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    Are you in a state of barrenness or resurrection?

    in Christianity

      For if you possess these traits and multiply them, then you will never be ineffective or unproductive in your relationship with our Lord Jesus the Anointed; 9 but if you don’t have these qualities, then you will be nearsighted and blind, forgetting that your past sins have been washed away. 10 Therefore, brothers and sisters, work that much harder to confirm that God has called you and claimed you. If you do this, then you will never fall along the way; 11 and you can be sure that you will be richly welcomed into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Anointed, our Liberating King. 2 Peter 1:8-11

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    Our cooperation with the divine power

    in Christianity

     His divine power has given us everything we need to experience life and to reflect God’s true nature through the knowledge of the One who called us by His glory and virtue.4 Through these things, we have received God’s great and valuable promises, so we might escape the corruption of worldly desires and share in the divine nature. To achieve this, you will need to add virtue to your faith, and then knowledge to your virtue; 6 to knowledge, add discipline; to discipline, add endurance; to endurance, add godliness; 7 to godliness, add affection for others as sisters and brothers; and to affection, at last, add love. 8 For if you possess these traits and multiply them, then you will never be ineffective or unproductive in your relationship with our Lord Jesus the Anointed; 9 but if you don’t have these qualities, then you will be nearsighted and blind, forgetting that your past sins have been washed away. 2 Peter 1:3-9

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    Nearsighted? Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

    in Health

    Nearsighted? Tired of Glasses? Join Natural Vision Teacher and Coach Greg Marsh for this 1-1/2 hour free online class.Start releasing visual strain you've been holding for years!
      FEEL YOUR EYES RELAX and soften, notice short bursts of clarity as you listen and follow along.
      CALL-IN QUESTIONS will be taken at (818) 691-7321. Follow the prompts to be put in the queue. You will be able to listen to the show while waiting to speak.
      CLASS IS FOR NEARSIGHTEDNESS (myopia) and astigmatism, but applies for other eyesight conditions as well.
      APPROACH IS NOT MEDICAL and does not diagnose or prescribe in any fashion. It is much more like yoga and meditation.
      Visit BetterEyesightNow.com for more about improving your eyesight naturally. We use the amazing Bates Method and other techniques like visualization and EFT to help you move from visual strain to visual ease.

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    SFL: Vision for Life with Meir Schneider

    in Health

    Join Life Coach Dr. Joe Craig and Motivational Musician Nancy Herold as they welcome Meir Schneider, author of Vision for Life to "Sacred Fire Living: Creating the Life You Want Using the Tools You Already Own".
    For decades, Meir Schneider has raised awareness about the causes of eyesight impairment and has introduced people to skills that enable them to overcome their visual problems, including computer strain, nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, high eye pressure, glaucoma, macular degeneration, myopia-related retinal detachment, and other degenerative conditions. 
    From his teachings comes the discovery of how to see well without glasses or contacts and how to develop sharper vision simply by following the basic steps outlined in his workshop.
    To call in and ask questions directly of the hosts or the guest, you can dial 914-338-0821...and don't forget: if you can't listen live you can always access the program in the archive from the same link!

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    Episode 13: Nutrition for Healthy Eyes

    in Health

    What are the different parts of the eye? What vitamins or minerals can help me have sharper healthier eyes? We will cover these questions and more on tonight's show. Getting into the details of the different areas of the eye and what we can consume to help improve our vision. I've used these principles to go through 13 pairs of glasses and close to 20/20 in left eye first time in 22 years!

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    Conquering All Odds, Blindly

    in Health

    An interview with: Steven Holcomb   In 2001 , Steven Holcomb was first diagnosed with keratoconus, an extreme version of astigmatism which leads to complete visual impairment. Keeping his blindness a secret to everyone that mattered, including his team, he managed to become a highly skilled bobsled competitor. In a visit to an opthalmologist in 2007,  he discovered that no contact lens could help his condition. At that point, he said that it was like "literally wearing coke bottles in his eyes". This came at a time when Steven was at the peak of his sport. Fortunately, a meeting with Dr. Brian Wachler would change his life. Steven Holcomb's vision impairment was remedied with a two-step procedure.Firstly, his eyes received a vitamin (riboflavin) solution that reacted with light and kept his vision stable. Then, special contact lenses were placed behind the iris of his eyes.   From this point, US bobsled history was to experience a new era. In 2009, Steven Holcomb won the first world championship title for the US in 50 years and at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, the first Gold medal for the US.

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    Episode 5: How to Improve Your Vision Pt.2

    in Health

    Vision improvement how do you do it? Is it possible that my mind and outlook on my eyes and words can effect my vision? Can astigmatism be improved or do I have to deal with it for life. Yes we cover these important topics on this episode. Ready to get rid of your glasses this episode will teach you how!

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    Episode 2: How to improve your vision

    in Health

    Ever wonder if its possible to improve your vision? Well Im hear to tell you it is possible and I'm living proof of these truths. I've spent past 28 months improving my vision and most optometrists don't want to deal with me . On this show we will cover the key issues that cause vision loss and how to start on a vision improvement and what I've done to improve my own vision. If your tired of having to worry about glasses or contacts or going for yearly visits to only get stronger glasses this is the episode for you!

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    Natural Vision Improvement 101

    in Health

    Presenter: Greg Marsh, BetterEyesightNow.com

    If you're new to natural vision improvement this online class will challenge your beliefs about glasses. Most people will experience some sharper vision during the class.
    If you are already improving your sight, this class will help you find fresh enthusiasm for new success.

    We will review some of the basic principles and techniques of the Bates Method and explore how staring causes muscles in the eye to become chronically tight, so much that they can contort the eye.
    The class will include a guided visualization to help you notice strain you never noticed, and to help you relax your eyes. Many people notice that dry eyes become moist, and that headaches vanish. Our eyes do best when they are at ease, even though our life may include plenty of stress.

    Follow the dial-in instructions if you would like like to ask a question.

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    Forgive or Hate, Thrive or Suffer, in Every Circumstance

    in Spirituality

    "All loss is gain. Since I have become nearsighted, I see no dust or squalor and, therefore, conceive of myself as living in splendor." ... Alice James. "I realized that I could extend my forgiveness and even love, to my mother's murderer. Forgiveness brought me release from fear and the inner peace I was looking for." Bess Klassen-Landis.

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    Dissolve Eye Strain at Your Computer

    in Health

    Are your eyes tired at your computer? 
    Do you get dry eyes? 
    Does your vision get blurry? 
    Do your glasses keep getting stronger? 
    Here is Help...
    Learn simple ways to relax your eyes AND your mind, all day long, even if you're under a lot of stress. Even at your computer!
    Greg Marsh of  BetterEyesightNow.com teaches the classic Bates Method of eyesight improvement, enhanced with powerful techniques like visualization, breathing exercises, and EFT to help you dissolve strain in your vision and reclaim natural clarity.

    Greg offers home study programs, workshops, Natural Vision Coaching sessions by phone, and Natural Vision Coach training and certification. Thousands of people with nearsighted, farsighted, "middle age vision", astigmatism, and other conditions have had success with his programs.

    If you don't see clearly, you almost certainly have strain in your eyes and visual system. This class will help you recognize and release that tension. You will learn techniques you can do on your own.

    The Bates Method, EFT, and other approaches used are non medical and do not involve diagnosis or prescriptions.

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