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    StylePower with guest Diane Pollack

    in Spirituality

    Diane Pollack has taken fashion designing to a new level. After years as an elite clothing designer, she felt something was lacking - a personal connection with real women. Her solution?  STYLEMPOWER, a wardrobe consulting & personal shopping service. It’s a fun way to level up fashion consciousness, save time, eliminate mistakes and enhance your internal radiance within your individual style, taste and budget.  Her Style U Home Parties make you feel as good as you look.


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    Lori A Neal (Interior Designer)

    in Radio

    Lori Neal the Principal at Diamond Interiors LA provides Interior Design, Branding, Procurement and Project Management Services, to her growing client base. Her first degree in computer programming created a left brained thinker, within a person who lives and thrives within her right brain.

    Lori’s introduction into design was through a high end manufacturer who recognized her. Passion for design; and sent her to the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Her desire to further her career in design led her to Aston Garrett International, specializing in high end residential and hospitality furnishings. The next 10 years would prove to shape her future, responsible for operations, sales & marketing and eventually product design. The company came to rely on Lori’s expertise and vision to design furniture and partner with other designers to create signature collections. Those efforts resulted in a collection designed with Stanley Freidman called “The Art of Living” and her own outdoor line sold under the brand “Bamboo Odyssey”.

    Lori became an independent consultant for the next 5 years working with companies to develop their infrastructures and sales and marketing programs. She successfully managed more than 50 hospitality projects for many of the major brands including; Starwood, Hyatt, and Marriott working with ownership, designers, purchasers and construction firms.

    Lori continues to work also in the entertainment world as a designer and stylist for award shows, television sets, etc. Most recent projects: The Game reunion  @ SLS Hotel, BET Experience Social Media Lounge, DWELL Home Show Opening Cocktail Event, Boutique Design Kickoff to 2015, HD Vegas Cabana Event for Dimplex Fireplace, Rejuvenation Lighting and JVA Art Group.

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    Interview with Neal Pollack

    in Books

    Author Neal Pollack joins us to discuss his new book Jewball.
    I will also premiere a brand new and very jewy original song. Tune in!

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    CMC Radio Presents: Kay Neal, Author - Part 1

    in Books

    CMC Radio Presents: Kay Neal, Author - Part 1

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    Outing the Pastor and Christian Broadcast Wars

    in Christianity

    American Christianity has a lot that needs to be addressed. Recently two things have gone viral. The first is a video of a young man attempting to get a popular AMEZion pastor removed because of his alleged homosexuality. The second is the response from some popular Christians regarding the Honorable Louis Farrakhan's appearance with Pastor Jamal Bryant on The Word Network. What do these two events mean for American Christianity if anything at all. Join Pastor Neal for discussion on this and other topics on Zera Today.

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    America's Deadly Sins - The Neal Shelton Story, Part II

    in Politics

    Join us tonight at 5 p.m. Central Standard Time, as we once again bring Niell Shelton of Mayberry R.F.D. for part 2 of his horrific CPS story.  Corruption abounds in this Rockwell-style everyday American small town, and Niel, a loving, doting, homeless father, refuses to leave his home for fear of never seeing his children again.  Listen in, hold back your fury, and open your minds as we continue to wake up America to the injustices done this model citizen!

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    Americas Most Unwanted and The People Who Find Them

    in Legal

    Lots to talk about this week. We are going to start off with a recording. You will have to listen in to hear the subject matter, but it should scare the willys out of any bondsman. William Cobra Staubs gets credit for this one.

    Next Jason Pollack and the problems he faces in California with interstate recovery.

    Dan Abraham has some observations about 'Kids with T-shirts saying Agent on them and badges bought at the dollar store.

    No-one wants more regulation. But unless the Comercial Bond world steps up and polices itself the long term future looks bleak.


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    Double Conciousness and the Black Lives Matter Movement

    in Christianity

    In his 1903 book "The Souls of Black Folk", W.E.B. Dubois introduced the concept of double conciousness. It's the idea that blacks find it difficult to find identity in a majority white world. This refrain is revisited in the Black Lives Matter movement today. This is even more apparent in black churches where theologies are conflicting with praxis on contemporary issues. How can the black clergy and leadership address this double conciousness while empowering believers to be "one body with many members?" Join Pastor Neal for this and other topics of the day.

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    Sportscast Radio 8-30-15

    in Sports

    We come to you with a packed show as always. Kyle Barber from www.boltsbythebay.com comes on to talk all things Tampa Bay Lightning. As a favorite from the host, this one should be good.  Follow that up in the second half with the defending Stanley Cup Champions, as Colin Likas from www.blackhawkup.com comes in and tells us why the Champs can repeat.  Shaquille O'Neal is having Kobe Bryant on his podcast tomorrow, and wow are we drooling over this one!  We have a clip that was released as a teaser and it's huge!  We disect the biggest split in sports, as the future could have been wonders.  NFL Week 17 picks are released, as we are finishing up the regular season tonight.  Also we talk Leo Santa Cruz vs Abner Mares, and the awesome fight between Julio Ceja vs Hugo Ruiz.

    Call in and chat it up with us!  1-347-857-1060.


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    NFI Radio Gospel Network

    in Christianity

    Sunday August 31, 2015 LIVE 8:00AM TIL 11:00AM from the STUDIO of the NFI Radio Gospel Network, Raleigh N.C. in HD2 sound. 7 days a week. setting in for the CC COUNTRY BOY it's TV and Radio Host The ANOINTED 1 playing gospel music at it's best, like Lee Williams and the Spirituals Q.C. The Canton Spirituals, The Jacksonaires, Sam Cook, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, Debra Snipes, The Pilgrim Jubilees, Willie Neal Johnson and the Gospel Keynotes, Slim and the Supreme Angles, The Mighty Golden Bells, Jay Carwell, Gerald Hinton and the New Redeemers, The Burden Lifters, and more.

    TUNE in Monday August 30, 2015 LIVE at 11:00am on the NFI Radio Gospel Network, Raleigh N.C. in HD2 sound. it's a 1 hour SPECIAL REPORT on a topic that is shaking AMERICA and around the world. 3 powerful men of God, who will be in a panel discussion on same SEX Marriage, hosted by Rev Therlin Kearney, what will AMERICA hold for the youth in the future. and how does this effect the student in school, who is teaching your child, what does the Bible say about it in the word of God. is it rightg in God eye sight and why does man want to change God word, dont miss it Monday August 30, 205 LIVE at 11:00am join us and call in with your question LIVE 347 215-8049 or remarks. will ithe pastors stay silent or speak out. join our web site nfiradio.com or public figure facebook page NFI Radio Gospel Network where over 99,00 viewers has access to our facebook page to listen LIVE

    Don't miss on Time Warner Cable 22 every Friday night at 9:00pm til 10:00pm for the NFI Television Broadcast Top 10 VIDEO count down Raleigh N.C. from the NFI STUDIO with TV and Radio Host The ANOINTED 1 catch the WAVE. on Time Warner Cable 22 AT 9:00pm hello somebody.


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    in Entertainment

    30 Minutes of outrageous & chaotic comedy and unpredictablity, in fact its the only show on blogtalkradio that truly and totally defies description ! 
    Featuring the latest sports scores and headlines from fox sports 1 , along with hollywood headlines, the latest wrestling news and live calls and guests .
    Hosted by Steve 'The Baxman' baxley , Jay 'The Brain' Mann, 'Speaker of the house..the real deal ' Tom O Neal .
    PLUS 'The Afterglow' ,a recorded extra 10 minutes of bizarreness!