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    What makes Moorish Americans Nationalized ?

    in Culture

    How do you clearly define freedom ?
    1.Are all Moorish people born sovereign ?
    2.What is meant by Denationalization ?
    3.What is meant by a National Mission statement ?
    4.What is meant by proclamation of status ?
    5.What is the Moorish American Birthright of Independence ?
    6.What make us Nationalized ?
    7.What is meant by to abolish and how doe’s that apply to Moors ?
    8.What is the difference between an inmate and a hostage and how does
        It apply to Moors ? These questions and more answered on Moorish
    Talk Live 100 at Blog Talk Radio Thursday night March 8th, 7:00 pm est; as Tarhaka
    Presents Divine Minister and Grand National Chairman Dr, Elihu Pleasant
    Bey, of the Moorish American National Government. Don’t miss this powerful
    Broadcast, also all people of African decent can register as Citizens of the
    Moorish American National Government by going to,
     http://www.moorishamericangov.org or http://www.sevensealspublications.com
    to re listen to this powerful broadcast go to http://www.ancientblacksinasia.blogspot.com
    also you can call in with questions and comments # 310-982-4184

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    The Healthcare Conundrum -- is nationalized healthcare really bad for us?

    in Fun

    Now that the Republicans are gloating over their mid-term gains, they have announced a few items that will be high on their adjenda for the coming Congress.  A high priority is the repeal of the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare, and if they are unsuccessful in repealing it in its entirety they plan to make significant changes to it.  Since recent reports have shown that millions of Americans who previously didn't have healthcare "insurance" have it now and many people who were previously considered uninsurable are now covered, it begs the question.  Is healtcare reform, even in the form of the Affordable Care Act really a bad thing for America?  Join Ken and Beth as they discuss this potent issue this week.  Call in to speak with the hosts at (347) 215-9971 or join us in our online chat room or just listen in on the stream.  However you do it we'd love to have you join us.  We encourage you to call in and give us your opinons.  It's only a half-hour show so call in early as time is limited.  

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    KJR 05-04-15 Royal Baby/Baltimore Victory Gathering

    in Politics Conservative

    [SEGMENT 1-1] 3

    New Poll out that says Republicans and Democrats don’t agree on much…... 3

    Then there is the BIG NEWS:  A New Royal baby…... 3

    [SEGMENT 1-2] The big news is we have an indictment in Baltimore…... 4

    [SEGMENT 1-3] Victory Gathering?. 5

    [SEGMENT 1-4] Parents turned in son. 6

    [SEGMENT 2-1] Texas shooting. 10

    The Kentucky Derby is over. 10

    Hillary Clinton has competition…... 10

    Islam picked the wrong place to start a fight…... 10

    A cop was shot in the FACE in NYC…... 11

    [SEGMENT 2-2] VA cop on admin leave for FB post 11

    VA cop on admin leave…... 12

    [SEGMENT 2-3] Nationalized police. 13

    People killed by police in 2014. 13

    [SEGMENT 2-4] Hillary Polling. 13

    [SEGMENT 2-5] Polling continued. 14

    [SEGMENT 3-1] Bernie Sanders has entered the Democratic race…... 15

    [SEGMENT 3-2] More on Sanders. 16

    [SEGMENT 3-3] New fake shooting in Baltimore. 16

    [SEGMENT 3-4] Clinton speaking on behalf of foundation. 17

    [SEGMENT 3-5] TX shooters identified…... 18

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    North Florida Writer Talks: Iran, Israel, Barack Obama & Eric Holder

    in Politics Conservative

    Join James Dick today for his inaugural broadcast. It's North Florida Writer on a Sunday afternoon with special guest, the founder of Conservative Report, Patrick Read.

    Todays topics will be Iran on the rise as Shiite Muslims are sacking Yemen. In addition, we will discuss Barack Obama's nuclear appeasement with a sponsor of global terrorism; and the admins campaign against Benjamin Netanyahu. Finally, we'll discuss Eric Holder's process of developing a nationalized police force that answers to Washington DC.

    Israel: Obama reveals Democrats Anti-Semitism

    Information from Conservative Report on Iran's nuclear capability

    Eric Holder: Nationalizing the Police Force

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    #104 - Obama Bread & Circuses? Try Kim K. Nude & March Madness

    in Politics Conservative

    Obama and his minions have a pretty clear path to dictatorship albeit a soft one but nonetheless a dictatorship. The U.S. has always been a nation of apathy towards politics with flashes of activism and concern. However, we are at one of the direst times in our history and the things that people want to look at on the internet (an internet that the FCC has quietly nationalized) are naked women, freak shows and sports. It really is disgusting the extent to which we bury any real concern by trading “entertainment”. Also, our illustrious leader and his minions are heading straight long into at the very least a regional nuclear conflict in Iran & Israel. Who cares!! The Romans had nothing on us with bread and circuses. We have Kate Upton and March Madness.

