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  • 11-2-15 Ralph Balestriere of Red Wing Shoes

    in Management

    Today we are pleased to welcome Ralph Balestriere. Ralph is Chief Financial Officer, Redwing Shoes. He graduated from Boston University with a degree in Accounting and Finance, then spent 17 or 18 years at CR Bard, a large global medical technology company, and was steadily promoted to become VP and GM International Finance and Administration. He went on to become CFO at Marconi Medical Systems and Teleflex Medical. I’ve known Ralph for about 10 years and we’ve had a lot of interesting conversations in that time. One of the things I like about him is that he is so unpretentious. What you see is what you get with Ralph.

    I thought he would be a good guest for our program for two reasons:

    Most of us (who aren’t finance executives) would probably admit that we don’t always understand what our CFO is thinking?
    Ralph is a proven CFO with an excellent track record. And I believe he can help us understand what CFOs think and why. I suspect it will soon be evident that Finance executives are pretty much like the rest of us; and in the final analysis, they are on our side.


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    In The Studio with Lennis, @ 6pm PST, 646-727-2914

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    I got my clown shoes on today so I'm in full effect!!!!!
    *In The Studio with Lennis* @6pm PST, yes TONIGHT
    Entertainment news, Sports, France, etc
    CHAT ROOM IS OPEN. www.blogtalkradio.com/Lennis
    646-727-2914 If you would like to call in with your comments or opinion.

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    THE SHIT IS HITTING THE FAN! let me grab the popcorn... || Third Rail Radio

    in Culture

               So... long time no see... well i guess we need to discuss a few topics! Shits hitting the fan in the middle east and not really far from home itself... It seems like shits' going down harder than fat albert's sole shoes! But hey! thats what happens when people detatch from reality and don't look at the world they live in... But for every shitstorm there will be a sparkeing clean sunshine! SO! With out further a do, welcome third rail radio where we will take your calls and you can bring your crazy fucking opinion! The number is 646 929 1480 and you can call in skype by pressing the button up on top when we're live! Also, you'll be with our Unprofesstional Professtional HOST! Anticrisis73 And AnCapDalek

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    Exclusive Interview Apostle Veryl Howard Promo for Prayer March and Concert

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    Apostle Veryl Howard founder of “God’s Women in Music, Ministry, Business & Entertainment” is no stranger to the entertainment world. She established Faith Management & Talent Casting and is known to many as one of the most sought after managers and promoters in the world of Gospel music. She is also the author of two books where her most recent book is “God is My Ticket out the Ghetto”.  Her writing has allowed her to write for several magazines including “Devine Glory”, “The Piece Magazine” and “Change Magazine” to name a few. She is also a radio host at I Am Gospel Radio as well as other stations with a global show called “Beyond Borders”. But most importantly she views herself as a servant of God. Her desire is to do more outreach with medical supplies, food, clothing and shoes for those less fortunate.  She feels what she is doing is just not enough.Though Apostle Howard may not exhibit the “bling, bling” with her name in big lights she believes her “bling, bling” is God. She is what you would call a raw preacher. “

    For booking her call Faith Management or CALL: 910-644-1824/910-977-1674 EMAIL: VeryL920@aol.com FACEBOOK: apostleverylhoward

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    Spectre - Bringing back Bond in style

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    I have been a Bond fan for a long time. Everyone has their own favorite one, and I was no different (Sean Connery was the original, but Pierce Brosnan picked up that torch quite well.) However, with the introduction of Daniel Craig, I was less then impressed at his portrayal of Bond. Granted, Brosnan had left some rather odd shoes to fill storywise, but there was a discord in the harmony of the traditional character that did not set will with me. I managed to get through Casino Royale, but Quantum Solace left me bitter and discouraged. I had given up on Bond - until Spectre. Watching this newest addition in the Bond film line gave me back Bond in the best way. Listen in to hear my review and call with comments about your favorite Bond and what you think is the best/worst of the filmology. 

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    Barefoot is Legal Radio

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    Barefoot IS Legal! Learn about how to free your body and mind through living a barefoot lifestyle.

    Most people in the USA believe it is against the law to drive a car, go into a store, or eat in public without shoes on. These are myths and are TOTALLY false - and we have evidence to back it up!

    Let's dispel the myths that have infiltrated our society about laws governing the right to going barefoot.

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    CHANGING TACTICS: Signs Pentagon moving to loosen 'rules' of ISIS war

    Baby starved alone for a week after grandmother’s death

    Mother of four died after a fight over a pair of high-heeled shoes

    Turkish Fans Chant ‘Allahu Akbar’ After Booing Moment Of Silence For France

    Real estate broker steals taxi, drives away drunk

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    Get Your Mojo Back!

    in Women

    Let's face it, you don't believe in you like you wish you did. But you once did. Yes, as a child you believed in you. If you're like a lot woman I know, you believed in you in your twenties. You saw something you wanted and you went after it. Those shoes. That expensive purse. That degree. That hunk of burning yum. You wanted it and you did whatever it took to have it, right?

    Well, you ain't gotta go out like that. You know, like a whimp, wuss, punk. Woman, get your mojo back! When you do, the frickin' world will surrender to you. 

    Joining me on She Struts Radio is my friend Janine A. Ingram. Janine is a life coach, radio personality, author of the badass book, Born to Be Rich, and the host of The Love Journey, Inc. 

    I'm your grateful host, author, editor, coach to aspiring authors, DeBora M. Ricks. For more about me and a FREE download of my book, Write That Book, go join my mailing list at www.DeBoraRicks.com. Smooches!


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    RBG Footwear & SBPM Launching in Atlanta, GA

    in Politics

    Our Brother Ankh from the AmenRa Squad will be telling us about the RBG shoe line they are selling at the current time.  Also, the Southeast Regional Chapter of the Straight Black Pride Movement (SBPM) will be lauching this Saturday, November 21, 2015 in Atlanta, GA. 

    Tune in tonight to discuss this outstanding set of events.


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    I got my clown shoes on today so I'm in full effect!!!!!
    *In The Studio with Lennis* @6pm PST, yes TONIGHT
    Entertainment news, Sports, France, etc
    CHAT ROOM IS OPEN. www.blogtalkradio.com/Lennis
    646-727-2914 If you would like to call in with your comments or opinion.