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    The Nappy J Show

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    You know, promoting Juggalo stuff.

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    Afrikan women are the true Queens of the earth, and we have the crowns to prove it, our hair!  Sistahs we must realize that our hair reaches toward the sun, connecting with all vibrations.  Let's talk about our Crowns, our wonderful nappy heads and the power we possess.  

    This is a talk about Black women with Black women.

    Join us.


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    Tune In As Host Of Intro To Info Mikeisha Best And Co-Host Sits  Down With Skinny Deville And Discusses His Career. 

    Past, Present & Future .. If You Wish To Call In, The Lines Will Be Open. 347-327-9592

    Nappy Roots - is an American alternative Southern rap quartet that originated in Bowling Green, Kentucky in 1995. They are best known for their hit singles "Po' Folks", "Awnaw", "Roun' The Globe" and "Good Day". They were the best selling hip hop group of 2002.[1] The group consists of Milledgeville, Georgia native Fish Scales and Kentucky natives Skinny DeVille, B. Stille and Ron Clutch.

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    Nappy J's Independents Day

    in Music

    Underground sh*t! Hosted by Nappy J & The Chelsea

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    Blessin's, Pieces & Tranquility's ~ Author Artist Nappy Mo Zan

    in Education

    Blessin's, Pieces & Tranquility's, poetry written by Nappy Mo Zan.  

    The writings relates to you, your friends or loved ones healing pains, frustrations, and life's celebrations and evolutions! 

    Tune in and even call in and share your comments on some of his readings.  Rave Reviews from Italy, France,  the United Kingdom and the United States on his book of Poetry being described as the " Pinnacle of Consciousness, works of mental therapy in writing and world changing"

    "Poetry is a Painting in Words"

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    Nappy Roots, Black Hair Style, Care, Products and Economic Independence

    in Culture

    As consumer or beauty shop owner, have you wondered where are the local Beauty Supply Stores owned by African-American’s? Can you purchase quality products on-line? In a Billion dollar industry, where are the profits going? Does any of your money find its way back to your neighborhood?  These are questions we all are asking our friends, neighbors and people we know that are in the Black Hair Care business.

    We have as our special guest, Ms. Regina Kimbell, producer of My Nappy ROOTS and Founder of NAPPYWOOD weekend Los Angeles.  In her own words, “I’m a documentary filmmaker first so it gives me an objective overview of the industry also from a historic perspective.” We will get her perspective on the industry of today along with her opinion as the prognosticator for the future.

    You will hear cuts from the Nappy Roots Soundtrack. We’ll get into the facts and fiction of this billion dollar industry that manufactures for, supplying to and servicing African-Americans.

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    A Nappy Headed Black Girl!?..-Natural Hair Revolution

    in Women

    “I Am Not My Hair”

    Lurie Daniel Favors is an attorney and the author of Afro State of Mind: Memories of a Nappy Headed Black Girl©. This book traces Lurie’s journey—from the hot comb, the Jheri curl, the perm and the Big Chop, all the way through her life as all-natural attorney defending high-profile cases in a racist court system.

    Miss Naturally Crowned Carolina, Columbia, S.C: co-founder Jessica Boyd and the reigning crown holder, Chanelle Johnson. Best friends Jessica Boyd and Maureen Ochola started Columbia, SC first natural hair pageant in April 2014 and was recently featured in Black Enterprise. 

    Accompanying them will be musical artist, Zaena Morisho. Zaena sings in English, Swahili, Lingala, Nyaja, and French and she has written a special song on natural hair and how to rock who you are with pride.

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    Ms.P Chats It Up With Nappy Roots

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    After six years as independent artists and label owners, the group’s latest project, Nappy Dot Org, which stands for Nappy Roots.Organized Noize, a collaboration with the legendary Organized Noize collective, has allowed them to once again approach an album strictly as artists. Early on in the process of conceptualizing and working on this album, the group knew that they were not looking forward to the A&R duties they had been forced to undertake on their previous two independent albums. The tedious task of finding producers, sifting through their music to find something every member of the group could agree on, then making sure the business end of the transaction was properly taken care of was taking too much time away from the creative. So their manager’s suggestion to work on the new album exclusively with Organized Noize – the production camp behind Atlanta’s renowned Dungeon Family- was immediately accepted.

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    "Nappy Hair"

    in Books

    This book, "Nappy Hair" Dr. Carolivia Herron, caused a major controversy. Find out why! "Uncle Mordecai at a family picnic leads an African American call and response praise song of little Brendas nappy hair, which is the kinkiest, nappiest, fuzziest hair on the face of the earth. God in heaven is delighted to have this cute little brown baby girl with the nappiest hair in the world. Dr. Carolivia Herron is an African American Jewish author and educator now living in Washington, DC. Her most well known book, Nappy Hair caused a major controversy in diversity education when a white teacher, Ruth Sherman, was chased out of a school in Queens, New York for teaching this book to her third grade class. Herron is also the author of Thereafter Johnnie, Little Georgia and the Apples, and Always An Olivia, which tells the story of how her Jewish ancestors traveled from Spain to northern Africa to the Georgia Sea Islands. She has written the libretto for The Journey of Phillis Wheatley, and for the opera, Let Freedom Sing: The Story of Marian Anderson which opens March 24, 2011 in Washington, DC. Dr. Herron is a retired professor who taught Comparative Literature and Creative Writing at Harvard University, Mt. Holyoke College, and the College of William and Mary." All content provided by the author.

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    Happy To Be Nappy Or Not? And The Men Who Love Us!

    in Health

    What is yor hair story?If you cut your hair I will leave you! I don't like nappy hair!. Are you happy to be nappy? Or do you feel pressured to conform or just like a change?. How important is our hair to us naturally without chemicals?. What are the issues black women and men go through with our hair?.JOIN US AS WE UNTANGLE THE DISCUSSION! no pun intended.

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    Robbie The Rummy & Nappy J - Conspiracy Theory (Episode 1)

    in Entertainment

    on this segment brings Robbie The Rummy & Nappy J's 2nd brand new show "the conspiracy theory" as they will talk about things such as, the Illuminati and the New World Order, everything that goes behind closed curtains that many dont know and much more!

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