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  • 02:58

    The 12 Tribe Chart Exposed

    in The Bible

    Let's put the twelve Tribe Chart to the test and measure it with the Biblical text.

  • 00:30

    The United States Natal Chart

    in Self Help

    Over the course of the next year or so, we'll be looking at major changes (transits) to the US Natal Chart periodically.
    This episode we'll start from the beginning and look at the US chart and give it a read.
    Join me for live mini readings, if you want one - call in!

  • 02:01

    Eleventh House Radio: The MC, Israel's Natal Chart, And Free Readings

    in Paranormal

    On today's episode of The Eleventh House, we'll be exploring the significance of the Mid-Heaven or MC in the chart.  We'll also look at this week's stars, check in on LeBron James' homecoming and dissect the natal chart of Israel, where the crisis in Gaza/Palestine is reflected and far from over. 

    In hour number two, I'll be doing live, free readings.

    Please jpin me.

  • 02:01

    Nikkole: Billboard Chart Topping Artist - LIVE!

    in Music

    Get out of your chair and get ready to get your sweat on!  Pop Superstar, Nikkole, joins the show in Hour 1 to talk about her rise to fame, her hit single ZERO off of her album Hallucinations.

    In Hour 2 - it's your requests!

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask Nikkole a question or to make a request for hour 2!

    Buy Nikkole's music on iTunes by clicking here!

    Like Nikkole's Facebook fan page by clicking here!

    Check out Nikkole's website here!

  • 00:23

    Get a Free Astrological Chart Reading

    in Spirituality

    Answers in the Stars - Get a Free Astrological Chart Reading

  • 01:22

    Buffalo Breakdown: Wide Receivers, Bills Depth Chart

    in Sports

    On the 8th installment of the Buffalo Breakdown, the Hashtag Crew will take a look at the position that is of little debate, but should it be?  The Buffalo Bills have tendered the offer for Chris Hogan, signed Marcus Easley and picked up free agent Percy Harvin, so now what?  Are these the physical imposing players that will fit with Greg Roman's 'Ground and Pound' scheme?  Does Roman look to open up his playbook in 2015?  Where will Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods in regards to formations? 

    All those questions and more will be answered on a new episode of Hashtag Sports. 

    Tweet your comments and questions to @htagsports

  • 00:32

    Leonard Nimoy's chart read by astrologer Randy Goldberg

    in Spirituality

    Join host Randy Goldberg on his show Science of Light as he talk about the astrology chart of Leonard Nimoy. Goldberg is a master at chart rectification when the time is not know as in this case. Astrological Scholar  Isaac Starkman agrees that the chart needs to be changed to pm, see http://www.astro.com/astro-databank/Nimoy,_Leonard. His corrected birth info is March 26, 1931 8:34pm Boston, Mass.

    Randy is a world renowned vedic astrologer who has been interviewed by CNN, NPR and the Washington post. Using a Jungian archetypal perspective, he integrates both western and vedic astrology.

    Randy will be discussing a variety of holistic and deep topics.

    For more on Randy go here: http://www.randygoldberg.org/

    Here is his recent interveiw in the Washington Post http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/when-mercurys-in-retrograde-madness-rules-or-so-the-astrologers-say/2015/02/03/5d4570c2-abde-11e4-ad71-7b9eba0f87d6_story.html#sthash.9c9yNsiT.dpuf


  • 00:31

    Find Your Soulmate This Spring - Get A Free Astrological Chart Reading!

    in Lifestyle

    Today at 6:30 pm EST, Answers In The Stars with the Astro Phenom, Constance Stellas (Radio Show) Astrologer "Astro Phenom" Constance Stellas reads your astrological chart live on air. Call into the show live at (347) 826-9980 


  • 01:30

    MBSFood: Answers from Astrology with Pamela Bacher

    in Spirituality

    Hey baby, what’s your sign? Many of us have heard this tired old pick-up line, but who stops to really consider what our Astrological sign really says about us, or can predict for us? Enter Pamela Bacher, a professional astrologer of 30 years. She knows how to read the stars to provide insight on finances, career, love, health and more.

    Astrology speaks to the effects that distant cosmic objects have on our lives. It is based on the belief that the position of the stars, sun, moon, and planets at the time of your birth changes your personality and affects your life. Pamela will join us as guest to give you Answers from Astrology, running your natal chart, with some of her intuitive skills mixed in. Whether you’re Aries or Libra, Taurus or Scorpio, you will learn what’s in the stars for you.

    For more information and to follow up, email Pamelasastrology@gmail.com.

  • 00:33

    Full Moon in Scorpio - What will resurface in your life? with Janice King

    in Spirituality

    You thought you were done with that situation, but are you?  This full moon can be persistent and pesky, nudging you to take notice.  What should you do?  Janice King will share how to recognize and move forward at this time.

    Janice King, M.Ed, MscD, is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Intuitive/Astrology and Spiritual Counselor. Read her blog at http://www.janais.wordpress.com.

    You can reach her at heart120janais@hotmail.com.

    Welcome to "Unseen World", focusing on all aspects of the spiritual, psychic, metaphysical, supernatural, extraterrestrial & paranormal. Here you can share your experiences, ask questions, and we will assist you with your journey. You can join Saundra, Linda & others of like mind on our Facebook Group "Unseen World".

    Saundra Greene is a Spiritual Intuitive well versed in numerology, as well as the meaning & uses of different stones & herbs, but does readings from the heart. You can see more of her beautiful photography at www.wix.com/wyosammy/saundra-portfolio or she can be reached for in depth person email or phone readings at Wyosammy@GMail.com.

    Linda Irwin is an intuitive paranormal/metaphysical specialist at "Continuum X Headquarters" on Facebook and on http://cntnuumx.wix.com/lindairwin.



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    Attention radio programmers, promoters, distributors, retailers and fans:
    This chart is Gospel USA Magazine's choice for the Top 30 new Gospel songs from independent labels and artists from across the USA.  Only songs which were critiqued by us and passed our high standards for quality are listed.  Please feel free to contact any of the labels or artists listed below for details about acquiring or purchasing their music and for booking.

    Gospel USA Magazine's


    Gospel USA Magazine is a nationally-distributed, bi-monthly, Gospel music & news magazine, currently in its 16th year of publishing.  Our physical version is available NATIONWIDE by postal mail subscription and at select local and national events -- while our digital version is available online to readers WORLDWIDE.  In addition...

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