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    FBU National Championship Hunt (Southwest Region Edition)

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    This Week show will focus on The 2014 FBU National Championship, set to roll south to sunny Naples, Florida this December! Out of the 192 teams who are about to begin their journeys across 16 different regions of the USA, only 12 teams will advance to FBU Championship Weekend in Naples. NSR Radio will talk Southwest region with the Director of Player Development in the (Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas (San Antonio) region, Dee Jenkins.

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    National & International Roundtable

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    Dan Moyo (standing directly behind the Honorable Nelson Mandela),  joined the African National Congress underground unit in 1979 which led to his membership to UMkhonto weSizwe its military wing later in the same year. He received both military and political training in Angola and redeployed back into South Africa to engage the enemy in the Eastern front area now called Mpumalanga where he was originally born. Early in March 1981, he was arrested and charged under the notorious terrorism act of 1967, and wassentenced to 10-yrs with 5-yesrs minimum and 5-years to run concurrently.

    He was imprisoned to serve his sentenced in Robben Island Maximum Security Prison where all other freedom fighters were kept including former Rivonia trial's ANC leadership. The late President Nelson Mandela was a member of this imprisoned group.

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    National & International Roundtable

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    Bonita McAfee-Mitchell, Founder & CEO of Thread of Hope Records, is making a sound with the celebrated school curriculum program “I’m Saving Myself.” She may have been a celebrated wardrobe stylist for Stevie Wonder but Bonita McAfee-Mitchell, Founder and CEO of Thread of Hope Records, is stitching a new mission which resonates John Lennon’s poignant message “All You Need Is Love.” Mitchell is taking her Benton Harbor, Michigan based company’s “I’m Saving Myself” youth program into the national limelight with a theme which teaches self-love as the first and most important element to making wise choices.

    Judith Smith-Since September 2011 Judith has taken the role of Key Srategist and Co-Project Director for the Jamaican Olympic Ice Hockey Federation (JOIHF), a non-profit dedicated to the empowerment of Jamaican youth: providing opportunities for athletes of Jamaican, Caribbean and West Indian heritage, worldwide seeking to develop and/or enhance their skills for competition in winter sports, including competition at the Olympic Game level. She was brought in by her brother, G. Webster Smith co-founder of JOIHF.  He was a colleague and friend of Co-Founder and CEO, EJ Phillipps, who had this wonderful vision.  

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    National Scouting Report Talks Softball Recruiting with Rusty and Robby

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    Welcome to National Scouting Report's Blogtalk Radio Show.  This show will feature some aspects of college softball recruiting.  Today's guests will discuss recruiting as it relates to high school and travel ball pitchers that desire to play collegiate softball on scholarship. NSR has been helping high school athletes obtain athletic and academic scholarships for over 35 years.  College coaches from all over the United States depend on NSR for accurate and dependable scouting reports on qualified student athletes.

    Rusty Rigney joins our show today as one of the recruiting experts for sotball!  What makes Rusty an expert in softball recruiting?  First, Rusty has coached travel ball for many years.  He has "sat on the bucket" for countless hours giving instruction to pitchers.  Rusty has a daughter, Rachael, who is currently pitching at D1 Troy University.  If those two facts alone are not enough, well. Rusty is the long time President and CEO of National Scouting Report.  NSR is the world's oldest and largest scouting and recruiting organization.  Rusty's father, Bob Rigney, founded NSR in 1980.

    Robby Wilson is also an expert guest today.  He is the Director of Softball Scouting for National Scouting Report. Robby has a B.S. in Exercise Science and has been a certified strength and conditioning specialist working with High School and College athletes for 10 years. As a previous college athlete and high school standout Robby endured the recruiting process himself and has seen firsthand, the changes over the years. As the Director of Softball, Robby works with College Coaches, high school/club athletes, as well as high school and travel coaches on a daily basis in pursuit of getting the athlete the right exposure and promoting those athletes to collegiate athletic programs for them to continue the love for their sport while getting a quality education.

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    National & International Roundtable

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    IConstance Miller, completed her undergraduate work in social psychology at the University of Washington (UW). Her Master’s Degree in social psychology was undertaken in a program for social change activists known as Goddard-Cambridge Graduate School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. “

    Following graduate school she pursued a brief career as an associate professor of women’s studies at the UW.  Subsequently, she took a job as a program analysis in an executive department of Seattle City Government.

    She became a traumatic brain injury (TBI) Advocate more than thirty years ago following a motor vehicle collision that left her with permanent impairments from a moderate TBI. 

