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    The Ruthie Report: James Johnson - NCFIRE

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    This weeks Guest: James Johnson - NCFIRE http://ncfire.info/North%20Carolina%20Arrests1.pdf
    James Johnson bio
    1978- Graduated from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University -degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology- aircraft mechanic 1981- United States Air Force- Flight Simulator Technician
    1984-2005- Private sector as an electronic equipment technician and electrician It started slowly. First it was having to press "1" for English every time I called a doctors office or medical clinic. It seemed stores were having signs in English and Spanish and products were being labeled with both languages. I would see non-English speaking people buying groceries with "food stamp cards" and paying for their alcohol with wads of cash. 
    Illegal aliens marching in the streets demanding “rights”.
    The tipping point was when my son's college professor at Campbell University, Mr. Lewis M. Fetterman Jr, was killed in a car accident by an illegal alien in Newton Grove. Mr. Fetterman and his wife were simply coming home from a weekend at the beach, when an intoxicated illegal alien slammed into them with his car. The individual had no license and no insurance and it was later determined that he was here illegally.
    I started NCFIRE to try do something to stop the wasteful spending of our tax money and the needless killing of NC citizens by illegal aliens. NCFIRE stands for North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement. While very similar sounding to the FIRECoalition, we are not affiliated with or part of The FIRECoalition. We are a 501(c)(3) non profit organization with over 6,000 members and we are in daily contact with 30-40 thousand NC citizens through various social networks.

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    James Johnson NCFIRE Child Rapes in NC by illegal aliens on The Ruthie Report

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    Please join Ruthie this Thursday September 11th, 2014 - 8-10 pm CST for an emotionally draining and infuriating show


    James will join the program at 9 pm CST

    As James states and we will discuss ..........................

    August has been a very busy month for illegal alien child rapers in NC.
    78 confirmed and probable illegal aliens representing 418 charges of rape against NC children, in one month! All of these individuals have a court date scheduled for, or were arrested for, child rape in August. 
    This is the tenth month in a row we have been tracking child rape cases in NC. We are approaching 3,000 charges of sex crimes against NC's children in 10 short months. 
    See the August report here!
    See all the reports on our website: www.ncfire.info

    Why are our children's well being and safety.... and that of all Americans ....less important than a political agenda and cheap labor

    An emotional - disturbing Ruthie Report that all Americans should and must hear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Maureen Wilson from NCFIRE Talks Immigration

    in Politics Conservative

    Tonight election integrity, the Virginia Governors Race, immigration reform with Maureen Wilson state director for North Carolina Immigration Reform and Enforcement and more with Brenda Ward, Barbara Buffing and Jude Eden.  8-10pm ET

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    Ruthie Report: The Victims are not forgotten

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    Please join Ruthie this Thursday Oct 25th, 2012 with
    GUEST: Maureen Wilson Maureen and I will be discussing The National Remembrance Day Upcoming Events and Activites, Locations and contacts for you to get involved.

    The DAY OF REMEMBRANCE is NOV 4th Please join Maureen and Ruthie for information on what you can do.
    Maureen Wilson, is the State Director forn North Carolinians for Immigration Reform and Enforcement, or NCFIRE,
    40 year resident of North Carolina
    Conservative activist for immigration enforcement.
    Co-Founder of NCFIRE, formed in 2007.
    Co-Founder of North Carolina Illegal Alien Crime Project (5 smaller projects within)
    NCFIRE on Facebook along with the United States Illegal Alien Crime Project
    Master's Work on 'North Carolina and Illegal Immigration' - UNC Wilmington

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    NCFIRE is a statewide grassroots organization that is dedicated to immigration reform and enforcement. The sole reason for the existence of NCFIRE is to put enough pressure on our NC Representatives to start enforcing our immigration laws. Our organization has partners in all 50 States and we represent federal, state, and local interests in stopping the flood of illegal aliens. We simply can't afford illegal aliens' tremendous costs any longer. The damage incurred, the crimes, costs and physical and emotional damage these people are causing, are just too great. We also seek to educate our citizens to the many costly and destructive aspects of illegal immigrant crime. Some of the crimes illegals commit include: child molestation, human smuggling, ID fraud, identity theft, drug trafficking/distribution, gang violence, rape, murder, kidnapping, arson, DWI, driving with out a license, hit and run, assault, social services benefits fraud, illegal employment and tax evasion, among others. WWW.NCFIRE.INFO

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    The Dave Levine Show

    in Politics Conservative

    Independent Conservative, law and order talk show with the emphasis on the Invasion from Mexico (IE, illegal immigration). My Guests were James Johnson and Maureen A. Wilson from NCFire.info, an anti-illegal immigration org in North Carolina that is very active throughout The Tar Heel State. They discussed their success in halting the acceptance of the Mexican Matricula Consular cards in N.C. in the N.C. House (HB 33) as well as their efforts behind the 1070 bill S604 and the E-verify bill HB 36 in the N.C. Legislature. Please make donations to the Show using the Paypal button on the Show's blogsite at http://thedavelevineshow.ning.com. Thank you!

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