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    The People's Townhall

    in Politics Conservative

    11 am CDT Saturday, October 31, 2015 www.blogtalkradio.com/phil_waite

    Paul Ryan is the new Speaker of the House, but has anything really changed inside the Beltway?  Let's talk about it in The People's Town Hall where what you think makes a difference.Find a seat in The People's Town Hall as town hall moderator, Phil Waite welcomes Claver Kamau Imani, founder and CEO of RagimgElephants Radio!  www.ragingelephantsradio.com
    There is power in numbers and you're encouraged to join the growing number of liberty minded citizens in Saturday's town hall.  Don't forget your iphones, ipads, pitch forks and torches!


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    The Wiley Show: Special Guest Swanny Rivers, Prince Ja'Van, Kamau & More

    in Entertainment

    The Wiley Show: Special Guest Swanny Rivers, Prince Ja'Van, Kamau & More

    I will interview radio DJ Swanny Rivers,Singer Prince Ja'Van to talk to hin about his new project which is out in stores now Savior. Gay Rapper Kamau

    You will hear music from some of the hottest LGBT artists in the world.

    Also I will talk about the lastest entertainment news. 



    7PM CDT - 9PM CDT 

  • Zaiyah's House presents Jazz Poet and Film Maker Mr. Norman "N-side" Woods

    in Entertainment

    Norman Woods, once chose to be recognized and performed as N-Side, the blessed one. He felt that the name represented his appreciation for being able to express his internal struggles and various stages of his triumphs. Later on, he chose to be called N-Side and The Tribe, acknowledging appreciation of his band, He refers to his style as “Soul dialog”. Covering a variety of subjects, soul dialog is what takes place when you are engaged in meaningful conversation. These are the types of conversations, where each individual can feel as though they can contribute and participate.

    N-Side's poetic work is done in a traditional style, which reflects his love of poetry from the "Harlem Renaissance" era. Most of his poetry is influenced by the writing of Langston Hughes, James Weldon Johnson, Arna Bontemps, Countee Cullen and so on. His contemporary jazz influences include, but are not limited to, Red Garland, Donald Byrd, Gil Scott-Heron, Sekou Sundiata and his favorite poet, Kamau Da'aood.


    Join Zaiyah and Uptown for a conversation and listening party with the brilliant and talented Mr. Norman  N-side Woods.

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    Make it Funny - Bring Humor Almost Anywhere!

    in Business

    GET WRITING!  With Karen Rowe

    Make it Funny - Bring Humor Almost Anywhere!

    My guest this Tuesday is Alicia Dattner.   Alicia started dreaming of being a comedian at the age of 8, and “wasted” ten years “growing up” before she finally started performing at 18. She graduated from Hampshire College with a degree in standup comedy–yes, comedy.  Mentored by several talented comedians over the years, W. Kamau Bell (HBO, FX), Eugene Mirman (Flight of the Conchords), and Bill Santiago (Huffington Post, CNN, Comedy Central), she’s been knocking audiences out (not literally) at clubs like The Improv and Gotham Comedy Club, in San Francisco, New York, Hollywood, Bombay, Chennai, and London.

    After a dozen years of doing standup comedy, she’s been racking up awards for her humorous, insightful one-woman shows.The SF Guardian called her “Goofy, messy, and fun!” The LA Theater Review says she’s “Charming, likable, and funny!” Sold-out hit shows and extended runs have garnered her a number of awards.  Her solo shows include, The Oy of Sex, Eat, Pray, Laugh!, The Punchline, and The Latest Show on Earth Circus. She’s also creator of The Spiritual Comedy Festival, and written a humorous number-one best-selling book on Amazon.

    Alicia has appeared on NPR, The Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco Chronicle, East Bay Express, The Lady Brain Show, J Magazine, BeliefNET, Elephant Journal, Elevate, Inspyr, Integral Yoga Magazine, The Mindful Word, Awaken.com, Taoish.com, and more.

    Log onto www.blogtalkradio.com/Jim-Nemley on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015 at 7:00pm EST.  Its' Time To Get Writing!  With Karen Rowe. 

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    Organic Nation Listening Club

    in Music

    Join Host David Ornette Cherry Saturday May 16, 20157AM pacific time, 10AM eastern time, as he explores Poetry/ Organic Music and interacts with listeners on “Organic Nation”. David Ornette Cherry is a world renown Composer/Musician whose Music captures the souls of our ancestors and infuses contemporary culture. David will engage listeners by exploring composition. Vocalists, Instrumentalists, and Musicians at heart can follow along and interact with David as he dishes out theory!