    Back then there was very little information of any type on concussion, and the existing literature typically blamed the patient for the appearance of the symptoms of what is now known as post-concussion syndrome. Fortunately, her academic training in research methodology enabled her to spot the flaws in such reasoning.  She took what she learned and put it into a self-advocacy guide on brain injury.

    She titled the book, FROM THE ASHES, because she felt that it reflected the destructive effects of brain injury in her life. Shortly after its publication she was recruited by the American Academy of Neurology to help them redesigned their guidelines for diagnosing and treating concussion in sports.  

    Realizing the vastness of the problem of brain injury and the lack of resources and awareness she decided to found a non-profit organization to address brain injury from the survivor’s perspective. Known as Brain Injury Resource Center it was established in 1985 and has evolved into the first national resource center for persons with traumatic brain injuries.  

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    National & International Roundtable

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    The ’68 Olympics is most remembered by the bowed heads and raised fists of Tommie Smith and John Carlos. Afterwards, the United States team swept the individual 400 meter dash. Ron and his teammates stood on the podium during the medal ceremony wearing emblematic black berets. Ron’s second trip to the victory stand, with his gold medal winning 4x400m relay teammates, also included a silent stance against racial discrimination in the United States. These protests not only represent some of the most memorable moments in Olympic history but an important milestone in America's civil rights movement as well. The 4x400m relay event provided not only an exciting race, but a historic event.  Ron’s time of 43.2 seconds was the fastest 400-meter relay split in track and field history and stood for more than 20 years! 

    His time was ultimately responsible for the United States’ world record setting time of 2:56.16, which shattered the world record by over three seconds and was unbroken for 25 years.  In addition to the collective gold, Ron captured the bronze in the individual 400-meter race where the United States swept the medal stand at the ’68 Olympics, in doing so Ron ran the fastest 400 meters ever run in lane #1 at 44.4. Although Ron’s Olympic achievements are stellar, and his performance in the 4x400 meter relay proved to be phenomenal, his story of triumph in the face of adversity began long before the ‘68 Olympics.

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    National and International Roundtable

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    National and International Roundtable

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    National & International Roundtable

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    The Legendary Tony Salinas changed the way people bet on games. In Major League Baseball, for instance, Tony was the first to chart umpire tendencies, as he knew the strike-zone size used by each in the American and National leagues. Salinas also knew who would likely be the first to eject a player, and who would walk away from a conflict.

    In the National Basketball League, Salinas developed the Zig-Zag Theory for betting playoff games, with bettors betting for teams coming off a playoff loss. And in the National Football League, it has been said that Salinas knows more about offensive strategy than most NFL offensive coordinators.

    Screen writer Sophia Stewart, better known as The Mother of the Matrix and author of the books "The Third Eye," AND "Matrix 4 The Evolution, Cracking the Codes", finally got her day in court on June 25, 2014, with damages In the billions. After eleven years of fighting in both the California (CV 03-2873-MMM(VBKx) and Utah (2:07cv00552-EFJ-DB) Federal Courts, she was finally able to enter the evidence proving she wrote and own the Matrix and Terminator Franchises. Stewart won the lawsuit Pro Se without an attorney.

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    National & International Roundtable

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    Dr. E Fay Williams,Esq- is the President/CEO of the National Congress of Black Women and former Counsel to the U.S. Congress’ District of Columbia Sub-Committee on the Judiciary andEducation. She previously served as Legislative Counsel and Chief of Staff for a District of Columbia Councilmember.  She is a Commissioner appointed by President Barack Obama to the   Presidential Scholars Commission. 

    She holds a BS Degree in Speech, English and Dramatic Arts; a Masters and PhD in Public Administration; Administration and Supervision Credential; Jurist Doctorate and Doctor of Ministry.

    Nina Clymer has over 20 years of leadership experience in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors in the field of healthcare, including executive oversight of domestic violence and human sex trafficking programs, as well as women’s health consulting. She is passionate about social justice, or people having the ability to realize their potential in the community and society where they reside. Nina’s education includes an MBA from Santa Clara University, a BS in Nursing from Northeastern University, and a Coaching Certificate from The Fielding Institute.

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    March 24, 2015

    The National Front, hosted by the NF Director of Propaganda Eddy Morrison, is the official radio show of the National Front of the United Kingdom.  The U.K.’s premier Racial Nationalist Political Party.  The National Front promotes the efforts of British Racial Nationalism and a return to traditional English Values and supports the White English Working Class.

    This week: Kev Bryan,the Party Chairman discusses the NF's recent Electorial Commission Victory.

    Visit the National Front: http://www.britishnf.com/

    Visit the ANA:




    Twitter: @ ANNRADIO


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