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    ND Fan Radio: Vol.34 Notre Dame Football Recruiting Retrospective

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    Irish Tightness and ND Tex of Her Loyal Sons look back at Notre Dame Football Recruiting over the last decade, and recount the greatest signees and misses with calls from ND Fans.

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    ND Fan Radio: Vol.31 *LSU Bowl Matchup, Coaching Carousel, ND in a Conference?*

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    We take live phone calls from real Notre Dame Football Fans, on the radio for the whole world to hear.  Tonight we expect to discuss the Music City Bowl Matchup between the Fighting Irish and the LSU Tigers, as well as the recent NCAA Football Coaching Carousel, and if ND needs to join a conference to avoid being shut out of a playoff spot.

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    Aliza Cicerone, ND, FABNO

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    On the Wednesday October 16th 2013 broadcast our special guest is Aliza Cicerone, ND, FABNO a Naturopathic Oncology physician based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
    Program note: In November 2013 Dr. Cicerone will relocate to San Diego and serve as the Medical Director at Spark Health.   As integrative oncology continues to make inroads into what has been considered the sole turf of traditional western medicine oncology practice the value proposition of an 'integrative approach' (primary, adjuvant, complementary etc.) continues to be discussed both in and outside of the medical community as well as in empowered patient circles. Yet the 'evidence based' debate continues.   As nationally prominent 'cancer centers' continue to incorporated integrative practices into their treatment protocols, today we hear from someone close to the action and dive into the plans of one San Diego based oncology practice to add intergrative oncology to a traditional western medicine scope of practice.   Join us!

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    Steven Bailey, ND

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    Whether you embrace naturopathic or conventional medicine, you'll gain from Dr. Bailey's knowledge and expertise.

    Steven Bailey has been a naturopathic physician since 1983.  In addition to his general family practice, he specializes in fasting and immune support and works extensively with patients who have chronic and terminal illnesses.  Dr. Bailey lectures locally, nationally and internationally.  He assists individuals with developing their personal path to optimum health, and is available to facilitate employee group wellness programs for businesses too.  Not only does Dr. Bailey provide the care patients need, he makes available multiple services including group therapeutic fasting sessions, immune support and healthy eating planning, along with online consulting and coaching.  Steven Bailey, ND is educator for both the novice and advanced health advocate.  Find out how knowledge gained through rigorous education and continuous licensing requirements, coupled with more than three decades of experience is the expertise that people can count on.

    This ask Lita show is a must listen, Dr. Bailey addresses the difference between conventional and naturopathic care, questions about whether fasting is safe and more.  Join me, listen in, and share with your friends.  TheDetoxExpert.com

    Ask Lita for a signed copy of Dr. Bailey's books:  The Fasting Diet, Juice Alive, The Reluctant Healer

    Send inquiries and comments to info@askLita.com

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    Kevin McDougal & Oscar McBride Preview ND vs FSU!

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    The Fighting Irish fan's BEST listen for in-depth coverage, interviews & analysis of Notre Dame Football and Irish Athletics

    Down the Line

    Hosted by the Irish experts: Jason Cripe, Tim Daniel & Steve Herring

    TNNDN Network's flagship show and the 60 minutes that started it all. Airing LIVE every Tuesday, Down the Line is your place for game reviews, interviews, breaking news & more. Year-round focus on the legendary Fighting Irish Football Team with updates about ALL Irish sports and alumni doing great things.

    Down the Line was started in an effort to bring Notre Dame fans together in supporting the Fighting Irish teams and their University's mission of giving back.

    Down the Line regularly features charity & fundraising efforts with great causes that are directly affiliated with current students, alumni, and fans.

    *This show is not affiliated in any with the University of Notre Dame or its Athletic Department.

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    Your Digestion and Your Mood with Dr. Shawn Soszka, ND, LAc

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    Did you know that your gut could be messing with your mood?  Factors such as:

    Lack of Nutrient Production
    Lack of Nutrient Absorption

    Can have a dramatic effect on your brain health, causing anxiety, depression, even bi-polar patterns

    Come learn about this poorly understood pattern from our guest Dr. Shawn Soszka, ND, LAc.  

    Learn how to heal it your gut at the upcoming Digestion Sessions online event!  Dr. Soszka will be a presenter at the event, plus many other digestive experts.  Sign up here.

    Schedule an appointment with Dr. Soszka from anywhere in the world here.  Choose the 'distant client' appointment type if you are not local please.  

    See Dr. Soszka's personal website here.

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    Holistic Treatment For Depression With Naturopath Michelle Winchell ND

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    There's more to the treatment of depression than prescription drugs and counseling.  Our guest tonight is Michelle Winchell, ND.  She is a board certified naturopath and licensed acupuncturist who practices in Oregon, but ideas to share that we can implement today to start feeling healthier mentally ad physically.  Natropathic treatment seeks to find a balance between nature and modern science.  

    Along with annual wellness exams, medication reviews, and supplement assessments, Dr. Winchell offers treatment for both acute and chronic conditions using therapies such as herbal medicine, individualized nutrition, appropriate supplementation, homeopathy, acupuncture, neural therapy, scar treatments, CranioSacral, and Visceral Manipulation to help restore proper function to the body. 

    You can find Dr. Winchell at http://www.earthfriendlymedicine.com/ or on Twitter at @earthfriendlyND

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    A Natural Approach to PCOS with Dr. Fiona McCulloch, ND

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    According to the Cleveland Clinic Center for Continuing Education, nearly 5% of women in their reproductive years have Polycycstic Ovarian Syndrome.  

    The related signs and symptoms, such as menstrual irregularity, infertility, high blood sugar, acne and obesity, may not lead to an accurate diagnons of PCOS.

    Today we'll interview a true expert in the field of women's health, fertility and PCOS, Dr. Fiona McCulloch, ND of the White Lotuc Clinic in Toronto, Ontario.  

    Here's what I'm excited to ask Dr. Fiona:

    How is PCOS defined?

    Who gets PCOS and why?

    What are the implications and symptoms of PCOS?

    How can PCOS effect our fertility?

    How can we get tested for PCOS?

    What are our natural treatment options for PCOS?

    What are some PCOS success stories you can share?

    If you are curious about the common disease in women, please join us for this call!  Live questions can be taken by calling in at the above number.

    Dr. Fiona's Facebook page

    Dr. Fiona's twitter account

    Subscribe to this podcast at blogtalkradio, itunes or on your andriod device!  Just search 'womens wellness radio' to find us.  We really appreciate your comments and rating on itunes.

    Learn more about your host, Bridgit Danner, and her women's health resources at bridgitdanner.com.

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    Reggie Ho on Down the Line!

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    After an awesome response from the ESPN 30 for 30 short, former ND national champion kicker Reggie Ho will join us to discuss his story. Be sure to tune in for this great episode. 

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    Fan night on DTL!!

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    Tonight, we turn it over to you, the fans. Listen in as fans call us with their thoughts on ND athletics

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