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    UNITY WITH GOD on UNITED MONDAY: Host Ambassador Natalie

    in Self Help

    I present to you all our newest Host, Ambassador Natalie Brown. Ambassador Natalie is now the Host of UNITED MONDAY.

    Natalie’s highest desire is to live for the glory of Jesus Christ. She believes her calling as servant and ambassador of Christ is the highest calling of all. Natalie lives in Columbus, Ohio and serves as a Social Worker in the Greater Columbus area. Natalie says, “I believe God can use any of us at any time, to reach others. We don’t necessarily need a pulpit to spread the message of the love of Christ.” Natalie is a woman of prayer and teacher in the Body of Christ.

    During this broadcast Ambassador Natalie delves into "UNITY WITH GOD" in the United Neighbors In the Evangelistic Discipleship on UNITED MONDAY of Veronda Bellamy Inspired. Enjoy the broadcast! Send your prayer request to prayerrequest@verondabellamy.com. Visit us online at www.verondabellamy.com to learn more about Veronda Bellamy and her outreach Ministry.

    Listen to any previous show via iTunes or Spreaker. And download a copy of Veronda's book, "The Pain Stops Today: 10 Steps to Discovering Your Purpose."

    Join a host Monday - Friday at 7:00 a.m. EST. Veronda and Guest every Sunday at 7:00 p.m. EST. by calling 914.338.0464. As Veronda always says, "Sit back and Enjoy," isn't that soooo like life.

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    Episode 2080 - Gaining Victory over Life's Legions - Natalie Olson

    in Christianity

    Episode 2080 - Gaining Victory over Life's Legions 
    Natalie Olson 
    Recorded Fri 1-16-2015 on Omega Man Radio

    Kingdom Deliverance Ministries
    Email: kdeliverance@gmail.com

    Shannon Ray Davis is The Omega Man
    The Official Website of Omega Man Radio is: omegamanradio.com
    Facebook: omegamanradio
    Email omegamanradio@yahoo.com

    Casting out devils, Exorcism, Exorcist, Deliverance from demons in Jesus Christ Name is what omega man radio is all about.

    Tune in live Mon-Fri Nightly at 7pm Eastern at: mixlr.com/omegamanradio

    Dial 1-917-889-2745 if you need an exorcism or deliverance from demons - in Jesus Christ Mighty Name.

    You can support Omega Man Radio and keep it on the air by donating any amount online at omegamanradio.com

    "Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you." LUKE 10:19

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    UNITY WITH OTHERS on UNITED MONDAY by Host Ambassador Natalie

    in Self Help

    Good Day Lovelies,

    Join AMBASSADOR NATALIE BROWN as she discuss "UNITY WITH OTHERS on UNITED MONDAY" by Host Ambassador Natalie Brown. Scripture Reference MARK 2:17

    Veronda Bellamy Inspired is committed to bringing you something soulful and inspirational from the textures of the show. She understands that life can get the best of you and really wants to provide you with insight that will guide you into an indentified purpose and intentional living.

    Join a host Monday - Friday at 7:00 a.m. EST. Veronda and Guest every Sunday at 7:00 p.m. EST. by calling 914.338.0464. As Veronda always says, "Sit back and Enjoy," isn't that soooo like life.

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    The Power of Persuasion with host Apostle Natalie Young

    in Lifestyle

    Join Apostle Natalie Young each week as she host RHL Ministry Radio's weekly broadcast of "THE POWER OF PERSUASION " The apostle and his brethren used every argument and persuasion, to lead men to believe in the Lord Jesus, and to act as his disciples. Their zeal and diligence were for the glory of God and the good of the church. ~2 Corinthians 5:12~ 


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    POETIC LACE on " The Power of Persuasion " hosted by Apostle Natalie Young

    in Lifestyle

     POETIC LACE on  THE POWER OF PERSUASION " hosted by Apostle Natalie Young " Poetic Lace, real name Le’Serone “Lace” Smith,  The release of the album led to Poetic Lace making guest appearances in the movies “Running” and “Trap Livin’”. Poetic Lace also became the founder and co-host on “Spiritual Warfare Prayer”, a conference prayer line that’s open to everyone across the world. God established Poetic Lace more and more as time grew with invites to minister (perform) all the way to being a featured artist on many websites.  Poetic Lace became the new co-host on The D-Hour Radio Network’s new online radio show “The Covenant Café”. Poetic Lace became a member Pastor Ervin Jones III’s church, Restoration at Life Changing Ministries and his longtime friend, Leezola Coats, became his girlfriend. Shortly after this big move, Poetic Lace was announced to be on Coast2Coast Indie Top 50 Mixtape, number 14 on Modern Beats’ September 2012 Top 20 Independent Artist, number 7 on Hit Talk’s January 2013 Top 20 Independent Artist and other accolades for his hard work . Lace went on to release a segment called “Heart of The Streets”, where he interviewed homeless and misfortune people to make a change in our communities. Announcing that Poetic Lace was casted to play as the role of Sarge in the stage play  "He Wants It All."  Poetic Lace released a new single titled Soul Therapy featuring Transparent and Worshipers Victorious.  Poetic Lace was nominated for The Prayze Factor People’s Choice Award in the category of Holy Hip-Hop Artist of year.  



