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    Hi Def Society - Episode 1

    in Pop Culture

    Hi Def Society is a general and current events discussion slash multi media podcast. It is hosted by Entertainment personalities GT (Genius Tracks) and Pair-A-Dyce, or "Dyce."

    Our team also consists of two content providers / support staff - LoneLaugher (Lone) and BlackSand.

    Our website is www.hidefsociety.com , we are Hi Def Society on facebook (like & share : )     )  and you can follow us on twitter @hidefsociety.

    Congratulations to NV, an underground Hip Hop artist who won this week's $25.00 contest.


    This week's show will be primarily focused on a discussion surrounding pet peeves, and embarrassing things people know about themselves they don't like to admit. We will also feature some cool news stories, and some original underground music and end off the show by discussing each of then hosts' music creation work flow processes.


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    Healing Multiple Sclerosis ~ Live Call-In Show!

    in Health

    Caroline’s guest today is Naturopathic Doctor and Clinical Nutritionist, Ann Boroch. After healing herself of multiple sclerosis Ann has been symptom free for 21 years.  She and Caroline share the same passion for understanding and controlling Candida Yeast as a foundation to health and well-being. Ann brings her personal experience and 17 years of private practice in the Los Angeles area, helping people to heal and recapture their vitality.   As a nutritional consultant, naturopath, educator, award-winning author, and inspirational speaker, Ann Boroch is dedicated to helping people realize that the body has an innate intelligence that allows it to heal itself. She firmly believes that with choice and diligence, each of us has the power to overcome any challenge. Don’t miss this great interview. Caroline will also take your questions and do spot readings for listeners.

    Call into Caroline's Free Live Teleconference Call each Monday at 5:30pm Pacific! She'll answer your questions and provide spot readings on this highly interactive call! Register here. All archives by topic are here!

    “I’ve been a Caroline Sutherland fan ever since the first moment I met her in the ’90s. In fact, she fulfilled a dream of mine. At our first meeting, Caroline looked at me, clearly saw my deficiencies and nutritional needs, and on the spot designed a special plan for my particular body. I felt understood for the first time.”
    - Louise Hay, Author of You Can Heal Your Life

  • The Decoding Society

    in Politics

    Brown Bagging on the Corner about post Hurricane Katrina reconstruction efforts and expulsion of citizens from New Orleans. 1:30p EST The call-in number is 347-857-1436

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    in Entertainment

    URBAN SOCIETY is an open platform for intellectual debates regarding issues and current events affecting our urban communities.

    Hosted by James A. Jones and Martin C.

    Tonight we will discuss:

    - More on Ferguson, MO

    - The Passing of Julian Bond

    - Straight Out of Compton showing

    Urban Society airs LIVE every Sunday evening 10:30pm EST/7:30pm PST on the hottest station on the net...Dollhouse Radio

    Visit us on the web: WWW.DOLLHOUSERADIO.COM

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    National & International Roundtable

    in Current Events

    At birth, Dr. Alette Coble-Temple was given a 10% chance of surviving. With the support of her parents, they fought the local school district and won.  She graduated from Los Altos High School where she gave the student commencement speech. 

    Andrea Dazall, at the tender a

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    National & International Roundtable

    in Current Events

    Dave Newhouse has spent 50-plus years as a sportswriter and columnist, mostly at the Oakland Tribune in Oakland, California. In addition, he has written 11 books, including two which will be published in 2015. “Forgotten 49ers: The Dark Days before the Dynasty” deals with the beginning of the San Francisco 49ers, and their early, mostly disappointing years before the franchise became a dynasty in the 1980s under Bill Walsh. There has been no book on the 49ers like this book, as it includes interviews with 49er players from as far back as the 1940s, including two Original 49ers in 1946. This book, published by The Kent State University Press, has be released. Newhouse’s second book, as yet untitled, is a Hoosiers-like story involving former Cal basketball coach Lou Campaneili’s previous job at James Madison University in Virginia. George F. Thompson Publishing will release this book mid-fall. Newhouse grew up in Menlo Park, California, and held the shot put record at Menlo-Atherton High School. After four years in the United States Air Force, during which time he entered the field of journalism on assignment in France, he was graduated from San Jose State University in 1964. That same year he began working for the Oakland Tribune, from which he retired in November 2011. For nearly five years in the 1980s, he hosted a radio sports talk show in San Francisco. He has appeared on numerous television sports documentaries. He had received national and local awards for his writings and commentaries, and was honored by the Multi-Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame in Oakland in 2014. Though 76, he isn't slowing down; he has other book projects ahead. He lives in Oakland with his wife of 50 years

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    GT & Lone of Hi Def Society, casual chat

    in Pop Culture

    Testing stuff

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    The Decoding Society

    in Politics

    The Anti-First Take Barbershop goes in on what the lifting of the embargo means for Cuba's athletes and the NLRB decision to decline jurisdiction over the organizing efforts of the Northwestern football players. 6:30p EST The call in number is 347-857-1436.

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    The Decoding Society

    in Politics

    Author, Activist, and Leadership Development Specialist Chet W. Sisk discusses his latest book, Above And Beyond All That We Know: How To Thrive And Succeed In The Current World Paradigm Shift with an emphasis on how the African American community may cope in said paradigm shift.6:30p EST The call in number is 347-857-1436.

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    The American Dahlia Society Celebrates 100 Years!

    in Environment

    The American Dahlia Society (ADS) was founded in 1915 and is composed of over 70 independent local societies in the US and Canada. They are proudly celebrating their 100th year!  In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer talks to Harry Rissetto about the American Dahlia Society and their upcoming centennial celebration which will be held at Hofstra University on Long Island, New York from September 17th -21st. Harry graduated from Fairfield University with a B.A. in Biology. He attended Georgetown University Law Center and graduated with degree in law. He joined the Washington office of Morgan Lewis & Bockius and had been with the law firm for more than 44 years.  Harry Risetto has served as chair of the Board of Directors of the Woodstock Theological Center at Georgetown and chair of the American Horticultural Society.  He is currently a member of the Executive Committee of the American Horticultural Society.  He has served as president of the American Dahlia Society and has written extensively about the cultivation of dahlias. Stay tuned!

    Are you an avid gardener or are just learning about gardening? Do you like FREE stuff? Tune in to The Organic View Radio Show, Monday through Friday @6pm Eastern and by sending us your feedback, you could win one of our monthly prizes! Today’s show is sponsored by Austria’s Finest Naturally Authentic Pumpkin Seeds and Pumpkin Seed Oil from the Steiermark available at OrganicUniverse.com. Listeners of TheOrganicView can receive $1 off their purchase by using the coupon code "orgview".  For more offers, please visit our website at www.theorganicview.com

  • The Decoding Society

    in Politics

    Brown Bagging on the Corner on the 10th Anniversary of Hurrican Katrina and its aftermath. Were the Black residents victims of the Shock Doctrine as speculated by Author/Activist Naomi Klein. With Vee Fusilier and One Diaspora's Chris Cathcart. 1:30pm EST The call-in number is 347-857-1436.