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    Nails with Suzanne E. Shapiro

    in Entrepreneur

    9pm est Host:  Rosa Share her story about her near death experience at Jack Dianels event. Beauty news and more....


    Nails, Nails, Nails, Nails....What is your nail sayig about your fashon and personality?


    9:30pm est, Guest and Convo about Nails

    About: Suzanne E. Shapiro

    Author Suzanne E. Shapiro traces the origins of the modern manicure as a radical gesture in style and follows it through today’s culture of ubiquitous nail salons and edgy experiments in nail art, showing how at every turn the manicure has reflected larger style trends as well as changing ideals of femininity. Nails draws on an incredible range of pop cultural images, from early 20th-century beauty manuals and classic Hollywood glamour shots to hip-hop music videos and fine art. It also features gorgeous nail-centric images from iconic fashion photographers including Nickolas Muray, Richard Avedon, and Helmut Newton. A series of contemporary photo essays rounds out the volume with an international survey of the most vital pockets of manicure culture today, from hipster nails in London to outré nail art in Tokyo. Unique, accessible, and authoritative, Nails brilliantly connects the painted nail to the history of women’s fashion and the evolution of beauty.


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    Recreating Runway Nails with Hillary (aka Solessence)

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    Nails on the runways are now just as important as hair and makeup.  Tonight fashion week veteran and blogger extraordinaire?   Hillary Fry (aka Solessence) shares her expertise on recreating her runway designs for the everyday client. 

    Stay Tuned for a few surprises tonight....

    CALL IN 9177-932-8407

    Join our Nail CHAT during the broadcast http://nailtalkradio.ning.com/main/authorization/signIn? 


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    Midweek Business with Rhonda Nails and Lea Mcleod

    in Lifestyle

    Our special guest today with join us in conversation as we talk about "The Game". She's been on the show before, she is a friend of the show. Ms. Tameka Royster helped us last time with the 'Decision to follow your vision'.

    Rhonda Nails, The Success Instigator is coming to share more from the Organized Obstacles Anthology. Today her guest will be: Organized Obstacles Contributor Richelle Shaw

    A chat with Organized Obstacles contributor and 8 Figure Consultant, Richelle Shaw

    Join Lea Mcleod of www.leamcleod.com as she shares more about beefing up your LinkedIn profile.

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    Midweek Business with Rhonda Nails and Lea Mcleod

    in Lifestyle

    Join Rhonda Nails, the Success Instigator as she chats with Organized Obstacles contributor, Sandra Dubose, The Bald Beauty Queen. www.rhondanails.com

    Join Lea McLeod of www.leamcleod.com as she goes over LinkedIn profile.

    Is your LinkedIn profile working as hard for you as it should?

    If you’re in business, big or small, LinkedIn is a tool you should not overlook as part of your marketing plan. Let’s talk about what you’re doing, and how you can use the 5 C’s of LinkedIn more effectively in your marketing.

    - Configure – the basics of your profile

    - Charm - Keyword optimizing your message

    - Connect - with prospects and colleagues

    - Commune – finding others of like mind

    - Compel – using LinkedIn as a platform

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    LNB Dish: The Inspiration behind our LNBs to Grow Extreme Length Nails

    in Lifestyle

    Join me Mel Wilson and my special co-host Ms. Ayanna "Yani" Williams as we talk with some of our "heavy hitters" in the LNB community to include Ms. Lena Cole out of Dallas, Texas, Nicole Chester Walters out of El Paso, Texas, Gerri Stewart out of New York, New York, Sonya Tysinger out of Tennesee, Lateisha Hargett out of North Carolina. In the community many of our sisters and brothers have specific people or reasons that inspired them to grow their nails to extreme lengths and tonight our LNB sisters will enlighten us as they share their particular stories of inspiration, passion, dedication as well as struggle, success, and triumph. This is an opportunity to call in and say hello to our LNBs as well as make inquiries into subtle aspects of their lives asking questions about those things you've always been curious about.

    ON AIR at 10:00pm EST

    Guest Call In (657) 383-0083

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    Sistergirlfriend Spotlights with Rhonda Nails and Sylinda Mumphery

    in Women

    The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show | Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. | http://www.sharvette.com/

    First Segment: Rhonda Nails….some may know her as The Success Instigator but before that she was Blind, Broken and Bankrupt. To understand the woman, you must understand her “story”:
    At the age of 5 an accident left her BLIND in one eye….
    At age 25 she was left BROKEN as a Single Mother….
    At age 34 a loan scam left her to file BANKRUPTCY….
    Despite these 3 B’s…she became: 
    *Owner of Signature Notaries; A Nationwide Notary Network
    *Amazon Kindle Best Seller…TWICE
    *Magazine Creator and Publisher
    *Power Speaker, Business Innovator and Success Instigator

    Second Segment: Sylinda Mumphery is President of SylindaD,LLC in Atlanta, Ga, an author, mentor, youth and women empowerment speaker and recent founder of Girls To Pearls Mentoring Program. 