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    " In the Arts with Nolbert Brown Jr & Apostle Natalie Young

    in Art

    Join Apostle Natalie Young and Nolbert Brown Jr for " In the Arts with Nolbert Brown Jr  New Years Eve 2014. Mr Brown a native of Atlanta, Georgia and masterful, award winning playwright and director has produced numerous productions throughout his career. Brown the CEO and Founder of Sun Tan School of Theaters, Sun Tan Entertainment, accredited along with his colleagues for creative script writing and Award Winning Credits for the character "George Jefferson" and worked on the set of "All in the family, Tony award for Cabin in the Sky - Tony award for The Door Opens on Both Sides - Image award for One Monkey Don't Stop No Show - Urban award for The Life Story of Jackie Wilson - Urban award for My Grandfather Prayed for Me - Gospel award for The Life Story of Jackie Wilson.". Nolbert has produced over twenty stage plays of his 35 scripts throughout his career, producing several of his scripts for movie and television productions.



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    Show Notes with Shannon-Erik Steven Garcia

    in Science

    Visit us as sasquatchchronicles.com. On this edition of Show Notes, I will be joined by Erik Steven Garcia. He has a BA in Anthropology, and has training in archaeology and faunal remains identification.  He has had some interesting experiences that have gotten him interested in the subject of Sasquatch.  His research is based primarily in California and New Mexico, but has also visited AZ, NV, and UT for purposes of studying these elusive creatures. 

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    Mob Wives Natalie Guercio & Meek Mill DreamChasers Lee Mazin

    in Entertainment

    Mob Wives Natalie Guercio & Meek Mill DreamChasers Lee Mazin on Have A Seat Radio with Jazzy F, VH1 info, and Tori Blue. Natalie G is currently stirring up tons of trouble on Mob Wives going head to head with the OG's Karen Gravano and Renee Graziano. On top of things there has been some major drama with her boyfriend London who was recently stabbed in the side and sliced in the face. Lee Mazin is one of the first signees to Meek Mill DreamChasers Records and we will get to se what she's all about so tune in

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    Gene Moody and Natalie Olson

    in Spirituality

    Gene Moody

    Self-Deliverance to Break a Sexual Soul Tie

    Natalie Olson

    Gaining Victory over life's legions

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    Bert Martinez speaks with Peter Garcia, Emily Frank, and Brent Brown.

    in Business

    Peter Garcia an experienced retirement income planning advisor who specializes in helping his clients boost their spendable retirement income in a way that traditional planning can’t by integrating four essential financial instruments -  life insurance – both whole and indexed universal life,  income annuities, Roth IRA conversions and Social Security claiming strategies

    Emily Frank President of Z Skin Systems, a nutrition focused skin care company. Z Skin Systems sells skin care systems that work to address skin concerns from the inside and the outside. Emily is also the Corporate Secretary and Vice President of Business Development for ZeaVision where she spearheaded the development of the Z Skin Systems products from the beginning 

    Brent Brown founder and CEO of Latitude 360 a fast growing dining and entertainment concept with venues across the country ranging in size from 50,000 to more than 75,000 square-feet. Under one massive roof Latitude 360 combines high-end cuisine including steaks, artisan pizzas and steak burgers with a wide range of entertainment options including luxury bowling, live performance showroom for live comedy and national music acts, HD sports theaters, dine-in movie theaters, state-of-the-art arcade and signature bar and stage for live music nearly every night

    Tom Skerritt is an award winning actor who has appeared in more than forty films and more than two hundred television episodes since 1962. 
    He is known for his roles in MASH, Alien, Top Gun, A River Runs Through It, Steel Magnolia, and the television series Picket Fences.

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     Join Apostle Natalie Young for RHL MINISTRY RADIO's weekly broadcast of " THE POWER OF PERSUASION this week  " The apostle and his brethren used every argument and persuasion, to lead men to believe in the Lord Jesus, and to act as his disciples. Their zeal and diligence were for the glory of God and the good of the church. ~2 Corinthians 5:12~  www.RHLMinistryRadio.com

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