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    Thanking, Giving, and Thanksgiving. An IMMIGRATION Story!

    in Finance

    WARNING!!!  This content will be touch on the current Obama immigration concept and Isreal.  CONTROVERSIAL CONTENT!

    As a Jamaican born, nationalized citizen of the USA, I had to learn some key historic moments in order to sit and pass my citizenship test.  I am thankful to be here - and yes, I came here legally.

    The desire for religious freedom was integral  to the flood of people who came to this land, and while hoards of immigrants still come here, and want to come here, religious freedom is no longer the goal. There is a cycle I have observed and want to share.  

    Faith to move into the unknown often brings incredible blessing. Blessings lead to abundance.  Abundance often leads to greed.  Greed leads to jealousy and a disregard for others, which leads to the a love of self over others.  The self-serving spirit leads to apathy, and an increase in crime.  Apathy and an increase in crime leads to abject poverty.  Abject poverty leads to seeking freedom and opportunity elsewhere.  Seeking freedom and opportunity elsewhere leads to immigration to other places.  The cycle of immigration, assimilation, population expansion, and redistribution continues. 

    Maybe if this season we remember why this nation got great. Focus on being thankful for what we have; give generously to those we love, and those who need some love, and be in a spirit of thanks-giving, this Thanksgiving - we might bring more joy into our lives and the lives of others as we shift focus from the negative to the positive things about this season, and the reason we celebrate it


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    Dr. Duke Pesta On Common Core And The National Sexuality Education Standards

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    Hear interview with Dr. Duke Pesta as he opens our eyes to some very important details in this nationalized education system that is being implemented.  He is a nationally renowned speaker that can connect the dots for us on how the National Sexuality Education Standards will come in to the schools.  We will be speaking with him and other Education Activists such as Alice Linahan of Women on the Wall, Ann Eubank of Stop Common Core Alabama will be dropping in to give more perspectives.   One of the topics we will comment is on the latest tentacle of this nationalized system--the Comprehensive Counseling Guidance Proposal which uses the ASCA National Model.  According to Linda Murphy, a nationally renowned Educator/Activist, who has studied Dr. Bice's Comprehensive Counseling Guidance -- "This is a dangerous expansion of the authority of public schools into the private lives of students, which has never been allowed in American schools. This plan sets goals for changes in students’ emotions, feelings, attitudes, values and beliefs. The area educators call the "affective domain" (from Blooms Taxonomy)." 

    This is part 1 of a two part audio

    Parents need to awaken as according to Mental Health Expert, Joan Landes, this is BIG.  Come learn and share the truths so you can Stand in the Gap for precious children NOW!



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    Stand In The Gap Conferences and AP US History

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    Why are parents irate about Common Core.  What is the problem with the new AP US History.  What happens when a generation forgets heroes like the Founding Fathers, Heroes of World War II , Martin Luther King Jr. etc.?  Get informed and do something ABOUT THE NATIONALIZED EDUCATION THAT IS CHANGING AMERICA THROUGH THE MINDS OF CHILDREN.

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    Erased History Ep 5: The History of Common Core and Nationalized Education

    in Politics Conservative

    The whole crew is on board to discuss the history of Common Core and the dangers it poses to America. This is an episode of Erased History that you definetely do not want to miss!\


    Image credit: Arthurc01

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    Stand In The Gap Conference-Hear Child, Parent, Teacher and Follow The $$Expert

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    Hear Stand in the Gap Conference with perspectives from child, parent, teacher and a citizen looking for accountability in this Common Core Standards Initiative that has nationalized education.  Common Core is the beachhead issue.  Get informed and understand the planners such as David Coleman who is also pushing unpatriotism in the Advanced Placement US History also helped write the values manipulation Common Core.  Read his goals here.  In order to defeat Common Core you must know why it is even here and go beyond the soundbites that  $$ can buy.  As you can hear from this Part I of a series the country loses if the citizens choose to go along and ignore the truth.  God warned us:

    "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being My priest. Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children."  Hosea 4:6

    Isn't it time we listened

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    Operation Jericho--Leading The Children To Freedom

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    Hear interview with Christina Michas of Operation Jericho helping parents to save their children today through homeschooling.  With the encroaching Common Core, it is good to have a place where children can be safe until we finish the fight to rid this nation of the pervasive controlling mindset that leads in the Department of Education.  Get informed on parents alternatives to the Common Core.