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    No Pre Season Huddle, Naples is in the News!

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    The secret is out!

    National media outlets such as Kiplinger and Market watch highlight our slice of paradise as one of the top retirement spots for investors and high net worth individuals alike. Home builders have ramped up production of homes to keep up with pent up buyer demand and Hertz executives are taking over existing commercial space while their new facility is built in Lee County.

    Here what all the buzz is about in Naples, Florida as we head into the busiest time of the year!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Fatima S. Khokhar

    Naples Meridian Managing Principal

    Call: 239.961.5661

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    Naples Meridian in Brazil to Talk Investments

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    We are thrilled to be taking part in the INVESTIR USA EXPO beginning next week in Sâo, Paulo Brazil.  This expo is poised to be attended by investor groups, real estate professionals and every day buyers who are seeking to learn about investing in the Sunshine State. Naples Meridian will be the sole representative for the South West Florida region and we will be taking part in a variety of events. First, yours truly Fatima S. Khokhar will be speaking at the Expo as part of the seminar series where my presentation will answer questions such as:
    Why would I buy in Naples? What do I buy? And how do I buy it?  Brazilians have been purchasing property in Miami for years, yet I feel it’s time for them to diversify!  It’s my mission to have them realize that there is another coast to Florida and this destination is ideal for everyone. 
    In addition Naples Meridian will have a presence at the Expo where the group will showcase various properties and new developments that fit into the lifestyle and investment options global buyers seek.
    Our website is gearing up for the show as we have also included our top investment picks that attendees may browse through during the Expo.
     I couldn’t get on a plane and not share this list!
    Take a peek at our website and let me know what you think as these selections are based on properties being in move in ready condition, having a strong rental income and of course their location.
    We are off to run through our final checklist before heading to the airport yet we look forward to recapping the results of the Expo once the final guest has left the building.  At this point we are most curious to see what the reaction of our investment options may be from our friends in the Southern Hemisphere!

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    How to do Business with Dade County, Florida

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    You Host, Lori Wilk will interview leaders of Dade County. Florida to understand and to share with our audience how other businesses can do business with Dade County. During this live broadcast we'll have our phone lines open and we welcome your call at 347.237.5638. Follow us on Twitter@Successipes. Successipes helps entrepreneurs with education, media and marketing resources. Tune-in to http://www.BYLNetwork.com. You can learn more about the opportunities presented by Gary Hartfield, Division Director, Internal Services, MiamiDade County http://www.MiamiDade.Gov/InternalServices/SmallBusiness

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    Episode 20: Terrance Plummer/ILB/Central Florida

    in Football

    The 20th episode of "Inside the War Room," we will be joined by star Central Florida Inside Linebacker Terrance Plummer. He's an instinctive player with good range and has the potential to develop into a good starter in the NFL. However, he must be more consistent getting off blockers and finishing more plays in the backfield as he can be a split second late to react. Also, he's good in man coverage and a good blitzer. While at Central Florida, he was named first-team All-AAC twice as well as the 2014 Fiesta Bowl MVP and Senior Bowl All Star. Follow Terrance and NFL Draft War Room on twitter @KnightBred_41 & @NFLDraftWRoom respectively. If you have missed any of the previous episodes of "Inside the War Room" then check them out here:  http://www.nfldraftwarroom.com/interviews.html

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    Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio Presents: Florida Bigfoot Researcher Mark Zaskey

    in Paranormal

    Mark Zaskey, is a Crypto-Zoologist, the creator, writer and host of "Crypto-Reality" radio show, investigative journalist, author of "Bigfoot: The Unavoidable Truth," and "Who Decides What is real." 

    Mark has been studying the Bigfoot species for over 16 years in the state of Florida. He is himself, an eyewitness and has had multiple encounters as have members of his field research team including his son Christopher in Myakka State Park. 

    His plain spoken and confrontational approach to skepticism and scientific bias are hard hitting and have yielded valuable information into dealing with these areas of our subject.

    He is best known for his research into the ongoing resistance mainstream science has toward eyewitnesses regarding their encounters with the Bigfoot species.

    Mark Zaskey's  blog "The Bigfoot Researchers Journal" covers a variety of often overlooked yet very important aspects of the Bigfoot subject specifically presented to help other researchers to become aware of scientific bias and dogma concerning our subject of study, how it is used against us, how it effects our research and public opinion on subject. 

    He is the founder of "Bigfoot Researchers United" and "The Bigfoot Research Council."

    Together they constitute the very first "Unified" front of Bigfoot activism for eyewitnesses, researchers and the general public. 

    The organization is geared to confront mainstream science at it's top levels and push for official funding, study and protection of the species.


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    Nothing But Florida Gator!!

    in Sports

    We will discuss everything Florida Gator Football. A new staff including Randy Shannon. A lot of changes. Who will be the starting the QB? What does the depth chart look like right now? And, who are the big targets left on the Recruiting Board for the Gators. Everything Gators!!!!!

