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    Look Hugh's Talking #22 feat FLAGASS and NATER

    in Music

    Justin and Forty aka. FLAGASS stopped by and 'versed with Nater @ Lady Luck Studios. Two guys, from "a small town in the woods off the outskirts of Chicago".    They the very energetic and full sounding duo "stick to what they love and express themselves fully"   Check out this "BALLS TO THE WALL" interview with FLAGASS and NATER. (you have to type in caps for ROCKERS!!!) lol.  

  • 02:21

    Look Hugh's Talking #14 Nater Bleed For The Fallen/Lady Luck

    in Music

    This week I will be joined by Nater, guitarist for  Bleed For The Fallen and engineer/owner of Lady Luck Studio. We will be talking about upcoming projects and collaborations.

  • 02:08

    TRU Talk Radio

    in Sports

    TRU Boxing Headz talk Boxing with Golden Boy Live Monday Night Boxing from Salinas CA. We talk to Manuel "Tino" Avila and Paul Mendez "Gallo" Negro who both fight on card. We also talk to Sam Garcia. The TRU Team also wrap up Monday Night card from San Antonio with Errol Spence Jr, Fidel Maldonado Jr, the Atrisco Kid talks to TRU about his win over John Nater as well. Stacked card and stacked show with guest Fidel Maldonado Jr, Manuel "Tino" Avila, Paul "Gallo Negro" Mendez and Sam Garcia. Thanks to Paco Presents Boxing

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    Workplace Violence and Preparedness

    in Business

    #TChat Radio is all new and live Wednesday, September 11, 2013, at 6:30 pm ET (3:30 pm PT), with the #TChat Twitter chat right after from 7-8 pm ET.   We remember where we were on 9/11 -- when the unimaginable became a horrific reality, just as the workday began.   Last week we talked about how recruiting is marketing, and this week, in honor of 9/11, we're going to talk about workplace violence.   The fact is that workplace violence can be any act of physical violence large scale or between two people. It includes threats of physical violence, harassment, intimidation, or other threatening, disruptive behavior that occurs at the work site. Workplace violence can affect or involve employees, visitors, contractors, and other employees.   And while the number of workplace homicides has decreased in the past few years, no one can ignore the reality that violence is still a serious issue for our communities, our schools, and our workplaces. Tonight's show is all about having a plan in place before tragic violence occurs.   Join #TChat co-creators and hosts Meghan M. Biro and Kevin W. Grossman as we welcome our special guests: Felix P. Nater, Chief Security Consultant, President and Owner of Nater Associates, Ltd., and Thomas Bronack, a Certified Business Recovery Professional (CBRP) from DRII.     This will be another important show about keeping the world of work safe and sound, while preparing for the worst.

  • 01:38

    Look Hugh's Talking Hugh Loves Music Too

    in Music

    Gonna play some new music from me and NATER!!!

  • 01:27

    Look Hugh's Talking Now (Hugh Loves Music Show)

    in Music

    Hugh Likes Music       Hey everyone, gonna be playing some of my  original music from my show. Guests like Static and Trouble, ConVersing All-Star, Seraphim Ward, None Will Fall. And the "status" of NATER!!!!

  • 01:33

    Look Hugh's Talking #23 The Horror Show feat. Jason Hoover

    in Entertainment

    Jason Hoover of JABB pictures
    JABB pictures is a video production company specializing in the horror genre. We produce and self distribute our films. We have released 6 films to date, Spike (2009), "Polly" (2010), The Collective V.1 (2011) The Collective V.2 (2011), The Collective V.3 (2012), The Collective V.4 (2012). We have also produced 11 short films   

  • 01:32

    Look Hugh's Talking #21 featuring Corey DJcashdollar Cochran

    in Music

    Anti-violence rallies, Dj, promoter...
    These days If you want to be successful you gonna have to multitask. Corey is all about that. CC has been going since the 90's and doesn't show any signs of stopping.

  • 01:03

    Look Hugh's Talking #20 The Music Show

    in Music

     It's been a minute but we back at it again!!! Also featuring some old unrealeased collabo's from ConVersing All-Star and Nater (upcoming feature) Static (the dudes a genius) even a lil Trouble thrown in there. If you haven't done a track with C.A. then...
    What are you waiting for get at 'em!!!!

  • 01:40

    SISFI Healthy Workplace & Workplace Abuse/Violence Awareness

    in Lifestyle

    SISFI launches new series “Healthy Workplace & Workplace Abuse/Violence Awareness” on SISFI Radio to bring more focus, attention, awareness to the issues.

    Workplace Abuse/Violence is a very serious and sometimes hidden threat that affects people on physical and mental levels. It manifests into social and mental health impacts that are sometimes not seen until something very serious happens to the victim which by them is sometimes too late. Unfair treatment and practices of employers, management and co-workers makes the workplace a very stressful, depressing and uncomfortable place to be but because of the needs to provide for family, take care of bills, put food on the table and just to live people try to endure the abuse out of fear of being terminated/fired.

    Many people are not familiar with the terms of Workplace Bullying, Workplace Abuse and Workplace Violence even when they themselves are going through it and being impacted by the signs and symptoms. Our society doesn’t do enough to educate and make aware of the issues until something happens on a major level that brings media attention. Unfortunately, the lives, wellbeing and many are hanging in the balance as they continue to suffer from the impacts of these issues without any solution to addressing them.

    The Panelists:
    Ms. Sherry Callahan, Georgians for Ending Stalking and Workplace Bullying
    Mr. Mike Schlicht, New York Healthy Workplace Advocates "NYHWA“
    Mr. Tom Witt, New York Healthy Workplace Advocates "NYHWA“
    Mr. Neal Dias, Healthy Workplace Advocate and Victim
    Mr. Mel Dening, Healthy Workplace Advocate and Victim
    Mr. Felix Nater, Workplace Violence Prevention Expert/Consultant

  • 01:29

    SISFI's Workplace Violence and Abuse Radio Show, 8-12, 1pm EST

    in Environment

    Dr. Gary Namie, National Director at Healthy Workplace Bill Legislative Campaign http://www.healthyworkplacebill.org/ and Mr. Felix Nater, president Nater Associates http://naterassociates.com/ , will be special guests on our radio show to talk about the workplace shooting incident in Connecticut on Aug. 3rd.

    We will be addressing the policies, procedures and lessons learnt from this and other incidents and how we can and should be prepared and protected from it in the future.

    Join us for this great session.

    Thank you,


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