    Sylinda... recently overcame two breast cancer scares and has used it as a turning point and wake up call to embrace her purpose in life and fulfill her destiny. 

    She is the Author of Heal My Private Parts and joins the show to discuss her book!


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    Jamberry Nails Review Show

    in Entrepreneur

    On Fridays show host Rich Dickerson talks with Amanda Toole with Jamberry Nails.  Amanda is one of the top marketers in the country and will talk a little about the company she loves and how she markets in todays busy world.

    To see more on Jamberry Nails and Amanda Toole visit her site by clicking HERE

    To visit nexgenmarketer.com blog click HERE

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    Midweek Business with Rhonda Nails and Lea Mcleod

    in Lifestyle

    In this weeks This Needs To Be Said Lea McLeod and myself will talk about five specific strategies you can use when talking to customers, talking to employees, or talking to business partners so that  you’ll  be heard much more clearly and get your message across that much more powerfully. Join us! www.leamcleod.com

    Rhonda Nails the Success Instigator, will tell you how she got the name. You don't want to miss this behind the scenes look. www.project-push.org

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    Mid Week Business with Rhonda Nails and Lea McLeod

    in Lifestyle

    Join Rhonda Nails, The Success Instigator and her special guest. www.project-push.org

    Feona Huff of Powerhouse Media Group http://www.stepintoyourpower.net/

    Join Lea McLeod of www.leamcleod.com as she talks about:

    "Feedback. Love it. Hate it. It’s a key to your success."

    Whether you’re in a J-o-b or running your own business, feedback is a gift. Though often we hate to admit that! We’ll cover what you need to know about feedback: how to give it, how to receive it, and what makes it meaningful.

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    Featured Guest Rhonda Nails

    in Business

    Who is Rhonda Nails? Some may know her as The Success Instigator but before that she was Blind, Broken and Bankrupt. At the age of 5 an accident left her BLIND in one eye, age 25 she was left BROKEN as a Single Mother and at age 34 a loan scam left her to file BANKRUPTCY.
    Rhonda Nails earned her Bachelor’s in Communications from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in 1999. After working and becoming frustrated with the corporate climb, Mrs. Nails started and currently manages Signature Notaries, LLC, a Nationwide Notary Network in 2005. Her business has serviced over 2,200 clients and counting since its conception. Several years later in 2010, and after series of "life events" the urge to fulfill more than being "just a business owner" constantly plagued Rhonda.
    Project PUSH is more than just an organization that supports entrepreneurship.
    It uses Rhonda’s story of building a business through Bankruptcy to help other Entrepreneurs build their businesses even on a Bankrupt budget! Project P.U.S.H. started as a simple motivational speech....it is quickly becoming a MOVEMENT.
    Tune in tonight 6:30 pm EST. as Host Diandra talks to Rhonda about the obstacles she has faced, and how Project P.U.S.H [Pursue. Until. Success. Happens] came about.  
    Visit her website>>> http://www.project-push.org/ 

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    1143 Nails & Clutched Bags Founder Hasani Taylor

    in Entertainment


    1143 H20 Nail Polish is a breathable healthy innovative water based nail polish that has bold colors that not only look good but also nourishes the nail. 

    The typical solvent based nail polish and lacquer contains a large amount of chemical solvents such as toluene, acetates, alcohol, ethylo biotin, dibutyl phthalate etc (to many to describe)! When solvent based nail polish is painted onto the nail it generates toxic chemical fumes and a horrible "chemical smell." The vapors from the nail polish can get into the lungs and blood stream and cause major problems in the body. Even most "five free" nail polishes have a horrible chemical smell. 

    1143 H20  Nail Polish replaces chemical solvents with water and when applied, it is only water that evaporates in the air not chemical fumes. Water is also able to permeate through to the nail bed after applied.

    1143 H20 Nail Polish is safe for children, pregnant women, basically everyone!

    1143 H20  Nail Polish is the breathable, no smell, nontoxic, water based, vegan nail polish



    Clutched is an bag and accessories line that brings you unique and fun pieces that make you stand out! Clutched has items that you will not typically see in the store and is for the girl who doesn't necessary follow trends. Clutched is for the girl or guy who dares to to be different! 


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