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    The Natural Law Hour With Yusef EL. Discussion on Metaphysics, Science and Religion.

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    Global Natural Sports present the GNS DIGITAL MAGAZINE

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    Join us as we welcome Eric Lipton - Editor in Chief and Tara Sinatra - Creative Director - Publisher as they walk us throught the articles and athletes covered in the first issue. Plans to create future articles and how YOU may be featured!!!



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    ThE DeAtH oF ChRisTiaNiTY?? ThE InFecTiOn oF CoMpLaCeNcy!

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    Every GREAT brand goes back to a COURAGEOUS Invdividual who DARED to say "NO" to the "Status QUO", to the "ORDINARY", and to "COMPLACENCY"!

    "I hate to see complacency prevail in our lives when it's so directly contrary to the teaching of Christ" -  Jimmy Carter

    Matthew is at it again!!  Asking REAL questions, giving STRAIGHT ANSWERS.... Tonight he sits down with a panel to discuss "The Death of Christianity" - The infection of Complacency.  LIVE starting at 9pm EST... We have become a complacent Nation.... 9/11, Homeland Security, Our Homes, Our Children... and now THE CHURCH...The question is - What are we gonna do about it.  Join us tonight LIVE @9 pm EST for the FIRST of an 8 part series - American Christianity...DeAd??  As always call in to offer your thoughts, comments or questions 516-387-1513 or email station@roadtoredemptionministries.com

    Find us on FACEBOOK - Road to Redemption Radio       Twitter - @fishn4souls11



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    Tamsen English The Empowering, Natural and Satisfying way to Lose Weight"

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    Tamsen English The Empowering, Natural and Satisfying way to Lose Weight"

    I had put on over 50lbs in three years. I had put this down to having a sit-down job, getting older and not doing enough exercise. I even started to tell myself that this is the way it goes for woman over 35 years. I started using the excuse it was “middle-age spread”.




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    Catch up with 6X Mr. Natural Olympia-Kiyoshi Moody.

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    The only Natural Bodybuilder worldwide to consecutivly win the prestigious Natural Olympia Gold Medal! Kiyoshi Moody rules the field and may share the secret of how. Tune in live and don't miss a moment!!!


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    The Natural Mentoring Experience

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    Culture-Based Mentoring, Making The Most Of Our Black Adults and Children.

    Fantastic shows this past week and I can't wait for tomorrow nights show with Professor Carl "Tone" Jones; From The Front Porch, 6pm/est, and also, Brother Al Triq's new show on Saturday, 5:30pm/est; True Dialogue.   Last night DC show moderator: Brother Maurice Muhammad's; Who Did That To You-Round Table Discussion, featuring host Dr. James Jones III, Ohio, 6pm/est, was a dazzling show!  With the main topic about our honored Great Elder Leader Brother Malcolm X.  To listen in on past shows if you missed them, go to www.blogtalkradio.com/mauricemuhammad, With THE INITIATIVE RADIO NETWORK Caption, select archive or type that in the search field.  From our esteemed Sis Shaunes Richardson expressing concerns with her, State Of the Black Parent, drawing on her well of knowledge & reseach & experience, to Sister Misty C, a.k.a. Golden Panther's Tuesday night show, Breaking Every Chain; featured guest Erika, a.k.a. Kyd Kane citing her exciting black poetry. Also, special guests, our children:  Lil Ms. Freedom, young sister Ms. Madi, young brother Jabar, and his sister, young sister Darsan, young sister Jamilla and young brother Tyler, ages ranging from 6-16, sharing their insights about what's happening in their world of youth. Sister Misty has planned a Part 2, next Tuesday on her Breaking Every Chain show, 6pm/cst.  It will be a children friendly show so parents, tune in with your children. Tonights show is to remind us that it is natural to mentor each other, join us call in 6pm/est @ 1-914-803-4571.