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    Great Loop Information--South Florida, Naples and the Keys

    in Travel

    Bruce and Susan Armstrong will be our Guest Hosts to talk about cruising the waters around South Florida, Naples and the Flroida Keys.

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    Florida Senator Passidomo & HB5 ~ Little Red Riding Hood has no idea

    in Business

    Join us to discuss the CONTROVERSIAL HB5 sponsored by Florida Senator Kathleen Passidomo in a multi-part series of radio broadcasts hosting key Florida advocates for and against this Bill, including Kevin Pizzarello, Barbara Stone, Doug Franks, and Sam Sugar of Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianship. HB5 is unique, in that, advocates against the corrupt, abusive practices inherent in court appointed guardianship--simply cannot find middle ground to even concede whether the BILL is good or bad for FLORIDA's elderly and disabled at risk of guardianship. Tonight, Kevin Pizzarello will explain why he believes this Bill is BAD NEWS.  The Panel will attempt to flesh out the potential pros and cons of HB5 because the reality is that almost ALL BILLS, federal or state, contain both. In an effort to get a BILL passed such as this, both sides must compromise to get it passed. Most understand the objectionable provisions that end up in an otherwise acceptable BILL as "pork." But in the context of the unimaginably abusive world of private professional court appointed guardianship, is there any room for pork? Is this BILL a good thing for the residents of Florida or is Little Red Riding Hood skipping along lackadaisically as the big bad wolf eats grandma? She'll soon find out.  Be sure to listen Sunday as we interview Sam Sugar, an unlikely proponent for HB5 and find out what Sam knows that we are possibly missing. Anyone interested is invited to weigh in by calling the show but be forewarned, we will ONLY BE TALKING about HB5, its merits and/or lack of merit. Personal attacks and/or accusations will not be tolerated. If we are to win this war, a united front is not negotiable. We must all be cognizant of the fact that the "wolves" running this enterprise have every intention of making it "national" so this issue extends far beyond FLORIDA'S borders. Don't believe propaganda either!

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    Same-Sex Marriage in Florida

    in Politics

     From Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia and Mississippi, gay couples traveled to this quaint Panhandle city on Tuesday, eager to take part in a historic moment: the arrival of same-sex marriage in the Deep South."We came because it felt like home," said Virginia Jeffries, 30, of Foley, Ala. "And because if we waited for Alabama, we'd be waiting forever."
    "I have to confess, when I was first approached about coming here, I thought no way," said the Rev. Dr. Jim Merritt, who moved to Pensacola several months ago to become the senior pastor of Holy Cross Metropolitan Community Church. He married his partner of 20 years on Tuesday in one of many same-sex weddings performed at the church.
    A Tuesday regular at the diner, Earl Barrett, 72, and his two breakfast companions voted in favor of Florida's gay marriage ban in 2008. Look up the definition of marriage in Webster's Dictionary, they instructed, citing a core text for gay marriage opponents. (The dictionary amended the definition several years ago to include same-sex couples.)
    "I'm a Roman Catholic," Barrett said. "For me, I can see how, civilly, they have the right to the benefits of marriage. But religiously, I can't support it."Tampabay.com



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    Interstate 4 Tolls Violate Florida State Constitution

    in Politics

    Americans across the country must work together to stop the quadruple taxation and foreign control of our Interstate Highway System. We must not allow our national highway infrastructure to be sold-off to foreign corporations like Cintra.

    Help Block Interstate 4 Toll Taxes
    Lawsuit against FDOT - I-4 Tolls violate Florida Constitution
    FDOT SunPass Over Billing http://landlinemedia.blogspot.com/2015/01/dear-florida-dot.html
    Florida Toll Bill Mistakes http://www.wfla.com/story/27927389/toll-billing-mistakes-call-this-st-petersburg-senator
    Florida Senator Jeff Brandes - Chairman of Transportation Committee  http://www.flsenate.gov/Senators/s22
    Lawsuit against NCDOT  http://wideni77.org/
    Widen I-77 Lawsuit: Project is Unconstitutional   http://corneliusnews.net/blog/2015/01/20/widen-i-77-lawsuit-ncdot-project-is-unconstitutional/

    The Tolling of Interstate 4 is being done with "Public Private Partnerships". 

    Public Private Partnerships violate the Florida State Constitution.  Public Private Partnerships are the collusion of government and the private sector (see below).  Federal funding is being used for I-4 and the Wekiva Parkway Toll Road.  
    Florida SR 408 Toll Taxes equate to a $2.00+ gallon gas tax.  Toll taxes equate to highway robbery, AND they increase our cost of living and harm our national security.  The Interstate Highway system was designed as part of our national defense and here it is being sold off.  We must unite and stop this. "Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstates and Defense Highways"   http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/programadmin/interstate.cfm
    Email AmericanStatesman@1791.com

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