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    Institute for Inclusion in the Legal Profession

    in Legal

    The Institute for Inclusion in the Legal Profession (“Institute”) is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that, through educational programs, research and publications, will address the lack of diversity and inclusion that continues to challenge the legal profession and undermine its credibility within the justice system.


    Floyd Holloway is Counsel in the Corporate Law Department. His responsibilities include monitoring and advocacy in legislative and regulatory matters in New York State. Floyd manages the Corporate Law Department’s Legislative Services Unit, which, among other things, provides support to the Enterprise, including the network of state counsel responsible for legislative and regulatory affairs. Floyd is a past chairman of the New York Insurance Association (NYIA). He also sits on the Executive Board for the Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York (LRANY). Floyd is an active member of the American Bar Association, serving as vice-chair on the Corporate Counsel, Government Law, Law in Public Service and Technology Committees.


    A native of Brooklyn, New York, Floyd received his B.A. degree in political theory and American government from Georgetown University College of Arts and Sciences in Washington, D.C., and his law degree (J.D.) from the Georgetown University Law Center.

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    Voices of the Earth welcomes Allison Holloway

    in Spirituality

    I'm so pleased to welcome animal-communicator and advocate, Allison Holloway, to this week's show.  Allison has always had a close connection with animals, but it wasn’t until her beloved cat Emily suffered a chronic illness that she became interested in telepathic communication.  She was introduced to the concept in the early 1990’s at a dog training conference in Chicago, and thus began her study and journey towards a language we share with all species.  Allison has been a dog trainer for over 20 years, and served as an executive director for six years at a rural Ohio humane society.  She teaches obedience, agility, and has a passion for training deaf and blind dogs.  She lives on a farm in central Ohio with many dogs, cats, horses, chickens, parrots, and one very mean goat.    

    We look forward to having you joining us for an interesting and inspiring hour.

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    Dial in Channel Up - Lorraine Holloway-White

    in Spirituality

    Many of you have heard Lorraine Holloway-White share some of her predictions here on Dial In Channel Up that were shared with her from spirit; today she/we will be talking about her book, "The Spirit World Speaks". She will be discussing predictions, messages about the way we live today; evil, darkness, light, spirituality, the spirit world, religion, etc, many topics that were written in her book which were shared to her by spirit.  We invite you to share your questions or feelings on these topics as well. 

     So Dial In & Channel Up with us to a whole new way of being!

    Lorraine Holloway-White http://askamedium.wordpress.com/

    Lisa is very passionate about creating a space where we can all gather to share, laugh, and embrace all the experiences that create our Divine selves, and to implement the tools that we are all gifted with to promote love, healing, opportunities, choices, dreams & much more. She is delighted to take your calls viewing questions from the soul's point of view of the bigger picture to nourish the soul's wisdom, empowering each of us in our own personal journey. 

    Visit Inner Spirit Rhythm http://www.innerspiritrhythm.com/ 

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    The Law of Emergence with DEREK RYDALL!

    in Goals

    Living By Design Radio is back! After successfully launching our TV Show, we are now back on the radio with a powerful guest that will transform your life.

    After a life-changing near-death experience, Derek Rydall dropped off the scene and meditated for several years – finally emerging to become a licensed integrative therapist. He went on to train top executives in Fortune 500 companies (such as American Express, Disney, Carrier, Hartford Insurance, and CBS) in relationship-building and deeper communication, coach thousands of artists and entertainment professionals on how to create more enlightened entertainment, and has worked with a diverse array of people around the planet, helping them to live a more passionate, purposeful life.

    As an author, Derek has written two books, the Amazon best-sellers “I Could’ve Written a Better Movie than that!” (Michael Wiese, March 2006) and “There’s No Business Like Soul Business: A Spiritual Path to Enlightened Screenwriting, Filmmaking, and Performing Arts” (Michael Wiese, Feb. 2007), as well as articles for online and offline magazines such as Spirituality & Health, The Writers Store, Inktip, Pen & Quill, Script, and more. As a professional screenwriter, he has sold or been hired to develop over 20 feature film screenplays and a dozen hours of TV (with studios such as Fox, Universal, Sony, MPCA, UA, Disney, Miramax, and indy producers). As an actor, Derek has starred in several films and TV shows.

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    Close-Up Talk Radio welcomes back Denise Holloway of Life UnLtd!

    in Self Help

    Cumming, GA – There are few times more stressful for a family than when a child is preparing to apply to college. For the teen, the decision is fraught with anxiety: What is college? What am I going there for? What am I trying to accomplish while I’m there? It’s easy for a 16-year-old to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of making a decision that’s going to determine the course of the rest of their life.

    Denise Holloway is a Certified Professional Coach and the founder of Life UnLtd!, a coaching practice that specializes in teens and parents of teens, taking them from fear and frustration to joy and appreciation.

    “I have huge empathy for teenagers,” says Denise. “It’s a really pivotal time in their lives but it doesn’t have to be so difficult. I’m here to make it a little easier for them. I think it’s really needed.”

    Denise says parents can make a tremendous difference just by being more open and being able to listen without judging. They can improve their teen’s lives by showing them the love they feel for them rather than getting tied up in their own fear. Parents can make a powerful impact by changing how they deal with their teenager.

    “To be delayed at the beginning can be a terrifying thought but that’s a perception. Who are you racing against?” says Denise. “The decision your child makes can feel like a point of no return, but there’s nothing wrong with a wrong turn.”

    Denise provides teens with a framework for how to make decisions the rest of their life.

    “We’re creating our world all the time, we’re just not doing it consciously,” says Denise. “When teens realize they have choice and they’re making these choices, they can start to take responsibility for themselves and their decisions.”

