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    KTL Radio presents The Wizards of Oz ft Sis Dorothy Muhammad

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    Sister Dorothy Muhammad returns to KTL Radio to weave a fantastical tale of how to utilize fantasy to interpret reality. 
    The world renowned "word/nameologist" will be using her unique method of using letter & number frequencies to break down some coded messages intertwined in some of our favorite fables.
    She will be deciphering and decoded the hidden messages in "The Wizard of Oz" and explaining how the template for these characters helped her identify the "Wizards" in her world. 
    What do numbers tell us about the cycles of Time?
    The past present & future?
    Walk with Dorothy down the yellow brick as she unlocks the hidden meaning of the frequencies of numbers 1-10.  
    You can contact Sis Dorothy for her services @ www.tellmeaboutmynames.com

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    The Dr Elizabeth Show- Guest Norma Watts

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    This is an ENCORE PRESENTION of "The Dr Elizabeth Show" with Norma Watts.
    Norma is a numerologist, namologist and psychic.  She is a published author of several books including "The Art of Baby Nameology: Explore the Deeper Meaning of Names for Your Baby" and "The Art of Namology: Uncovering the Meaning Behind a Name".
    Norma uses her extensive background, training and experience in astrology, numerology and the healing arts to do readings for people based on their first name!
    Her work is intriguing, accurate and powerful.  Make sure YOU call in at this special time to discover what YOUR Name means for You, Your Life!  And if you are expecting a baby, you won't want to miss this opportunity to personally speak with Norma and ask her what your possible Baby Names mean!

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    Spiritual Footprints with Host Toni Gamarro

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    Professional Nameologist & Intuitive Maryanna Korwitts
    A former teacher with a background in both education and psychology, nameologist and name intuitive Maryanna Korwitts is the author of several books including Name Power 101, Addresses Count and Cycles Count. She appears regularly on radio shows and TV shows throughout the United States and Canada. Appearances on ABC Nightline, The Today Show and FOX News featured Maryanna's work as did articles in The Wall Street Journal, The NY Times, Chicago Magazine, The Chicago Tribune and The London Times. Maryanna lectures and conducts name-therapy workshops and seminars. In addition, she offers one-on-one intuitive sessions on names, baby naming, business naming, personal cycles and birthdate influences, helping people better understand themselves, their life patterns and their relationships. Maryanna has been a life-long Midwesterner. She currently resides in the Chicago area. 

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