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    Into The Unknown Realm with Steve & Naomi with guest Scott Gruenwald

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    Steve & Naomi from Into The Unknown Realm welcome to the show Scott Gruenwald,  west coast reporter for Paranormal Paparazzi at Travel Channel and "Parawhore". 

    For more information about the show or Steve and Naomi's paranormal team, go to www.seekingtheunknownrealmsociety.com

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    Into The Unknown Realm with Steve & Naomi with guest Victor "The Voice" Fuhrman

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    We are excited to finally have our good friend Victor "The Voice" Fuhrman join us on Into The Unknown Realm with Steve & Naomi.  Rev. Victor Fuhrman, MSC, is a healer, spiritual counselor, and author whose deep, rich, compassionate and articulate sound inspired the radio handle, Victor the Voice.
    Perhaps he is best known to audiences for his work with paranormal investigation teams where he specialized in sending earthbound spirits “into the light.” His work has been included in a pilot episode of A&E’s “Unexplained” and featured on Bravo’s “Pregnant in Heels.”He is co-author of Pet Prayers and Blessings, a book to help pet owners bless their pets and also get through pet loss. He is a contributing writer and researcher to Your Interfaith Wedding. The Goddess Pages, Wedding Goddess and was a key researcher for the book Meta-Physician On-Call for Better Health. He was also a long time contributor to Beliefnet.com, a leading multi-faith spirituality site. He also produces and co-hosts Love and Romance Radio with his wife, Reverend Laurie Sue Brockway. Visit with Victor at victorthevoice.com

    The hosts are from the paranormal team, S.T.U.R.S - Seeking The Unknown Realm Society.  Steve & Naomi bring the funner side of the paranormal and help listeners get to know the other sides of their guests.  For more information, go to www.seekingtheunknownrealmsociety.com 

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    Into The Unknown Realm with Steve & Naomi with guest Chad Stambaugh

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    Join Steve and Naomi on Into The Unknown Realm for a night of paranormal fun!  We are excited to welcome back to Into The Unknown Realm with Steve & Naomi Monday at 8pm EST, our good friend Chad Stambaugh! Chad is well known for his books, Paranormal Investigations: The Proper Procedures and Protocols of Investigation for the Beginner to the Pro, The Paranormal Dictionary, Beyond The Veil: A Spiritualist Guide to Man, God, and Ghost and The Para-Chronicles: The Way I See It Volume 1. Chad Stambaugh is a Multiple Award winner; • 4 time Paranormal Award winner for Non-Fiction book of the year, • Authors First Anthology winner for Short Story adaptation. • Paranormal Radio Show of the year • The IPAA Award (The International Paranormal Acknowledgement Awards) • The IPAA is a special award based on the hard work, focus, personal merit and dedication to the field of the paranormal. • Second American to ever win this award Because of his strong advocacy for more education in the paranormal field, he's created two brand new training DVD's; The Paranormal Safety and Paranormal Ethics.

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    Into The Unknown Realm with Steve & Naomi w/ Anthony & Deena Maryland Ghost Trac

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    Join Steve & Naomi as they welcome Anthony and Deena Holmes from Maryland Ghost Trackers to Into The Unknown Realm with Steve & Naomi. Maryland Ghost Trackers, was originally founded by Matt and Lara in 2008. Working together as RN's in the Operating Room at a local Baltimore hospital, they would spend many lunch breaks discussing the paranormal, from their own personal experiences to the latest episodes of their favorite televised paranormal groups. They both knew they needed answers to all the questions they would theorize about, so in the fall of 2008 they decided to take a digital recorder and camera to Gettysburg battlefield to try their luck. From the first moment they started snapping photos and conducting an EVP session, they were hooked. Even though not much evidence would be captured on that day, they started gaining the most important part of paranormal investigating, and that is experience. To help with our thorough investigation standards the team would add Anthony, Deena and Steve. Anthony also has years of experience in paranormal research and investigations and brings a great wealth of knowledge to the team. Steve and Deena are both Investigators in training and are focusing on the equipment and research side of things, and are really becoming nice investigators. 

    To check out more about our guests, go to www.marylandghosttrackers.com

    For more information regarding Into The Unknown Realm with Steve & Naomi and their paranormal team, S.T.U.R.S aka Seeking The Unknown Realm Society go to www.seekingtheunknownrealmsociety.com.  

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    Into The Unknown Realm with Steve & Naomi - 2015 Year In Review

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    Join us on Into The Unknown Realm with Steve & Naomi as we look back through 2015 and our year in review and what we have to look forward towards 2016.  HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!


    For more information about Into The Unknown Realm and their paranormal team, STURS, go to www.seekingtheunknownrealmsociety.com.

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    1—Fresh Air
    "And God called the firmament Heaven." Genesis 1:8

    The Most essential element to sustain life is oxygen.

    Without food you will die in a few weeks. 
    Without water you will die in a few days. 
    Without air you will die in a few minutes. 
    Blood and cells are dependent upon oxygen. 

    Fresh air invigorates the vital organs and aids the system in ridding itself of accumulated impurities. Fresh air also brings life to the skin and has a decided influence on the mind. Fresh air contains negative ions which help to immune system fight disease. The lack of fresh air causes specific problems such as fevers, colds, and lung diseases.