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    The 'Original' A.J Coles, aka AxJ, LIVE w/EFT Radio

    in Entertainment

    LIVE, May 12th @7PM EST, here on EFT Radio, I still call him Mr. AJ Coles, cause there is no duplicating an 'Original', but you may call him AxJ. He will be on the air in the place to be, gracing us with his new hits 'Love and Peace' and  My Lady  featuring the talented MC's A.P. & Naj Murph. If you have a special someone or a person you have your eye on you'll enjoy this. Take a listen & download. You can always get more at axjforever.com. Let's hope he will give us a 'Sample' of that freestyle only he knows how to load on us. Nah, Yall  Aint ready!! We do this on blogtalkradio, May 12th, &pm EST @www.blogtalkradio.com/eftradio2 or www.blogtalkradio.com/eftradio0 , to call in and speak to AxJ @713-955-0783!!



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    in Relationships

    1ST HOUR: Being well & Healthy... 2ND HOUR: THE GOOD SENSE G-D GIVES Host Michael Hameen & Guest Minister Kamau Kenyatta will be discussing transitioning... "The Bridge Over"

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    Round Table Chat :Jamaica Welcome OBAMA,Garvey Exoneration, Music Culture,Ganja

    in Music

    "1) seeks fair (re)distribution of resources, opportunities, and responsibilities;2) challenges the roots of oppression and injustice;3) empowers everyone to exercise self-determination and realise their full potential; and 4) builds solidarity and community capacity for collaborative action.""Political leaders, or the phenomenon around them, and social causes often cannot be fully explained or understood with one or two labels. Much depends on the lenses of the onlooker impacted by the perspective from which they come".excerpt from jamaica observer columnist  Grace VIRTUE.

    THE campaign to posthumously exonerate Marcus Mosiah Garvey is a noble and constructive effort by his family, the Universal Negro Improvement Association, and others to exculpate him from a wrongful conviction, while mobilising public sentiment in support of his life, legacy, and the ideals for which he was falsely imprisoned.As an extension of Garvey's personal quest to repudiate this travesty of justice, we consider it our inherent right and moral obligation to hold the Government accountable for correcting this shameful act of injustice. While we concede that we best vindicate his name by demonstrating the soundness of his ideas and the infallibility of his logic, we must never forsake any opportunity to unequivocally denounce this egregious injustice and demand its judicious redress.(  columnist jamaica observer Mwariama KAMAU) caribbeanradioshow.com crsradio.com call in 661-467-2407

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    Loyalty to the red black and green a call back to garveyism ...

    in Education

    to those who fly the red black and green the call to come home is being called we have a plan we have a constitution you now it worked they created cointelpro to take it down but its still alive the whirlwinds are whipping up the ancestors are calling you will you answer the call of mation building join me the truth dr and astro ra and brother kamau and get the plan and the man who started it all first international movement of black people on earth !!!

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    The 7 Most Dangerous Pitfalls Threatening Your College Success

    in Lifestyle

    Author and Professor Kamau Kenyatta goes Online With Andrea to reveal The Confessions Of A College Professor - Insider Secrets To Making Top Grades In All Your Classes which is featured in his book The 7 Most Dangerous Pitfalls Threatening Your College Success And How YOU Can Avoid Them.  Hosted by Andrea R. Garrison.

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    Dynamic Dojo Talkradio: with Professor Darrell Sarjeant & Tuhan Brandon Jordan

    in Sports

    Join us for our Monthly Sunday Brunch Show 3/15/2015,  11:00 a.m. as GM Darrell Sarjeant and Tuhan Brandon Jordan visit the Dynamic Dojo! 2nd of the Masters Hall of Fame Nominees guest series.

    Professor Darrell Sarjeant is the founder and chief instructor of the Kamau Njia System of Self-Defense. Born in Staten Island, NY, he began training in the Arts of Tae Kwon Do and Karate at the age of five, and currently holds rankings in Goju Ryu, Vee Arnis Jitsu, Sanuces Ryu, Pambuan Arnis Tulisan Caballero Mano Mano and more. Read more at http://www.usadojo.com/biographies/darrell-sarjeant.htm

    Tuhan Brandon Jordan is an instructor and practitioner with over 2 decades worth of training in Asian and Southeast Asian fighting systems. He is skilled with sports injury management, having earned a degree in Tui Na Massage with emphasis on musculoskeletal rehabilitation and education. He began his journey in martial arts 25 years ago within his family, practicing Judo, Wrestling, and Karate. Read more at