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    Records of Post-Civil War Federal Agencies at NARA - Reginald Washington

    in History

    The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is the official repository of the permanently valuable records of the U.S. Government.  NARA's vast holdings document the lives and experiences of persons who interacted with the Federal Government.  The records created by post-Civil War Federal Agencies are perhaps some of the most important records available for the study of black family life and genealogy.  This discussion will focus on NARA's Reference Information Paper 108.

    This reference information paper describes three post-Civil War Federal agencies' records: the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands; the Freedman's Savings and Trust Company; and the Commissioners of Claims. Case examples will be shared to illustrate the value of researching these important records.

    Reginald Washington is a retired archivist/ genealogy specialist with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). He lectures frequently on records and research procedures at the National Archives, and has served as the African-American Genealogy Subject Area Specialist at NARA. He has spoken at conferences of the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society, National Genealogical Society, Federation of Genealogical Societies, National Institute on Genealogical Research, and numerous local genealogical societies and clubs. 












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    Soldier Engraver Forger: When Art History and Genealogy Meet with Deborah Child

    in History

    Art historian and genealogist Deborah Child joins Jane today to talk about her book Soldier Engraver Forger: Richard Brunton's Life on the Fringe in America's New Republic. Find out how art history and genealogy were used to tell the story of 18th century counterfeiter Richard Brunton -- a deserter from the British Army during the Revolutionary War and one of the first makers of engraved family history registers. Deborah will talk about how she researched Brunton's life and his work as an engraver and painter.

    Order the book: http://shop.americanancestors.org/collections/american-history-and-culture/products/soldier-engraver-forger-richard-bruntons-life-on-the-fringe-in-americas-new-republic

    Find Deborah: http://www.deborahmchild.com/

    First image: Sacred to the Memory of Mrs. Lois Foot. She died Dec, 23 1802 age 40 /  In love she liv'd; in peace she died/her life was asked and was denied.

    Silver medallion, 2 1/16"  x 1 9/16"   

    Illust. William L. Warren, “Richard Brunton.” Art in America 41, No. 2 (Spring 1953), page 71. Photo caption “Mrs. George H. Decker, Watertown, CT.”  Current whereabouts unknown

    Second Image: 

    Family register of Charles Raynolds & Hannah Bidwell

    Rev War Pens and Bnty-Land-Warr App W17528, NARA

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    Awakening and The Paul Crouse Show - May Edition

    in Spirituality

    May 25, 2015

    Awakening with Bill Elliott and Kimmie Rose @ 8 pm EST

    Join Bill Elliott and Kimmie Rose and their guest, Andrrea Hess who will be discussing Soul Realignment. Andrrea Hess' program teaches people how to read the Akashic Records enabling the reader to correct bad choices that their clients have made in this and past life times, allowing them properly align with their Divine Purpose. This will be an awesome show! 

    Andrrea Hess is a psychic, spiritual teacher, and conscious business mentor as well as the creator of Soul Realignment, an intuitive healing modality focused on reading and clearing the Akashic Records.  She has trained over a thousand Practitioners in more than forty countries worldwide over the last eight years in Akashic Records reading via her modality.

    The Paul Crouse Show @ 9 pm EST

    “Walking the Path” with Reylia and Johnna Slaby of Nara, Japan. Join us for the May Edition of The Paul Crouse Show on Star Nations Radio. What’s it like being a “third culture person?”

    Paul Crouse talks with Funk Soul Twin Sisters Johnna and Reylia Slaby. They are U.S. citizens born and raised in Japan. They aren’t fully American nor Japanese. They have a third culture. Welcome to the new world where borders are less important. Don’t miss this laugh filled conversation with young people’s perspective on how to live life better.  Funk Soul Sisters and Brothers should all get to know each other. 

    The chat room will be open.  Please view our Disclaimer for our radio programming.



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    Ep#29 Robert Venditti

    in Pop Culture

    Join Josh Adams, Jennifer J, and Artist Adam Hicks as they jump into the world of comics like never before on PulpCast! Hear all the latest news and catch interviews with the comic book industry's best, as well as up and coming artists and writers from around the world. This weeks special guests are Robert Venditti. Visit the website at www.PulpCast.net to find out more about the show. Listen LIVE! every Sunday from 6pm to 8pm EST, and learn about other ways to listen or download.

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    HOW THE WORLD REALLY WORKS IN 2015 - Pt 3 Conclusion

    in Lifestyle

    Derivatives Collapse Will Cause the Worst Financial CRISIS in HISTORY! /

    http://youtu.be/VPMvaXnPKew /   

    - “28 USC 3002”  (definition of the United States as a Federal corporation never taught in civics class; go to paragraph 15) http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/uscode28/usc_sec_28_00003002----000-.html /

    - “27 CFR 72.11” (U.S. Inc. defines all crime as commercial as a result of the fall of the republic when the South walked out of congress in 1861 and the de jure congress, unable to raise a quorum, was replaced by Lincoln with the de facto corporate Congress; and the de jure district court of the United States was replaced by the de facto corporate UNITED STATES DISTRICT /COURT http://www.access.gpo.gov/nara/cfr/waisidx_98/27cfr72_98.html /


    http://www.whatonearthishappening.com/podcasts/WOEIH-184.mp3 / 


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDKdHuyQpHY /

    SEEKING CO-HOSTS - Contact : Ngon'e Aw (ngonea@yahoo.com) or FBfacebook.com/ngonea /

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    A true love story with artist Dan Venditti

    in Self Help

    Dan Venditti is an artist who has always been fascinated with the human form. That, coupled with a great interest in human nature, has formed his artistic style to reveal much about himself, the subject, and the observer. His Italian heritage, coupled with various European masters, both past and contemporary, has influenced his work in many aspects. But what brings him to our show is the love story that he lived and still experiences with his high school sweetheart Annette. Despite being separated by circumstances, they keep the flame alive through letters and poems, which he's getting ready to publish soon.

