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    A Kind Voice on Music featuring Joshua Rich

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         This Musical Showcase spotlights Joshua Rich.  This Singer/Songwriter/Composer was a self-taught piano prodigy at the age of 8!  He is also a musical arranger, orchestrator, producer, performer and even an actor and playwright.  Truly a man of many hats, Rich is an all around artistic force to be reckoned with.  Here to share his voice and some of his wonderful music, Joshua Rich is truly A Kind Voice, himself, and a welcomed friend of our program.  Hosted by Tyler Wolf

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    A Kind Voice on Music - The Kissers

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    Another Kind Voice on Music will feature The Kissers from Madison Wisconsin.  After a six year hiatus the Irish Folk Rock group has reunited to create an all new album "Three Sails"

    The Kissers are known for the frenzied energy of their live shows, their off-kilter humor, and their eclectic instrumentation. Violin, banjo, accordion, and an array of sonic effects combine with diverse musical influences for a unique sound that straddles the gap between indie-rock and Irish music. Audiences and reviewers, trying to describe them, cite bands as varied as the Shins, Pogues, and the Decemberists. The Kissers maintain that they are rock musicians who learned to play Irish music, not vice versa, and so their music sometimes feels more at home in a club than in a pub.

    The Kissers will join host Mitch Ruth and for our show, we will feature some past favorites from the Band, discuss the future, hopefully get a few sneak peeks and find out just what they wear under those kilts (wait, that's Scottish....never mind). I may also ask that eternal question: "If you were a tree what would be your favorite brand of breath mint?"





    Host Mitch Ruth

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    A Kind Voice on Music - Jackie Gray

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    For this show we introduce you to the very talented Jackie Gray. Emerging artist, Jackie Gray, brings a combination of sultry vocals and piano mastery to her debut album, creating a genre all her own.  An authentic singer/songwriter, Gray’s music is a tribute to the vintage-era songstresses of the past. Her soulful yet torch/jazz-inspired voice has a timeless sound that was made for both an antique gramophone and a modern radio.

    A Nashville transplant, Gray ventured from Seattle to the Music City in 2011, originally anticipating breaking into country music. After teaming up with 27-year music veteran and producer, Jim Reilley, she spent the last several years crafting a style that blends decades and genres into one sound.

    With smoky, impassioned singing and an updated nod to the great musical standards, Jackie weaves a tapestry of intelligent lyrics and delightful original ,yet familiar music. Host Mitch Ruth, will ask Jackie about the journey to her unique style, the differences between making music in the Pacific North West and Nashville, and what is coming up in her musical career.  Mitch may also get to ask the fabled question, "If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it; what is the best beginner piano method book to use with a six-year old?"

    Host Mitch Ruth

    Jackie Gray Kickstarter Campaign https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1304472801/the-jackie-gray-kickstarter-campaign


    Jackie on Spotify https://play.spotify.com/artist/7G8Pe8fcuBJIOBkZa9XKsi?play=true&utm_source=open.spotify.com&utm_medium=open

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    A Kind Voice on Music Hunter Monroe

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    This show features the blues rock diva and two time American Idol finalist, Hunter Monroe. Her honey and whiskey sound and her crisp vocals, at a time when female singers have been arriving in waves, she is a rarity; an authentic artist who brings an irresistible blend of musicality and lyrical insight to everything she touches.

    Host Mitch Ruth will visit with Hunter as they discuss, modern blues, growing up in Harlem, moving to Music City USA and the importance of having a good club to be your home base. Mitch may even get to ask the eternal question, "Why is it that your sinuses always act up right before a big gig?"


    Hunter's website http://www.huntermonroe.net/

    Hunter's Kickstarter Project Page

    Like Hunter on Facebook!!!



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    A Kind Voice on Music featuring Steve Weeks

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         This Musical Showcase shines a spotlight on Steve Weeks.  This South Carolina native is now based out of Colorado and his music is growing rapidly in popularity across the nation.  Pumping out album after album of “Kindie” music for children and families, his music has been well received and is known for it’s good moral message with simplicity driven musicality, blending into a perfect recipe for kids and adults alike.  Truly embodying A Kind Voice, Weeks’ music is sure to continue it’s rise to the top, all while helping the world be a better place by reaching youth with song.  Hosted by Tyler Wolf.

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    A Kind Voice on Music

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    On tonight's musical showcase we shine our spotlight on David Beersdorf of Atlanta, GA who performs as I Am that I’m Not. David performs regularly in the South Eastern US at various venues, coffee shops and private parties. Using an up-tempo folk style David sets his poetic lyrics to vibrant guitar playing. The result? Beautiful artistic music that you might just want to dance to. In this show we will discuss some of the unique techniques David employed to produce his new EP. We’ll also talk about creating art, music and poetry using his kind voice. For more information on how you can help this young artist take the next step, please check out his Kickstarter Campaign.

    Hosted by Mitch Ruth.

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    New Music Inferno w/ NBC The Voice Season 7 Knockout Winners Ep. 1!!!

