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    Scientology's Narconon: Christian horror stories

    in Religion

    Narconon has been operating for over 40 years, and claims a high success rate.  The rehabilitation program for drug and alcohol addiction says that 75% of its graduates have made full and lifetime recoveries.  Narconon also offers preventative programs, often given to publicly-funded schools.
    But not everyone is singing Narconon's praises.
    Touted as a secular program, Christians such as 'Watchman on the Wall' Colin Henderson was shocked to discover that when he was enrolled in the program, he was proslytized with Scientology.  And he was also denied his prescribed blood pressure medication.
    Human rights and public safety activist David Love says the program is dangerous.  He graduated from it and also worked in a Narconon center.  After a close friend of his died in March, Dave vowed to get justice.
    Damian DeWitt, who earned a Master's in Divinity, will offer his insight.
    GodDiscussion.com takes no position either for or against Narconon or the Church of Scientology.  The opinions expressed on the show are those of the commentators.

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    The Suppressa Palooza Tour: Scientology Protests

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    Why would ordinary people risk everything to spend their lives protesting cults like Scientology? In this episode of World Cult Watch, host Rob Robinson and his guests look at Scientology and some of its dangerous practices that make people say that this is a “religion” with practices that can no longer be tolerated.
    Rob’s guests, David Love and Burt Leahy, are familiar with Narconon and Scientology.  They say that their lives were negatively impacted by Scientology’s practices of fair gaming, disconnection and black public relations.  Nowadays, Love and Leahy are fighting back with a successful tour called the “Suppressa Palooza Tour.”
    Due to space limits here, please visit the official show page on GodDiscussion.net for more information about Rob’s guests.
    World Cult Watch, a weekly program that airs every Sunday night, is intended to not only offer news and information about cults, but to provide a forum where cult survivors — and those wanting to leave — have a chance to talk and receive emotional support.  Visit's Rob's World Cult Watch website for survivor support, and God Discussion for upcoming shows.

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    Women abused by religion and cults

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    Women have suffered all kinds of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse in the name of religion. Host Collen Sautez asks, “Is it a surprise that these practices carry on even today?”
    The first episode of “The X-Women Show” lands on Father’s Day Weekend, so Colleen has invited a father – and an activist – to be her first guest.
    Over the past decade, David Love has become famous for his media work in exposing Narconon, the “drug rehab” campaign that is based on Scientology teachings. Colleen and David will be talking about Narconon and the steps of mind-control.  They will also touch on how healing can and does take place, even in the aftermath of horrible experiences, and how to relieve the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
    Colleen invites you to share your stories about women you know and love who were harmed in the name of religion.
    Please visit God Discussion's "At-A-Glance" Calendar for upcoming shows.

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    Blind Justice? A mother speaks out about Scientology

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    About a year ago, attorney Luke Lirot joined the God Discussion show to talk about a wrongful death lawsuit filed by his client, Victoria Britton, Personal Representative of The Estate of Kyle Brennan, against the Church of Scientology. Her son Kyle, a 20-year-old Catholic college student from Charlottesville, VA, died on February 16, 2007, when visiting his Scientologist father Tom Brennan in Clearwater, FL.
    Kyle, who was denied his anti-depressant medication, was found at his father’s apartment, shot in the head with his father’s .357 Magnum. There were a number of suspicious circumstances surrounding Kyle’s death, which led to the lawsuit.
    Speaking publicly for the first time, Victoria Britton will share her son’s story: what he was like growing up; how Kyle, a non-Scientologist, felt about the Church of Scientology; and how he became a victim of the church’s dictatorial “handling” mandate and its well-known war against psychiatry and psychotropic medications.
    Joining Victoria will be experts in the elements of Scientology beliefs that are alleged to have contributed to Kyle’s death.  Ex-Scientologist Lance Marcor will discuss “handling” and “disconnection”, two of Scientology’s most injurious policies; Dr. Stephen Wiseman will talk about the church from a psychiatrist’s point of view; and David Love will talk about Narconon – how the facility treats illegal drugs and medically approved medications as being one and the same.
    Due to space limitations, we cannot include a full description of the show here.  Please visit GodDiscussion.net for more information about this disturbing story and our guests.

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    An Interview with Michael Ginsburg ~ Violinist & Teacher

    in Dreams

    Our Host, Sharon Beth interviews Michael Ginsburg who, at the age of three when most children were playing with their toys, was exploring the violin. By five, Michael was performing at various venues in his home state of Pennsylvania. Around the same time, he became interested in Scottish fiddle music & competing in scottish games. He placed first in numerous local competetions & at the age of ten placed third in a national Scottish fiddling contest for age 16 & under. Michael spent a year in Israel during which he continued his violin studies & played in an international orchestra & at various events. Upon his return to the U.S., he was chosen to be first chair violin for the New England Conservatory Youth Orchestra, one of the more prestigious music programs in the country. While there, Ginsburg studied with Marylou Speaker-Churchill, principal second violinist of the Boston Symnphony Orchestra. He also studied for many years with Earl Carlyss of the Juilliard Quartet & the Peabody Conservatory of Music. Ginsburg moved to Oklahoma in 2006 where he began teaching violin/fiddle & began promoting music in Southeastern Oklahoma. He won first place in the Oklahoma State Fiddle Contest open division at the Tulsa State Fair in 2007. During this time he sought out renowned fiddle player, Jana Jae. Beliving that together, their music would truly show people the endless possibilities of their craft.  His passion for music has led him into a career of teaching violin. His students have ranged from a four year old to a seventy five year old Korean War Veteran. Ginsburg has a lifelong goal to help people realize their true artistic potential & show them that it is possible for their dreams to come true.  In addition to his work with music, he is a strong proponent of a drug free lifestyle & is working closely with Narconon Arrowhead & incorporating this message into his teaching.

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    Glosslip - From Our Lips To Your Ears

    in Blogcritics

    Scientology expert and outspoken critic Dave Touretzky will be joining Glosslip to discuss his knowledge of LRH's controversial "Study Tech" and the drug addiction program Narconon.

    The second hour we'll be talking to best-selling author and Scientology critic Mark Ebner of the popular website Hollywood Interrupted. Ebner has written countless articles on the CoS and has been victimized by the CoS.

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    Drug and alcohol abuse has ravaged many lives, families and corporations. While not everyone who uses drugs becomes addicted, many people do. Is it really possible to overcome a drug/alcohol addiction? Is there anything you can do to help a loved one get clean? Join me, CafeAuLait, along with special guests, Natalie Fraser, Director of Public Promotion, and Mike Bertrand, Public Advertising Officer, both of Narconon Arrowhead, this Friday at 7PM EST.