    Engagement poem:

    He remembered their touch

    the hands of someone from

    another time, when just holding

    them was enough to stop his breath.


    The sweet touches, the warmth

    and moisture of them clasped

    on a summer night of promise.

    Holding tight. Unable to let go.


    But they let go like a movie scene.

    Waving goodbye, wiping tears.

    Nothing left but his own hands

    now empty, left only to hold a hope.


    There they are now.  Her hands.

    Moving in gestures, recounting all

    the stories and miles from there

    to here, to now.


    Their lines hold the stories

    raised in hope, clasped in pain.

    They have brought lives to this place,

    held them, protected them.


    I see them now.  Same and different.

    The hands that always kept my heart.

    A glimpse of something shining on a finger.

    A symbol.  A promise made long ago.


    Ti amo, bella.

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    Namo Adi Shankara Film Producer Vijay Mallampati Joins Sister Jenna

    in Self Help

    Get the OFF TO WORK CD by Sister Jenna.  Like America Meditating on FB & Follow us on Twitter.

    Vijay Mallampati, from Global Peace Creators, is a producer of the film Namo Adi Shankara which was recently released in the United States in Hindi. It is a feature film originally made in Telugu by Producers Nara Jayasridevi and Vijay Mallampati from Global Peace Creators. The film, directed by South Indian Veteran Writer/Director J K Baravi,  is now releasing in its Hindi dubbed version. It’s well known cast includes Nagarjuna as Chandala, Kaushik Babu as Adi Shankara, Chiranjeevi as Lord Shiva, Kaamna Jethmalani and introducing Sriramchandra from Indian Idol fame.

    The film depicts the life history of Jagadguru Adi Shankara, filmed in the Kaladi village of his childhood. It shows how he convinces his mother to allow him to take Sainthood at an early age in his life, his travel to the Himalayas, learning Siddhis from his first guru, and later taking the Sanyasa from his second guru.  Based on his Guru's teachings, he simplifies the explanation of Advaita and spreads the same across India. Finally, he is declared as a Jagadguru in the climax when he announces four branches of Shankara muths and before leaving this abode for his next journey after life.  Watch the film trailer at www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-JvNaD4Q3I and visit www.namoaadishankara.com for information.

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    Do Vanaras Still Walk the Earth Part 2

    in Culture

    Vaa - Nara? Is it a Man?
    The ancient Vedic Scriptures speak of many mysterious races. Among these races the Vanaras stand out. Are they mere myth imagined by ancient poets? Or are they a living species that once roamed the entire planet? Who are the Vanaras? According to these sources the Vanaras played a central role at the epicenter of events specifically those events recorded in the Ramayana. By comparing Vedic descriptions of the Vanaras with descriptions of the various ape-like creatures from around the world, one scholar, Nilamani Kalia Robinson, may have solved the riddle.

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    Do Vanaras still Walk the Earth,Call to Ban my Books,Krsna's Birthday Celebrated

    in Culture

    Vaa - Nara? Is it a Man?
    The ancient Vedic Scriptures speak of many mysterious races. Among these races the Vanaras stand out. Are they mere myth imagined by ancient poets? Or are they a living species that once roamed the entire planet? Who are the Vanaras? According to these sources the Vanaras played a central role at the epicenter of events specifically those events recorded in the Ramayana. By comparing Vedic descriptions of the Vanaras with descriptions of the various ape-like creatures from around the world, one scholar, Nilamani Kalia Robinson, may have solved the riddle.

    This week Congress leader Digvijay Singh called for a ban of my book(s) 'Orissa in the Crossfire - Kandhamal Burning' and their varipus editions. Citing them as RSS ideology detrimental tot he communal harmony of the nation, the Minister labeled them as dangerous as Taliban literature. Ironically anyoe who actually read my work with a fair-mind will naturally agree with my conclusion. The`2009 US Report on Religious Freedom in India' clearly changed its conclusion from its 2008 report after reciept of my Orissa report. I am hopeful that people read this work and share its conclusions widely. Its available here free of charge. http://www.lulu.com/shop/brannon-parker/orissa-in-the-crossfire-kandhamal-burning/ebook/product-17373455.html

    Lord Krishna's birthday is celebrated around the world. Tune in for these and other India-related news and views.

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    Italian Genealogy Group and German Genealogy Group NY Indexing Projects

    in History

    Don Eckerle of the German Genealogy Group (GGG) and John Martino of the Italian Genealogy Group (IGG) join Jane this morning to talk about the mammoth indexing projects their groups took on when they decided to tackle Long Island records and then New York City vital records and then NARA NYC records and then some more. Don and John will discuss what records they have done, what records they intend to do, and what the differences in their groups' databases are. They will also tell us how they manage their indexing projects with more than 2,000 volunteers. They'll also share interesting stories from their indexing and tell us about unusual records or people that they came across in the records.

    In May 2014 Don, John and their GGG partner Bob Boeckle received the National Genealogical Society's Award of Merit in recognition of exceptional contributions to the field of genealogy.


    John and Don are pictured with the other New York attendees at the NGS conference in Richmond, Virginia. They are all members and volunteers for the GGG and IGG indexing projects.



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    2012 Miss Michigan Angela Venditti will be LIVE with us

    in Current Events

    Happy New Year friends!  This is our first broadcast of 2013.  For this weeks show we're going to be joined by the beautiful Angela Venditti!  Angela is the reigning Miss Michigan and was a class member of the 2013 Miss America pageant that was held on January 12, 2013.
    Join WowShane and Cha-Cha as we broadcast live from our new broadcast home, the Actors Loft studio, in Royal Oak, Mi!