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    Hard Starboard Radio: The End Of NATO?

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    Ebola is being tested across the nation, so why is the Obama Regime suppressing the results?; Rape, death, and police pursuits continue as illegal aliens flood Texas county; Major existential problems mean NATO may soon unravel, even before Vladimir Putin can destroy it; "The deepest truth about Obama is that there is no depth. He’s smart without being wise. He’s glib without being eloquent. He’s a celebrity without being interesting. He’s callow."; "The operating assumption of [the American Left] is that Israel must cooperate in its own demise..."

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    LIVE! with Cathi---NATO SUMMIT!

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    Introducing NATO...Notable Authors Together Optimize!

    'CHOICES' awe inspiring CHOICES revealed by successful entrepreneurs...introduced by Cathi Watson.

    Notable Authors, celebrities in their own right share with you their journey to the TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN.

    A tribue to the authors in CHOICES.  You'll be immersed in the power of voice, choice and challenges.  You'll embrace their determination and purpose.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll rejoice in their victorius achievements.

    Contributing Authors in CHOICES, ages 30 through 80 is dedicated to the spirit that never ages and to all who want to sing and dance through life!


    What you can learn from CHOICES...etc.

    You can fulfill your dreams, it's never...etc.

    You can overcome adversity and succeed...etc.

    What they are saying about...etc.


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    BulletPoints w/Navid Nasr: Ukraine, Russia & NATO

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    Join us tonight at 9pm EST for another episode of "Bullet Points" on Voices of the 99 Percent Radio. Our guest will be independent political analyst Dan Welch and we will be talking about the lastest developments on the Ukraine/Russia/NATO front.

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    NATO - Ukraine

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    Looks as though Ezekiel is telling the truth once again. How do we fine these things in todays time playing out word for word. Is the US pushing us into war?

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    Why did NATO and the U.S. bomb Christian Serbia?

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    Fifteen years ago on March 26, 1999, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) bombed a sovereign nation, Serbia, unilaterally intervening in a civil war without UN approval on a phony pretext of "humanitarian" intervention and also in an effort to distract American public attention from the Monica Lewinsky "frosted dress" scandal caused by the philandering US president. NATO violated its own "defensive" charter that required military recourse only when NATO-member nations were attacked which was not the case regarding Serbia. By bombing Serbia for 78 days, US President Bill Clinton violated the US's own War Powers Resolution of 1973 but despite the obvious infraction and even efforts by US Congressmen to hold him accountable, he was never punished for this obviously illegal action.


    It was all about crime, heroin, and Albanian Muslims. That’s how Kosovo became an “independent” nation, a heroin haven for world corruption, with such renowned leaders as former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari. The media never once pointed out these underlying evils. “Ethnic Albanians” who had migrated en mass into Serbia’s Kosovo province were presented as victims! Whoever helped them was heroic, just, and to be greatly honored, regardless of reality ..

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    NATO, from Regional Defense Pact to Global Military – Interview with Rick Rozoff

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    This week on SOTT Talk Radio we’re speaking with Rick Rozoff, an investigative journalist who lives and works in Chicago. An active opponent of war, militarism and intervention for over 40 years, Rozoff manages the STOP NATO website and writes on the threat of international militarization, especially in the form of the globalization of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

    Rozoff contends that NATO is the first attempt in history to establish an aggressive global military formation. It currently includes a third of the nations of the world, either as members or partners, has members and partners on five continents, and has conducted active operations on four, with the potential to expand its reach into the remaining two where it has not yet officially intruded itself.

    Join us this Sunday May 25th from 2-4pm EST, (8-10pm CET, 11am-1pm PST) for a discussion on the military underpinnings of the Atlantic Alliance and its designs on world domination.

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    Episode 212: NATO in Afghanistan with Stephen M. Saideman

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    Lost to many whose news sources in the USA consists of the major newspapers and the standard networks, for most of the last dozen+ years, the conflict in Afghanistan has not been a USA-Centric battle; it has been a NATO run operation.

    When the Commander of the International Security Assistance Force has been an American 4-star, the visuals can be misleading.

    For most of the last decade, American forces were dominate in only one region of Afghanistan, the east. Other NATO nations from Italy/Spain in the west, Germany in the North, and Commonwealth nations and the Dutch in the south.

    More important than the actual numbers involved, it was the Rules of Engagement, caveats, and the fickle nature of national politics that drove what effects those forces had on the ground.

    The good, the bad, and the ugly of modern coalition warfare was all in view for all in Afghanistan, but outside small circles, has yet to be fully discussed.

    Our guest for the full hour will be Stephen Saideman.

    Stephen holds the Paterson Chair in International Affairs at Carleton University’s Norman Paterson School of International Affairs.  He has written The Ties That Divide: Ethnic Politics, Foreign Policy and International Conflict and For Kin or Country: Xenophobia, Nationalism and War (with R. William Ayres) and NATO in Afghanistan: Fighting Together, Fighting Alone (with David Auerswald), and other work on nationalism, ethnic conflict, civil war, and civil-military relations.  Prof. Saideman spent 2001-02 on the U.S. Joint Staff working in the Strategic Planning and Policy Directorate as part of a Council on Foreign Relations International Affairs Fellowship.  He writes online at OpenCanada.org, Political Violence at a Glance, Duck of Minerva and his own site (saideman.blogspot.com).  He also tweets too much at @smsaideman.

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    System Theory of Violence, with Andrés Ginestet

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    Andrés Ginestet is a consultant with NATO and has been the given the title of, "Senior Expert" and he consults on, "System Theory of Violence"

    Today, Andrés will be talking with us about his work in NATO and how his work can affect the world as a whole.

    Our show starts in just a few minutes, so please join us LIVE! at 9:00 am Eastern.

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    With the US-EU coup in Ukraine, the Empire has emptied its limited bag of tricks for destablizing governments around the globe. Having exhausted its capacity to launch American invasions paid for by US taxpayers and seeing its terrorist mercenaries failing miserably to challenge the sovereignty of Syria using a Libyan-style coup strategy, it has resorted to bribery of corrupt puppet politicians in the former Soviet Union, traitors to the cause of freedom and democracy.

    Although Assad has not fallen, the goal of destablizing the government is succeeding, albeit at the cost of support of the US population and angering the impatient imperialist Netanyahu as well as the fascist House of Saud. This has emboldened the Empire to double down in Venezeula. The outlines of the New World Order get more clear, yet Americans and Europeans continue to see the obvious pattern. 

    What led so many Ukrainians to fall into the trap of welcoming the EU austerity that will surely follow in the wake of the coup? We discussed that question with Ukrainian economist Eva Bolton.

    Know the truth and the truth will set you free.

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    On this final episode of DECEMBER WEEK #1 IN REVIEW, we wind it all up with that weeks updates on MAGOG RUSSIA, UKRAINE, NATO, EU and US actions leading to WORLD WAR 3, as well as, KINGS OF THE EAST UPDATES of CHINA, NORTH KOREA, ASEAN MEMBERS, JAPAN, and other Asian News Updates. Also be watching for our CHRISTMAS SPECIAL EPISODE ON CHRISTMAS NIGHT!!... SO STAY TUNED! STAY INFORMED! GET IN THE KNOW! AND ENJOY THE SHOW!...

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