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  • 01:06

    Happy Hour: Reveal your Secret Self for the the New Year

    in Health

    What do you want for the new year, a new partner, new job, new attitude?  What may be holding you back?  Using NanoVoice or any of the other Real Time vocal analysis software, this audience participation Happy Hour, will try to help you reveal your Secret Self for the New Year.

  • 01:06

    HH • Solving Issues

    in Health

    Are you stuck?  Don't know where to turn, how to solve your issue with yourself, your family, friends, community, govt.

    We may be able to help.  We will be using nanoVoice to show how you may be "stuck".  Many of us have been encouraged to be good partners, good parents, good citizens by socially demanding that we don't make problems for others even if we are unhappy.

    We will be demonstrating the difference between being proactive and reactive based on what is real for you.


  • 01:10

    D4T • Not A Smidgen

    in Health

    Join us for an opportunity to look at potential corruption, or not, among those who have taken on the public duty of protection The People.  Lois and Obama on the IRS; Obama and Rick Perry about immigration.  Who for us, who’s spitting on us.

    And by request:  Who is Michelle Obama?  Her REAL personality, purpose and intent.  This will be a live demonstration of how to evaluate vocal frequencies using the tenets of Sonic  Polygraphs.

    Download nanoVoice – a personality profiler – from www.nanoVoice.org – don’t forget the charts and be sure to ask for your new nanoVoice manual.

    We are Whistleblower with BioAcoustic proof – Learn how to judge for yourself those who profess to be for a better America.



  • 01:11

    Performing Vocal Polygraphs; Software Tests Truth & Intentions

    in Health

    On Tuesday, January 28, Obama will deliver what is being billed as his “jobs speech” at 7pm Eastern.  At 6pm Eastern on that same day, there will be a special online Happy Hour broadcast that will attempt to teach our viewers how to use an online video to create a nanoVoice Personality Profile.  We may be able to determine if Obama is trustworthy in what he is saying plus determine his actual intentions. 

    This is to be considered a group experiment in preparation for presenting lively debates among ourselves and to provide the outside world with a reliable source for TRUTH.

    You may want to download the public nanoVoice software prior to joining the class – 


  • 02:02

    Vocal Profiling using BioAcoustic Biology

    in Spirituality

    On tonight's show we have two exciting guests!  Sharry Edwards is the acknowledged pioneer in the emerging field of Vocal Profiling using BioAcoustic Biology. She has for many years provided the leading-edge research to show the frequencies of the voice can be used to create a holographic representation of health and wellness. Sharry will be joined by one of her friends, Jill Mattson, Jill is a four - time author and widely recognized expert and composer in the emerging field of Sound Healing!
    The show will be hosted by Rosalea and the advisors of The Psychic Meeting Place at www.pmp-advisors.com. 
    Rosie will be accepting calls the last hour of the show.  Call number is 1(714)888-7516  
    *The opinions expressed by the guests and those providing comments are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Psychic Viewpoint Show or its host.*
    nanoVoice: http://www.soundhealthoptions.com/#!nanovoice/c24kp

  • 00:57

    Sacred Secrets

    in Spirituality

    Join me, Psychic Medium Kimla Dodds host of "Sacred Secrets" on Thursday evening 6pm PST/9pm EST as she welcomes featured guest scientist Sharry Edwards. Sharry will be sharing her secrets on voice profiling. This process detects things about your health, happiness and direction through the frequency of your voice.All of the listeners will receive a free software program called Nanovoice and text in download form to use for controlling your health, happiness and direction. You can even tell if you have been exposed to radiation through your voice frequency! Amazing topic - remember to set a reminder!Invite your friends to this very informative hour long LIVE show - where you can hear a little heaven on earth

  • 01:27

    Finding Your POTENTIAL!

