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    Jason Baylin is back and were talking Morelia and etc.

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    In this episode we welcome back a good friend and one of the best breeders in the reptile hobby. 

    We will be discussing some of Jason's upcoming pairings for the 2015 season and we will also hit on the new facebook group page Morelia etc. 

    We will also be giving you a sneak peak into what Carpet Row will offer this year at the NARBC in Tinley park.




  • 00:46

    Post Tinley 2014 Wrap

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    Hey all! CK here.

    It came, we went, it's gone. Tinley 2014 was as much a blast as all the others had been before. I've got my good buddy Scott Wysocki to help go over some of the notable moments with me this episode. Scott and I didn't just make the hike to the reptile mecca together, we also shared a table at the show. So join us for our angle on the way it all went down, and find out if our take is any different that the way you remember it!

    hope you guys and gals enjoy.

  • 01:27

    UJR Presents: The Best Damn Reptile Show in 2 Countries

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    We're back from a long hiatus as the result of our international touring schedule but worry not, we bring the awesome as usual!
    Listen in as Danny & Andy catch up on a couple weeks worth of visiting the best reptile shows in Canada and the USA in the form of the Canadian Reptile & Exotic Breeder's Expo and North American Reptile Breeder's Conference in Chicago this month. We'll talk about our experiences at these amazing events and share some unforgettable moments including what goes on behind the scenes...you won't want to miss this special episode of UrbanJunglesRadio!


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    BT and CK... and that's it.

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    Just the two dudes from the BLBC boards this episode. Pretty sure we're going to find out what BT's got planned for his first season back in the snake room. A pile of Ball Python talk is smack-dab on the slate, and of course with the Tinley Park NARBC show not far off, there's no doubt we're going to start the Tinley juices flowin' as well! 

    Join us and enjoy!


  • 03:00

    Kara from the Blood Cell joins us to talk about selective breeding in pythons

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    In this episode we are joined by Kara from the Blood cell. We will be talking all about the short tail python complex and the work that they have done with selective breeding. If your breeding blood pythons or carpet pythons the insight she will share with us about selecive breeding will be priceless.


    In the latest installment of the reptile insider we will be joined by Chad Brown and we will be discussing Carpet Row at the Tinley Park NARBC show.


  • 00:37

    UrbanJunglesRadio LIVE From Chicago NARBC!

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    This is the episode you do not want to miss as Danny & Andy braodcast live from the nations's largest Reptile Trade show the Tinley Park National Association of Reptile Breeder's Conference.
    If you've caught our shows live from this event before then you will not want to miss the action this year as we bring you the best the conderence has to offer as only UrbanJunglesRadio.com can do.
    Make sure you clear your schedule for this one!

  • 01:06

    UJR Presents: Live from the NARBC Chicago Floor!

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    Join Danny & Andy live from the NARBC Show in Tinley Park!
    We'll be broadcasting live from the floor with an update on the show and perhaps a visit from several very specail guests.  As Usual we promise it won't be boring and we'll even take your calls and questions!
    Be sure to call in at 347-205-9407 with your questions and requets!  IF you want to hear from someone we'll run out on the floor and find them!
    You won't want to miss this one!
    It's a very special episode LIVE from NARBC Chicago!

  • 01:55

    UJR Presents: Kickin' Off NARBC Tinley w/ Potter & KFK!

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    Join us for yet another momentous episode as we kick of the celebration and countdown for the NARBC Tinley Park Breeder's Expo in the Chicago area March 16-17th.  This show will feature a special Summit meeting for USARk & PIJAC which represent hobbyists nationwide.  Tune in live or listen on the podcast as Brian Potter from NARBC & The Chicago Reptile House joins us tonight & tells us what to expect from the show and Summit meeting as during what is easily the country's best reptile show!  He'll also tell us about his experience fighting local legislation this week and before it's done we'll have a special guest drop by...

    But you know how we do it at UJR so our special guest will be none other than rock legend and avid Morelia Breeder Kerry King, of SLAYER!

    This will be our last show before hitting the road for a few weeks to deliver the next level of awesomeness for my Herp Loving Nation so be sure to catch us live and call in with your questions as well as interact in the chat room live Friday night at 10pm EST.

    Be sure to visit UrbanJungesRadio.com for more information and extras! 
    Just, Friggin', Awesome.

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    Live from the NARBC at Tinley Park

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    Live up to date coverage from the 2009 North American Reptile Breeders Conference aka NARBC www.narbc.com Tinley Park. Special thanks to Brian Potter and Bob Ashley for having us, we really appreciate it.

  • 00:30

    Quick Blast -NARBC Tinley Park recap-

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    Wow we had an absolute blast at the NARBC show in Tinley Park. We'll spend this segement reliving some of those experiences.

  • 01:28

    UJR PResents: The Tinley Report

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    Join us as we catch up on the final leg of our world tour at Tinley Park, Ill. for the one and only North American Reptile Breeders Expo.  NARBC has proven time and time again to be the USA's best show!  Listen in as we recount what happened over the course of the weekend and listen to what we have to say about our unforgettabel experiences at NARBC Chicago!
    A little later in the show listen in to Danny address the recent ball python histeria that is sweeping social media every time we post about anything Ball Python...he has a special mesage for the critics that you won't want to miss!
    It's all coming up on another long over ground breaking episode of the world famous UrbanJungleRadio!  

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