers who are respectively one of the most dominant Trios in all of Pro Wrestling today, but yet again they each individually can hold their own weight in the ring. This is what really makes "Trios of Terror Night" so special because these 6 guys aren't just trios they are each respectivley very talented on their own accords in the ring. As always join your hosts "Sadistic" Sean David, "Khaotic" Katie, & "The Dean of Wrestling Referees" Steve Cain for PWR SLAM! for the FANDEMONIUM! We invite everyone to join in on the live chat discussion during the live show by joining Blogtalk (FREE of Charge). We invite all of our listenrs to call in with their questions or comments by using the blue handy dandy skype button or by calling in via phone at (347)-826-9418. ***ALL CALLERS SUBJECT TO SCREENING & TIME RESTRICTIONS*** 

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    Kafani, Necro & Bad Girls Club Season 9s Christina On PnPWJO

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    Find out what bay area artist Kafani & Gothic rapper Necro have going on this summer of 2012! Also Bad Girls Club season 9 star Christina will give us a sneak peak of what to expect before Bad Girls Club starts In July #PhreshNPhamous

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    "Bad Boy" Joey Janela on Yakuza Kick Radio!!!!!

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    Tonight's guest is "The Bad Boy" Joey Janela!!!

    Topics include:

    -getting started in wrestling

    --NWS days


    -Remembering Trent Acid

    -Becoming "The Zebra Kid"

    -How did he earn the "Bad Boy" moniker?

    -NWA New Jersey

    -How did he get into CZW?

    -Wrestling in PWS

    --Drinking the "Kool-Aid"

    --Growing disenchanted

    --Thoughts on being "Starman"

    --Will Dan Maff ever be back in JAP?

    -Memories of wrestling Trent Acid

    --Thoughts on addiction

    -Thoughts on Steve Scott

    --Opening the show for JAPW

    -Wrestling Necro Butcher; Devon Storm; Chris Dickinson; Joe Gacy

    -JCW at Six Flags?!?

    -Upcoming match with Scot Summers

    -Wrestling in CZW's Best of the Best tournament

    -The return of Nick Gage!

    -Who would he love to wrestle?


    Other Topics ...

    -Gym / Racing update

    --Spartan Beast is coming!!

    -Mickie Knuckles is retiring

    -Dan Maff is sensitive about concussions

    -Nick Gage's promos for his return match at JCW and upcoming matches vs Chris Dickinson

    -RAW thoughts 

    -Special Cats

    --My Journey With Juliet

    -Preview of CZW's Best of the Best XIV

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    Reed Bentley on Yakuza Kick Radio!!!!!

    in Sports

    -WrestleMania 31 results & analysis

    Tonight's guest Reed "By God" Bentley calls in to the show!!

    Topics include:

    -What roads led him to wrestling?

    -What was training like? How did his martial arts background relate to wrestling?

    -His thoughts on the Bill DeMott issue

    -Is there a 'bullying' problem in wrestling?

    -Where/when was his first match?

    -Trying out for IWA-MS

    -Thoughts on wrestling in King of the DeathMatches 2011

    --What does Reed think of DeathMatch Wrestling in general?

    -Thoughts on wrestling Davey Richards

    -Perspective on InterGender Wrestling?

    -What was it like wrestling Chris Hero?

    -What happened with Jeff Jarrett?

    -Thoughts on the nasty chairshot he received from The Hooligans

    --How did he explain the cut to the ER staff?


    -Thoughts on Ian Rotten

    -Dream opponents

    -Any future plans with CZW?


    Other topics:

    -Part II WrestleMania recap

    -Atlantic City!!

    --Baby Giraffes at Harrah's?

    -Criticism of Teddy Hart's clear animal abuse at a wrestling show

    --Necro gives his two cents on Facebook
















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    Ring General Weekly - Necro Black

    in Sports

    "Ring General Weekly" Is hosted by Global Wrestling Promotions Representative: C.C Barlow & Independent Professional Wrestlers "The Pacific Coast Player" JT Evans & Damien Van Horn. During this broadcast JT Evans rants about Indy Wrestling Promoters. A Call in from Musician Frosty Lawson, Ringboyz Rep Kevin Felder and We had our First ever interview with New York Based Independent Wrestler Necro Black! This was a very good debut show DOWNLOAD THIS EPISODE TODAY!

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    And the New Year's Resolution is ...

    in Sports

    It's New Year's Eve!

    Tonight's topics:

    -Running update

    --Race schedule for 2015

    -Zandig is in the Christmas spirit!

    -F**k a New Year's Resolution!

    -Necro is on some old bulls**t again

    --Eddie Kingston inadvertently speaks to it

    -How to Save a Rabbit

    -NFL Talk:

    --49ers 2014 season recap

    --2014 Playoff Preview