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    Naked Girls Radio Tuesday Night

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    Naked Girls Radio brings you plenty of hot new music for your listening pleasure this first Tuesday night of September. Tune in hang out and call in to the show at (646) 378-1541. We will be live for a whole two hours this evening so there is plenty of time to enjoy.

    Listen to music by some of our favorite musicans including but not limited to:

    The Divine Experience
    Dope Magnets
    Sono Vero
    DJ Reptile06
    Dive Bomber
    Catalina Shortwave
    Funeral of Romance
    The Last Second Save ft Anamosity
    Mr Frizo
    Mz PG
    DJ Spooky
    King Stux
    Elvis Kong
    Artur Bayramgalin


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    Win Cash And Prizes from Naked Girls Radio!

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    Get on NGR - make friends, promote your page, upload photos, videos, audio, write blogs, forums and be social to win cash!!! Join us for Monday game nights & have tons of fun with all of your best friends while you earn points that can be redeemed for free prizes!

    The two player games for Naked Girls Radio Network members include:

    *8-Ball Pool * Backgammon * Battleships * Brilliant Turn * Cheat * Checkers * Chess * Conectomato * Darts * Domino * Four in a Row * Go * GoldMiner * Hex Empire * Hexaru * Kaban Tactics * Knights Domain * Mancala * Marbles * Match 4 * MineSweeper * Ramble Scramble * Russian Roulette * SheepMe * Sudoku * Super Star Balls * Tic Tac Toe*

    Log in & play games with friends Monday nights & win free prizes!

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    Double Trouble Tonight on Naked Girls Radio

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    Uh oh both Sandra London and I are broadcasting live this evening! You can catch both of our shows afterward over at NakedGirlsRadio.com in our Fans of NGR group http://nakedgirlsradio.com/groups/profile/4 where you can find listings and descriptions of all of the radio broadcasts that we have done on BlogTalk Radio. I had promised a show for today so you had better believe the first thing I am going to do when I get finished with mine is go and check out hers! Her show starts a half hour before mine this evening so you can actually head over to listen to her for now and I will be with you in a little while. You can always catch my archive after the show also!

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    It's Totally a Naked Girls Radio Tuesday

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    Tune in today from 3pm - 5pm Central for your favorite Naked Girls Radio music! Call into the show with your requests and shout outs! Stick with Naked Girls Radio to keep it hot all winter long!! Playlist information coming soon!

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    Monday Game Nights on Naked Girls Radio

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    Every Monday night is game night on Naked Girls Radio where site members can log in to play two player games with their friends on the social network for fun and sometimes prizes. We get together, hang out, chat, socialize and have fun and then keep track of our scores for each game in the forums all while listening to our favorite songs. Sound like something you might enjoy doing on your Monday evenings? Come on then and join us! It's free to be a part of it and we would love to have you there!!

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    Have a Sexy Saturday Night With Naked Girls Radio

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    All kinds of hot new music in this evening's live show! Coming to you for the first time you will hear songs by American Dub Mafia, Space Z and Fembot One, and Archaic Noise. We will also have a Naked Girls Radio favorite: Mongrel with a song from other their new album.

    Here  is the starting lineup for tonight's broadcast:

    American Dub Mafia - Let's Get Naked
    Por*ophonic Inc - Organasm
    Peteie Green ft King Beyez - Sexy Woman
    Pablo Iranzo - Eye of the Storm
    Ditchwater - It's Over
    Mongrel - Over and Over
    Maxim Senin - Chains of Love
    RoGizz ft Tree - 100 Chips
    Space Z and Fembot One - I Am Your God
    The Devine Experience - Scratche Bas
    Mr Frizo - Saturday Night
    Sono Vero - End of Forever
    Jus' J - An Addiction
    Collabo - Licorice
    Mission 16 - Mind is Gone
    Maya Miko - Rock On
    Archaic Noise - Terrible Feeling
    Auditory Hallucination - No Cryin'
    Tommy Roumanas - Hard Rain
    Fearse Kreatures - Black Metal Rose
    Glen Neff - Snitches Permeating Every Object
    Caleb - Rich

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    Naked Girls Radio Friday

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    info coming soon

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    Naked Girls Radio Sunday Night Last Minute Quickie

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    Doing a quick little radio broacast tonight to finish up your weekend with some electronic music this evening! Enjoy! Hope you had a great weekend and have a even more fantastic week ahead of you!

  • Merry Christmas Eve Eve from Naked Girls Radio

    in Indie Music

    It's the Eve of Christmas Eve - Join Us for a pre holiday celebration with all of your favorite Naked Girls Radio musicians this afternoon! We will be playing Christmas music from one of our very own NGR singer/ songwriter Kyle Young. The song is called I'ts Christmas Time by Kyle Young featuring Nathan Cheney. Want to learn more about Kyle Young aka thekyleyoung check out his profile page at nakedgirlsradio.com/members/profile/98 (adults only please! He does have explicit lyrics in a lot of his songs) Wishing you a wonderful and happy holiday season :) Thank you for listening to Naked Girls Radio!

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    Good Morning Naked Girls Radio Listeners!

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    Good morning! I'm here to help you start the week of right with your favorite songs and a whole new look to our website has come your way too so be sure to check that out! One thing you will notice is that you now have the ability to vote for your favorite NGR songs at the top of ever page of the social netoworking website! Listen in for details on all kinds of new changes and updates while you enjoy the sounds coming out of your speakers!

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    Naked Girls Radio Saturday Night

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    TONS of new music tonight!!! First time musicians include: Convulusic, The Extended Play, Glen Neff, Lynne Taylor Donovan, Tommy Roumanas and Ray William Roldan

    Tonight's Playlist:

    Mark Castle - I Just Hold the Mirror
    AmerikasAddiction - Sounds Like Sex
    DJ Spooky - Artic Rhythms Dubstep
    HiPost - Swagg
    Convulsic - Love Space
    Dylan McGuire - Changed
    Doc Phybes ft Philly Wonka - OMG
    Mission16 - Mind is Gone
    Kali ft Dr Edwin and Cali King - Let Me Play With it
    Kyle Young ft Scatterbox - Shock Me Gal
    The Extended Play - Just for Two
    Tommy Roumanas - Hard Rain
    Sono Vero - End of Forever
    MzPG ft Big Ant - Bend
    Mr Frizo - Got a Hater
    DJ Reptile06 - Sabertooth
    Glen Neff - Snitches Permeating Every Object
    Lynn Taylor Donovan - Sugar Lake
    Ray William Roldan - Cowboy Cadillac
    Yung Dread - 1 Chhek 2 Cheek
    Vee Boi Baby - Attention
    RoJizz ft Jabril - Chasing
    The Devine Experience - Scratche Bas
    New Nobility - Rebel Hero
    Mongrel - Bound to Crash
    The Fearse Kreatures - Black Metal Rose
    Pennan Brae - Goin Down
    The Mike Michalak Band - Turtleneck
    Arron Brown - Star Gazing