  • Let's talk about Natural Hair With Sola of Discovering Natural

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     With thousands of followers on Social Media Sola continues to provide information about natural hair care for adults and children. Through her YouTube Channel and other social media she provides several product reviews, and "how-to" videos that makes it easy for women to transition and stay natural. She features DIY help videos for people transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair; natural hair care for children and adults, natural hair style tutorial. Please join us as Sola talks about her passion for natural hair and following your dreams!  Join me on Monday February 16th at 6:30 - 7pm. Dial in at (646) 478-5589  

    B l o g: http://discoveringnatural.com/

    N a t u r a l H a i r: http://youtube.com/DiscoveringNatural

    F a c e b o o k: http://facebook.com/DiscoveringNatural
    I n s t a g r a m: http://instagram.com/discoveringnatural
    T w i t t e r: http://twitter.com/sawahtwit

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    Let's Talk ~ Natural Hair ~ Special Edition

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    Welcome to  Let's Talk. Your Host Malachi and Co-Host Miss KoKo. Today we look at our Hair Naturally and Treatment

    *Tashara M. Harris is a South Mississippi native who attened Jackson State Univ and also attended & graduated from the Georgia Career Institute as a Licensed Master Cosmetologist. 

    *Tashara is the Owner & Master Stylist of GrapeSeed Styles & Virgin Hair Brokers located in the Metro Atlanta.

    *And has now extended her services here in the Hattiesburg.

    *GrapeSeed Styles Salon specializes in natural hair growth, restoration, color, protective styles such as Virgin Hair sew Ins with her own exclusive hair line.

    *Padrica Norfleet is the Owner and Founder of Naturalista Cosmetics, popular for The "Juicy System" a specialty Natural Hair Care Product created for women of color.

    *Padrica has a Bachelor's degree in Business & is a Professional Licencesd Electrologist, specializing in the development of hair follicles. Moving from the Northwest to Washington DC, Padrica began managing the development of a Laser Hair Removal company.

    *Padrica successfully established it as an Institute with the Higher Education Council in Virginia. Having help other companies excel in the Beauty industry Padrica launched her own groundbreaking business and branded Naturalista Cosmetics.

    *Padrica soley created an award-winning non-chemical based products for naturals, the most popular Juicy Leave In Conditioner & Elixir, known as the Juicy System.

    *Naturalista Cosmetics Juicy System has been mentioned in Essence Magazine, Naturally Curly.com, featured in Curlkit and is also sold within the U.S & is a hot item in Jamaica Trinidad, Africa & Europe salons & boutiques.

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    SALT: Blood Pressure and Natural Medicine

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    Blood Pressure and Natural Medicine

    Dr. Williams will be discussing the best ways to lower blood pressure naturally and how to protect your heart for life. This talk will empower those with high blood pressure as well as those with a family history of heart disease seeking strategies for prevention.  Dr. Anne Williams, naturopathicdoctor and licensed acupuncturist, practices at Rochat Holistic Health in the West Village. She completed her training at Bastyr University followed by a two year fellowship in natural family health. Her practice sees primarily women’s health and cardiovascular health concerns.

    Meet Dr. Williams live March 29th 10:40 AM at the NAVEL NYC Health and Wellness Expo NYC Hilton (6th and 53rd) 

    For more information http://www.healthmedia.us or to contact Dr. Williams directly: 230 W 13th St., #1B New York, NY 10011 917-410-6223 www.rochathealth.com


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    High on Marijuana-The New Running Supplement

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    Once an illegal substance, Marijuana is now gaining popularity among Runners as a training enhancement.  Legal in 28 states many runners are smoking pot to improve performance. Join our host Richard Diaz and Jimmy Reed as they visit, “Runners who get high”.

    Once considered taboo, smoking or possessing marijuana could land you in jail.  Now there is a growing trend and experimentation in the benefits of cannabis use among competitive runners.  The vaporize it, eat, rub it on tired and sore muscles and swear by the benefits provided opposed to taking other over the counter and prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs.   It’s an interesting topic and The Natural Running Network is going to tackle it head on.

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    The Natural Law Hour Show with Yusef El - LIVE from ATLANTA!!!

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    The Natural Law Hour Show with your host Yusef El.

    Tune in every Thursday @ 12 PM PST / 3 PM EST

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