    in Health

    We are energy generators; our body constantly uses energy that can be measured via frequency. 
    Using our Personality Profiling software, nanoVoice, we are going to demonstrate how your voice can provide clues as to what your energy needs to balance itself. 
    NanoVoice can reveal opportunities of focus, completion and balance of your energy field.   
    Vocal Profiling can be REVEALING, non-invasive and Life Changing.
    Whether you call your EnergyBody a Signature Sound, the aura or an Oto-Acoustic emission, it's fun and informative    to learn about it.
    Join in this Sunday – January 6, 2013 from 12-1 PM EST!
    Click the link below to join:

  • 00:41

    Sharry Edwards: Voice Profiling for Personality & Health

    in Science

    Sharry Edwards™ is the pioneer in the study of Human BioAcoustic Biology. Her 30 years of research is being used at the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology in Albany, OH, and is now included in The Duke University Encyclopedia of New Medicine, by Leonard A. Wisnecki and The Scientific Basis of Integrative Medicine, by Lucy Anderson. The effects of BioAcoustic Biology, now accepted by these prestigious medical encyclopedias, offers unlimited health and wellness potential.
    Sharry is creator of NanoVoice™ a micro-version of our professional nVoice Personality Profiler™ which uses frequency-based biomarkers within the frequencies of your voice to allow you an enlightening peek into your Secret Self.
    NanoVoice can help you understand and solve issues using unconscious levels of awareness. This innovative technology is the forefront of future wellness based on personal biofrequency correlations to emotional, genetic, structural and biochemical information about YOU.
    Currently, Edwards and her team at Sound Health are using human voice and the associated frequencies to help clients resolve health issues such as: macular degeneration, multiple sclerosis, headaches, muscle stress, brain trauma, weight issues and nutritional concerns. The technology is cutting edge! This technology can identify health and well-being possibilities that you have never encounter.  
    Visit   nanoVoice.org

  • 02:13

    Healing4innerpeace Welcomes Sharry Edwards Sept 2 2012

    in Self Help

    Innovative, informative, inspiring, an original thinker:  Sharry is imaginative, entertaining and thought-provoking.  She has the ability to provide an extraordinary glimpse into the medicine of the future through the use of Vocal Profiling and individuated Sound Presentation.

    Often Sharry has been accused of being too scientific by some, too esoteric by others.  In actuality she is a bridge between both fields of inquiry. Her curiosity and her need to make a difference in the world led her to develop a scientific format for computational biology via the sounds of the human voice.

    Sharry calls this new field of discovery Sonistry.  Just as there is a system of basic elements that we call, chemistry, there is a basic set of sound frequencies that can monitor, predict and manage biological function.  String theory found a basis for the existence of our DNA blueprint; Sonistry deals with the frequency signals that manage RNA. Sharry is the acknowledged pioneer and recognized leader of the emerging field of Human BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling.  Her work has been the subject of several documentaries and she is the recipient of the Scientist of the year award by the New Frontiers of Science.  She is a faculty emeritus of the Capital University of Integrative Medicine.  Her work appears in many books and publications.


  • 01:03

    Ancient Healing Harmonics with Kaj

    in Health

    What did the ancients know about sound healing that we have forgotten?
    Kaj Nagy, harmonic toning expert, will reveal secrets concerning the music of the Ancient Masters.
    Join us to learn how you can use your own voice to gain hidden knowledge about your health and wellness.
    An Audience participation show. Download the software from www.nanoVoice.org beforehand, so you can gain access to personal health, growth and spiritual mastery.
    Don't forget to download the Instructions and Charts to begin your Journey!
    Join us Sunday, June 3, 2012 @ 12pm - 1 Eastern-

  • 01:18

    Your Signature Sound by Sharry Edwards

    in Health

    Your Signature Sound, your favorite color, your Soul Note, your Birthday, what do they have in common? Can you find your life path using nanoVoice? Audience Participation and more way to finesse the Nano.
    To join the online meeting
    1. Go to https://soundhealth.webex.com/soundhealth/j.php?ED=150656317&UID=0&PW=NZmM0MWM3ZGE4&RT=MiMxMQ%3D%3D
    2. If requested, enter your name and email address.
    3. If a password is required, enter the meeting password: july10
    4. Click "Join".
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