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    Conscious Groove with Naki Akrobettoe

    in Poetry

    Join Poetess Tracy Powell and the sensational Naki Akrobettoe, the granddaughter of Ghanaian royalty and an American coal miner, Naki Akrobettoe born and raised in Columbus, Ohio began her love of poetry and performance at the age of 12. Intrigued by the natural flow of expression, she studied historic writers such as Phyllis Wheatley, Langston Hughes, Toi Derricote, and many more. While in her freshman year at The University of Toledo she was introduced to her mentor Rane Arroyo. Under his teaching Naki found her voice and quickly became a highly requested artist, impacting not only the campus, but taking the community by storm. In 2004 she Co-founded the student organization D.E.E.P. (Developing Empowering Enhancing Poets through Poetry.In addition to her many achievements academically, Naki has opened for hip hop artist Talib Kweli and performed on the same stage as Grammy Nominated Artist, Dwele. Also Naki’s love and passion for music landed her a position as co-host on the radio show “The Session” WXUT 88.3 FM. Naki has been featured at Tripple Croxx Entertainment’s off-broad way production “The Signature: A Poetic Medley Show” with HBO Def Poet, M’Reld and Internationally known Poet, Tasha Jones. In May of 2010 she released her debut album, PENSTROKES. In 2010 Naki, co-founded Azucar Morena Ent and launched the live poetry series “The E-Zone.”In 2011 Naki also founded “Face of Africa Artist Series” an ongoing event that provides a platform for the exhibition of African Culture through creative arts such as poetry, music, and dance. Next up on Naki’s agenda is touring with her “Face of Africa Artist Series” and releasing her 2012 album “D.O.P.E”. 

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    Conscious Groove with Naki Akrobettoe

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    Well tune in live where the groove is HOT…. Coming to you with Conscious Groove’s Spoken Word Sundays on WXRP with the one and only, Poetess Tracy, Darrell Mitchell II and special guest Naki Akrobettoe. 

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    The Neo Soul Open Mic

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    Roses are red, violets are blue. You wanted poetry and so we are giving it to you! *finger snaps* Bring your incense, buree, diaries, journals, scrolls and poetry books. The Open Mic begins at 10:30 PM. Join the Q-man as we welcome Naki, Original Soul, LadyBSmoove and a host of others. Oh and we will finally be blessed lyrically by T. Mitch! You are welcome to call in and recite as well.Ladies and gentlemen, let the show begin. 

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    Edomites, Khazars, Anan-naki Continued

    in Religion

    Tonight we are continuing with the evolutonary impact that the Edomites, Khazars and Anan-naki influences today's world.  The reference is idendifiable that of the Illumanati and the govering of the World Bank i.e. money and economics.  This is vital information that we all should know in order to namuever in todays world.  We should know what drives our economy, about the U.S. debt and how we got there as a people.  Know that it all stems back to time of Antiquity.  Ask yourself, what role can I play or what role do I play in the  grand scheme of things?

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    Dynamic Dojo: With Robert RedFeather: Apache knife fighting

    in Sports

    eart. One foot may lead us to an evil way, the other foot may lead us to a good. So are all things two, all  Naki."

    Robert Naki-Bésh Redfeather, being ( Mashgalé Ndee ) Mescalero Apache  in 1980 sought out his relatives on the Mescalero and other Indian reservations in South Eastern New Mexico and Arizona.  Redfeather was trained by his Grandfather in survival, and Nagondzoog (old term) Means War/Fight/Guerrilla Warfare,  Nagonlkaadí Means War/Fight/Combat -- the unique Apache brand of guerrilla warfare. Both of these were made famous by the Apache realm of powerful War Chiefs such as Mangas Coloradas, Cochise, Victorio, and Geronimo, who was a Bedonkohe Apache Leader.

      In addition to his native culture, Robert Redfeather has been training in the martial arts for 48 years and is an 8th degree Black Belt. He has also been honored and inducted into several Hall of Fames across the country. Now with all this knowledge and life experiences, Redfeather is honored to pass it on through "Apache Knife Training Courses". He is also happy to pass along the history and traditions of his family and heritage, the Apache people. Redfeather, who teaches not from theory but from his life experience, is known for his training of our U.S. Military Troops, Police Officers, Native Americans, and anyone who has a desire to learn. A five-part certification course is available to enable you to teach "Apache Knife Training".

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    the hopi and the anunaki pt. 2

    in Paranormal

    the hopi and ant friends (anu-naki)....

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    the hopi and the anunaki

    in Paranormal

    the hopi and ant friend (anu-naki) connection....

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    Emissionr  du 30 Mai 2013 presentee par Mme Jeannette Dick a Paroles et Verites sur La Voix d'Afrique.

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