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    Reckless 2.0 w/Kali Holloway

    in Education

    Kali Holloway will be stopping by Reckless 2.0 to discuss her recent article for The Guardian titled “Racism is so Insidious Even Black People Underestimate it” Ms.  Holloway is a freelance writer and independent documentary film producer. Kali is the Outreach Director for Brooklyn Castle, and a freelance writer who works with up-and-coming filmmakers to help with branding and messaging. She writes music and audiobook reviews for the Prefix music blog, Rhapsody, eMusic, the San Francisco Bay Guardian, the NoisePop Festival and many others. Previously, she served as speechwriter for a New York City Commissioner and was Deputy Director of Communications for the New York State court system. She currently writes Promotional Copy for the DFA Records label, sings in a band called Easy Lover and maintains a comedic blog about the things she would do for one million dollars. We plan on having a very candid dialog about her views on racism/white supremacy. It most definitely will be Reckless.


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    Richkid Radio Season Finale 2014 "End of the Year Celebration"

    in Entertainment

    Tonight  we TURN UP! PUT IT DOW!!!!!! with our "End of the Year celebration" Join us as we bring back our most memorable, favorable and most requested Guest and Host for 2014! It's an online party right here on RichKid Radio with Host, Mz.Cherry, Sweet Chocolate, Ms.Arkansas, Adam Bomb and Rob Torres. Guest tonight: Entertainer, Richard Pryor Jr.,Comedians, Eugene Meaux, Purnell Holloway, Pretty Rick Show. Actor Howard Calvert, Film Director, Kurvie Kapone, Blues Singer, LGB-Milton, Radio Personality&Christian Rapper, Painkilla, R&B Singer, Evin Gibson, Hip Hop Artist, Marxmen aka Anonymous, Christian Rapper&Producer, Charles A.R, "The Power Couple" R&B Singer & Producer, SoFree Wisdom& TracStar Rich. DjRichKid on the 1s&2s! and of course, YOU!

    We are now accepting new music and commercials for the new season starting Feb.2,2015! Send all inquiries to Richkidradio@outlook.com

    Follow us on IG:Richkidradio

    Like us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/richkidradio

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    Interview with the Lawn Pirate, Karen Holloway

    in Politics

    After leaving her alone for twelve years, Lenoir City, TN government decided to go after this mother of four for her lawn, and proceeded to throw her in the slammer!

    That's not enough for them- now they're coming after her ivy!

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    Dial In Channel Up W/Lisa Salaz & Lorraine Holloway-White

    in Spirituality

    What is faith and how can we achieve it? Is any of what we believe happens to us with supernatural gifts real? Even great church leaders have their doubts and so do I. How do we cope and what should we do about it when it happens to us?

    Lorraine Holloway-White

    Website http://askamedium.wordpress.com/

    Books http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=ntt_at_ep_srch?_encoding=UTF8&sort=relevancerank&search-alias=books&field-author=Lorraine%20Holloway-White

     So Dial In & Channel Up with us to a whole new way of being!

    Visit Inner Spirit Rhythm http://www.innerspiritrhythm.com/ 

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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Denise Holloway of Life Unltd.

    in Motivation

    Cumming, GA – It’s natural for teenagers to push their boundaries. It’s a time in their lives when they’re becoming more and more independent and they’re treated like they’re not independent. Teens need to assert this independence while parents need to assert their authority. It can be a struggle.

    Denise Holloway is a Certified Professional Coach and the founder of Life Unltd., a coaching practice that specializes in teens and parents of teens, taking them from fear and frustration to joy and appreciation.

    “I truly believe that the limits we see, feel and believe are self-imposed,” says Holloway. “That’s the unlimited part. I love helping others break through those limits. What is it that you really want and what does that look like? I get the biggest charge from working with people who are confused and overwhelmed."

    Holloway developed a passion for coaching teenagers following her experience with her son, a junior in high school at the time who simply would not wake up to go to school. Every morning they would go through this same process: she would tell him to wake up; within half an hour, a fight would ensue.

    “One day we had one of our usual morning,” recalls Holloway. “I went back to the reading I was doing for the coaching program, a book called The Mastery of Love by Don Miquel Ruiz. I realized every word out of my mouth with my son had been about fear. At that point I decided to step back and come from a place of love and not fear.

    “That’s always been behind the interest of being involved more with teenagers. I just had a lot of sympathy and empathy for parents and teenagers because it is a tough time for them. People don’t give teenagers enough credit for who they are so it’s a passion of mine to help them.”

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    Elisabeth Gifford & Jonathan Matos

    in Books

    Elisabeth Gifford grew up in a vicarage in the industrial Midlands. She studied French literature and world religions at Leeds University. She has written articles for The Times and the Independent and has a Diploma in Creative Writing from Oxford OUDCE and an MA in Creative Writing from Royal Holloway College. She is married with three children. They live in Kingston on Thames but spend as much time as possible in the Hebrides.

    We are a team of two, Matt Snipes and Jonathan Matos, who met in our church's youth group, and became friends over a shared love for comic books and comic book films. Our love of good storytelling led us to create our own comic books, web videos, and now our own website, GraphiclyChristian.com. Our anthology series, Gauntlet Magazine, was a "call to action" for faith-based writers and artists to publish more genre and literary fiction, as well as an outlet for our own creations. Recent challenges have got us rethinking that format going forward, but our creativity simply can't be stopped! GraphiclyChristian.com in the new year will feature a new line of webcomics and video content, which we hope will inspire and excite a new generation of creative thinkers!

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