    "The stomach, liver, lungs and brain are suffering for want of deep, full inspirations of air which would electrify the blood and impart to it a bright, lively color, and which alone can keep it pure, and give tone and vigor to every part of the living machinery."—Ellen G. White, Testimonies Vol. 2, pp. 67-68

    In the morning, step outside and breathe deeply; then expel all the air in your lungs. Repeat this about 3 or 4 times. Have fresh air ventilating in your home day and night. Exercise in the open air will promote good circulation. air is the free blessing of Heaven.

    "In the matchless gift of His Son, God has encircled the whole world with an atmosphere of grace as real as the air which circulates around the globe. All who chose to breathe this life-giving atmosphere will live and grow up to the stature of men and women in Christ Jesus."—Ellen G. White, Steps to Christ, p. 68

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    Meet Nine Year Old Kid Entrepreneur & CUBS Rising Spokesperson Naomi G. Jones

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    Naomi Grace Jones is a nine year old actress, singer, dancer, producer, activist, public speaker, and spokesperson for CUBS Rising International (Children United for a Better Society). Naomi is also the founder of M.I.M.I. Group LLC. Her business currently focuses on introducing more young people to creative arts programs in minority communities through theater programs and one-on-one coaching services while teaching the importance of giving back to their local communities as well. 

    S. Denice Newton is the author of eight books, inspirational speaker, community activist, radio host, and founder of Ari'el Rising Network, a grassroots empowerment movement for women and girls, and CUBS Rising International, a grassroots movment for youth. She is also the author of the newly-released book Cubs Rising: Pursue It & Do It!

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    STC FROM THE UK: Black History Part II!

    Hosts: Infamous Informer, Sadistic Shadfather, Mr NXT - Aydenn 'HeHasToWin' Wardle

    Cameos: Ric Flair, Mark Henry

    What was supposed to be a replay of the old Black History show became a show of more #FlairFiles, sympathy for Bret Hart, Various STC members getting put on blast, Grant's sorrow for Team BAD, and Dave Meltzer feeling the wrath of MrNXT!



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    get an A+ in COUNTRY: Curtis Clinton in the OVAL OFFICE: 120 Million Write-Ins

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    We need to get smarter in how we spend and waste our money. Everyone has heard of the $100+ Millions grabbed by Sec Of State Hillary Clinton and now we learn that Jodie Arias’s trial cost us $3,500,000. Today and 4 years to come, we will be feeding a killer, instead of remunerating the victims in our Nation, and there are plenty of them. JUSTICE is not served by bleeding dollars from the Lesser Than Able AND the Middle Income Group for a criminal murderer, guilty from the GET GO. When GUILT is Overwhelming Evident, What is Justice. and how is it preserved. Not in this case. We as a Nation have Inadequate and Incompetent Prosecutors. I Without a LAW Degree, have Pro Se‘d several cases and multiple MOTIONS, winning 60% and 90%. And Justice was not served in my losses. Untruthful Attorneys won at the cost of truth & Justice. If in the White House, I wiil allow us to propel Justice in all cases. OBTW, have you heard any of the POLITICAL PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES talk about Violence Against Women. Did you see The Wolf Of Wall Street

    and how Jordan Belfort forced his way onto Naomi – Margot Robbie – at the end of the movie. Where was her defense? She was Resigned to his forcing himself on her. Resignation is not an answer; it is not an option; it is rape. And yet, we allow it. So men, Americans stop it. The rest of the male population: stop it. If ever elected and selected into the OVAL OFFICE, I will be known as the President of All Victims: The Pres Against Violence Against Women: The Pres of Just COURTS and JUDGMENTS - BETTER LAW and SMART LAW. I would also like to be known as the Pres of The EARTH, of WILDLIFE, of ANIMALS, of ORPHANS, of FAMILIES, of WORKERS, of STUDENTS, of SCIENCE, of FAIR TAX, of ECONOMY, of BUSINESS and of the PEOPLE.  I have had enough of these things. bwell   c2it  CurtClinton  please be wise with your BALLOTS.

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    What happens during the month of February? (An Inspirational Msg to Teen Moms)

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    Hello Ladies this is Mom Loui, As we begin the month of February 2016, I'd like to share a few websites on children books that might spark your child's interest during Black History Month:  www.scholastic.com/parents: Tips on Children's reading books and www.Xlibris.com, Children book entitled, "When I Could Fly" written by my niece, Karen Caston and be sure to read any of the 30 children books of your choice by, Virginia Hamilton. Now as we approach Valentine's Day, February 14th, usually the first thing that comes to mine is the  friend of the opposite sex (boy friend) or how do I get to have a Boaz ,as mentioned in the book of Ruth. But ladies, I would like to suggest that you read this biblical book of Ruth as you approach Valentine's Day. I would saythat it is a book about love, respect and friendship of two women who experience losses in their lives. It is a story between a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law and how they dealt with their losses.  Ruth was seemly more able to deal with her loss, in the loss of her husband, Mahlon, but Naomi's grief had turned into bitterness, she was so distraught but nontheless, Ruth would not leave her side.  Not everyone is as fortunate to find a relationship/friendship as Ruth and Naiomi. But I must say that there is always a friend that we can count on, As I discuss this message with you, I am reminded of the song: What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefts to bear, what a privilege it is to carry all our sins to God in prayer.  There is no Friend like Jesus, once we know that, we are on our way to success and a brighter future, through Ruth's spending time with her mother-in-law, Naiomi, God rewarded her for her loyalty and in return she met her Boaz. Read the the story and see how it all happened.  (Mom Loui, MA Bib Cou & D-Min)