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    An Interview With Author Ken Reid- Hockey Card Stories, This Week at Panini

    in Sports

    The #1 Trading Card Talk Show, now in its 14th season. Join us for 90 minutes of trading card talk with industry pros, athletes, entertainment stars and collectors from around the globe. Hosts Doug Cataldo, Rob Bertrand, Russ Cohen and David Wright will take you into the wild world of trading cards and memorabilia.


    Panini America
    Upper Deck
    The Simmons Law Firm
    SA-GE Trading Cards

    Visit the Cardboard Connection for all of your trading card needs.

    Also, be sure to visit the hosts' blogs:

    The Trading Card Manifesto
    The Voice of the Collector
    Long Fly Ball


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    PIJN News: National Day of Prayer found “Constitutional” in Colorado

    in Religion

    Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues:

    * The National Day of Prayer is found to be Constitutional by a court in Colorado
    * Atheist complainers are threatening to sue a Christian school teacher in Georgia
    * Abortionists and sex predators are targeting your children

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    The LCS Hockey Radio Show

    in Comedy

    The hockey show that rarely talks hockey...

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    The Instigators Hockey Show

    in Sports

    The Instigators Hockey show is the most controversial Hockey show on the air. With unique insight from former NHL defenseman Chris Kotsopoulos and Host Pauly D. The Instigators is a no-holds-barred, tell it like it is hockey show. Covering the Hottest topics from around the NHL and our in dept analysis of the New York Rangers.

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    World Cup of Hockey: What are you Thinking?

    in Hockey

    Recent rumors of the newly reinstated World Cup of Hockey are making us cringe. Why may you ask? Well if I wrote that in this box you wouldn't be interested in listening to a radio show now would you?

    Tonight we ask the committee the question, What are you thinking?!?! If they listen to us, we're darting straight to Vegas

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    The Instigators Hockey Show

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    The Instigators Hockey show is the most controversial Hockey show on the air. With unique insight from former NHL defenseman Chris Kotsopoulos and Host Pauly D. The Instigators is a no-holds-barred, tell it like it is hockey show. Covering the Hottest topics from around the NHL and our in dept analysis of the New York Rangers.

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    Hosted by Hockeythisweek.com Columnists Sean Cuthbert (@htw_sean) and Tony Stabile (@tonystabile)

    Featuring new discussions and interviews with NHL writers and media personalities every week!

    Guest for Sunday 12/7 Islanders Writer From the NY Daily News Stephen Lorenzo

    For more information on our radio programs and fresh columns on the National Hockey League go to www.hockeythisweek.com

    Powered by Hockey Active, LLC.

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    Wavecrest Warrior Hockey: Episode I, The Phantom Embellishment

    in Hockey

    Hockey nerds unite! We're sick of media coverage blatantly oozing over teams that we care not to hear about and insulting ones that should be praised. We get it, Crosby and Ovechkin are great players, but there are great things happening in this hockey world that we wish to bring to light. Questions like who is Nikita Kucherov? Why have the Dallas Stars angered our expectations? And really? The Calgary Flames are relevant?

    The NHL league wide is fine and good for a nice debate, but our home is in the only actual Metropolitan area in the Metropolitan division. Expect names like Brock Nelson and Anthony Duclair to come up constantly as a Ranger and Islander fan discuss the best storylines in New York hockey. You won't get this from the ignorance from big Mike or the ultra bias from #7. If you want intelligent, fun, insightful discussions about the game, the Wavecrest Warriors are ready to slay that dragon.

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    Gospel of Hockey: Talking Pittsburgh Penguins, NHL, college hockey

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    The arrival of the holidays means that hockey season is in full flight, with Gospel of Hockey co-hosts Matt Gajtka and Larry Snyder ready to break it all down on City of Champions Radio. How have the Pittsburgh Penguins adjusted to the plethora of injuries to their forward corps? How much can we evaluate this team's play, considering how many players are sitting out? How urgent is the need to add players via trade, with still more than half the season to go? And what's the deal with the mumps outbreak in the NHL? Matt and Larry will answer these questions and more, then they'll update the progress of the Robert Morris men's hockey team, which has reached its highest national ranking ever. What's been the difference for the Colonials, who stumbled to an awful start last season before surging to a conference title?

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    Veterans Day with National Association of American Veterans

    in Finance

    ReShawna Leaven interviews Constance A. Burns, President of National Association of American Veterans, Inc. If you are a veteran or would like to support veterans, this is an epsiode that you don't want to miss. Constance will share her insight and expertise on how her organization assist with veterans and much more.

    NAAV is committed to assisting service members and disabled veterans and their dependents, particularly severely wounded warriors and single-parent service members and veterans, by helping access their benefits; improving communication and coordination with the VA; and collaborating with the VA and other veterans groups, health agencies, medical professional organizations,educational organizations, and the public in support of veterans, their families, and military caregivers.

    Constance A. Burns
    President/CEO/Veterans Service Officer
    National Association of American Veterans, Inc.
    Office: (202) 465-3296

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    National & International Roundtable

    in Current Events

    Maisha Hazzard, Ph.D.

    Maisha Hazzard is an innovative educator, behavior change communication specialist, speech writer, and media consultant. She holds advanced degrees in Communication (Ph.D.); Transpersonal Psychology (Ph.D.); Behavioral Science (M.A.); and Counseling (M.S.C.). Further studies have included International Studies, Telecommunications, Comparative Literature, Cross Cultural Education, Information Science, Neuroscience, and Metaphysics at various universities and institutes in the United States and West Africa. She spent more than 25 years as a university professor and international consultant and more than 25 simultaneous years writing, directing, performing, and producing in performing arts and media arts programs on five continents. Maisha Hazzard is an award-winning radio producer who has trained writers, producers, and media consultants from more than 30 countries. She has taught and/or performed in Canada, France, Hungary, India, Jamaica, Barbados, Guyana, Brazil, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, and South Africa. Dr. Hazzard has served as a consultant to elected officials in the United States and heads of state in countries in the Caribbean and Southern Africa. She has lectured and taught at Ohio University, Bowling Green State University (Ohio), University of Toledo, University of Guyana, University of the West Indies (Mona), Jawaharlal Nehru University in India, California State University at Northridge, and Philander Smith College (Little Rock, AR). She has conducted training programs for Voice of America, USAID, South African Parliament, BUSH Radio-South Africa, and World Health Organization.

    Currently, Maisha Hazzard conducts workshops in school districts and spiritual communities on the brain/heart and learning, power of our subconscious mind, emotional intelligence and emotional healing, strategic intuition, ecumenical cooperation and spiritual activism.

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