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    In the order they are calling in:

    Sugar Joans, 24 - Los Angeles, CA(Originally Team Gwen & Stolen to Team Pharell) Lost her Knockout Round to Bryana Salaz while singing “Love on Top” by Beyonce

    James David Carter, 34 - Atlanta, GA (Team Blake) Won his Knockout Round against Griffin while singing "You've Got A Friend" by James Taylor

    Jessie Pitts, 18 - Birmingham, AL(Team Blake) Won her Knockout Round against Tanner Linford while singing "Your Song" by Elton John

    Damien, 35 - Monroe, LA (Team Adam) Won his Knockout Round against Toia Jones while singing "How Do I Live" by LeAnn Rimes

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    New Music Inferno w/ NBC The Voice Season 7 Final Knockout Round Winners!!

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    In order they call in:

    Chris Jamison, 20 - Pittsburgh, PA (Team Adam) Won his Knockout against Blessing Offor while singing "(Sitting On) The Dock Of The Bay" by Otis Redding

    Jean Kelley, 29 - Atlanta, GA (Team Pharrell) Won her Knockout against Menlik Zergbachew while singing "Chandelier" by Sia

    Anita Antoinette, 24 - Kingston, Jamaica / Boston, MA (Team Gwen) Won her Knockout against Craig Wayne Boyd while singing "Rude" by Magic!

    Ryan Sill, 20 - Sterling, VA (Team Gwen) Won his Knockout against Beth Spangler while singing "Miss Independent" by Ne-Yo

    Reagan James, 15 - Burleson, TX(Team Blake) Won her Knockout against Grant Ganzer while singing "Hit Em Up Style" by Blu Cantrell

    Craig Wayne Boyd, 35 - Nashville, TN (Stolen by Team Blake after being stolen originally from him by Team Gwen) Lost his Knockout against Anita Antoinette while singing "Can't You See" by The Marshall Tucker Band

    Matt McAndrew, 23 - Barnegat Light, NJ (Team Adam) Won his Knockout against Rebecca Samarin while singing "Drops Of Jupiter" by Train

    Taylor Brashears, 21 - Nashville, TN (Team Blake) Won her Knockout against Allison Bray while singing "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac

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    New Music Inferno w/ NBC The Voice Season 7 Knockout Round Winners Ep. 2!!!

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    In order they call in:

    710-720 Luke Wade, 31 - Fort Worth, TX (Team Pharell) Won his Knockout Round against Taylor Phelan while singing "Rich Girl" by Hall & Oates

    Taylor Phelan, 25 - Dallas, TX (Originally Team Pharell & Stolen To Team Adam) Lost his Knockout Round against Luke Wade while singing "Rather Be" by Clean Bandit 

    Elyjuh Rene, 18 - Long Beach, CA (Team Pharrell) Won his knockout round against Ricky Manning by singing “With You” by Chris Brown

    DaNica Shirey, 25 - York, PA (Team Pharrell) Won her knockout round against Katriz Trinidad by singing "Saving All My Love For You" by Whitney Houston

    Mia Pfirrman, 19 - Covina, CA (Team Adam) Won her knockout round against Alessandra Castronov while singing "Human" by Christina Perri

    Ricky Manning, 19 - Cape Coral, FL (Now Team Gwen after being stolen from Team Pharrell) Lost his knockout round to Elyjuh Rene while sing "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus

    Taylor John Williams, 23 - Portland, OR(Team Gwen) Won his knockout round against Troy Ritchie while singing “Mad World” by Gary Jules


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    A Kind Voice on Books and The Writer's Block

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    In the first hour on A Kind Voice on Books Jason Lawrence will interview Dr. James Millhouse. Dr. Millhouse is a licensed psychologist out of Atlanta Georgia who provided mental training for sports performance to athletes from the amateur to the professional and Olympic level in almost every sport. He has also been featured on NBC Nightly News during the Olympics as the next breakthrough in athletic training. One of his most recent accomplishments, however, is the publication of a great new book called, The Parents Manual of Sports Psychology: A Practical Guide to Achieving Athletic Success. It’s a great new guide based on Dr. Millhouses years of experience working with athletes of all ages, and it lays out a comprehensive plan for re-training the mechanics of an athlete’s mind so as to ensure they always play at the top of their game.

    In the second hour on  The Writer's Block, Bonnie Marlewski-Probert will interview Cynthia Brewster-Keating and on the topic of FEAR. Fear of publishing, fear of sharing your kind voice, fear of success, fear of failure... FEAR is what holds most people back from living the life they were meant to live and for writers or artists, that fear can be paralyzing. 

    Cynthia just published a book written by her mother when her mother was just a teenager. Sadly, even though her mother was fearless when it came to horses, when it came to publishing her work, she was unable to muster up the courage to do it. However, after her passing in 2009, Cynthia discovered the unpublished manuscript and made it her mission to see her mother's dream become a reality. The book is entitled, Over Hill n' Dale and it tells the story of two tween BFFs who love horses and share adventures over the summer. 

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    voice of

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     BREAZE, a five-step moving-meditation-transformational-journey to the heart. As an emotional healer he ascribes the perspective that healing emotions (Energy in MOTION) is honoring the feelings, and transforming the story we tell ourselves about it with the compassion of the breath.” 

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