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    Pillow Talk w/ Naija | Under Naija's Pillow

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    Pillow Talk::

    Join author Naija every Tuesday night at 11 PM ET for Pillow Talk. You should tune into this show for a spicy and entertaining forum. Naija discusses a wide spectrum of topics from erotica, relationships, love, sex, pain, drama, and more. Tune in weekly for a seductive experience. Listen to Pillow Talk with Naija every Tuesday night at 11. Plus, check the schedule for additional shows and topics that may peak your interest.

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    50 Shades Of Grey: The Nigerian Perspective

    in Relationships





    Hands raised up for those who read or watched the book/movie! 

    Anyhoo... It's another confessional night on the show come Tuesday at 8:30pm Central time. 

    Would you sign a contract as you enter into a relationship to keep all your knowledge and experience of said relationship a secret? 

    Would you allow yourself to be whipped just so you can say you've experienced something weird in a relationship/marriage? 

    Seriously, did this book/movie get Naija folks any more curious??? Hmmm...

    Btw...the movie was banned in Naija after one week of viewing!!! 

    Come share your thoughts and and opinions on this topic..

    Let's swap tales ????


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    I "Un-Invited" My Family From Attending My Wedding!!!

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    What would you do if you are this lady? Her wedding/marriage dilemma with her family  just has my jaw dropping! Me, I know what I'll do sha??  join us at 8:30pm Central time as we chat!  www.blogtalkradio.com/mobysugarscroonings 914 338 0831 call and join our convo! 


    Lady and her Fiancé live in the states, been planning her wedding since her engagement last fall. Sending money to her family to get things in order for the wedding as it would take place in Nigeria and her family resides there. Now the thing here is, this is her "Step-Family" Step Mum and Half Sister. 


    So..... ol' Girl reach Naija only to find out.... All the money she and beau have been sending is spent! No wedding plans or anything to that effect! And they can't account for how the monies was spent! Her wedding is next week!! 


    She so far has "uninvited" her step family and they are now calling her names, saying she is selfish, stingy and inconsiderate for not sending enough money to them. 


    Should she call the wedding off? Postpone, start from scratch? She has only 1 week now!


    Story culled from www.nigerianweddingblog.com

    The pictures used have no attachment to the story in anyway. All Google stock.

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    THINKING ALOUD WITH AYO in convo with Slim with Ease founder Nina Ndubuisi

    in Weight Loss

    We all know how important it is too look after ourselves health wise..... but how many of us actually take our health seriously?

    We've all seen those before and after pictures but some believe that they are photo-shopped. How easy is it REALLY to lose weight?

    Surgery, starvation, specialist diets, gym membership, healthy eating....so many options but which is the best and most healthy way of losing weight?

    If one is considered obese, can weight loss really be achieved via healthy eating and exercise alone? Surely that method will take years?!

    Can a typical Nigerian diet aid weight loss or is our food too calorific?

    @NiNa has proven that it CAN be done! And not only that, but she has launched her weight loss/management company in Nigeria with great success.

    She was a guest on #TAWA last year, and I’m excited to catch up with her on tonight’s show to find out  how she and the company Slim With Ease are doing….. and yes once again we shall be talking Yam, Beans and Dodo ;) 

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    OWANBE TINZ: Chai!!! We Naija Folks Too Like Party!!!

    in Relationships

    So you sent invites to your party for 50 guests and ended up with 450 guests!!! How'd that happen??? Food don finish, drinks don finish but music dey so folks wan parry! Lol....

    Why do we have the culture of Mogbo-Moya??? 

    How do we as the celebrants handle parties without hurting folks or stepping on toes??  

    We will delve into the Naija Party World next Thursday trusting it will be an awesome night. 

    Let's swap tales...

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    TAWA in conversation with Denrele Edun - Being comfortable in your own skin

    in Lifestyle

    There is nothing like being comfortable in your own skin!

    To be able to do YOU regardless of what others around you say.

    Now of course there’s a thin line between doing you and being arrogant, disrespectful, obtuse and/or rude, I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about recognising who you are, why you’re here and what you have to offer.  It’s about living out the box....

     On tonight’s show, @Denrele Edun will be joining me to talk about all of this and more.

    What I admire most about him, is the total ease with which he seems to operate. Well of course, I’d love to find out if that is REALLY what’s going on, or if he’s had to adapt/change/blend in order to remain relevant in Naija society.

    From scandals to controversy ( that CharleyBoy kiss, his  sexuality, his hair, his clothes, his frame, Goldie, his family....his upcoming wedding(!))  sha, we’re having a no-holds barred convo, and it’ll be LIVE, no editing ;)

    Love him or hate him, you’ve surely got to respect him. He’s a force to reckoned with....

     He’s the guy without the stop button!!......Lord help me tonight ;)

    Got a question, comment observation?

    Link up with me on Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/ThinkingAloudwithAyo) or Twitter (https://twitter.com/Ayo_Sonoiki) for live chat during the show.

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    Thinking Aloud with Ayo in conversation with Lagbaja!

    in Lifestyle

    Lagbaja (born Bisade Ologunde in Lagos) is a multi-award winning Nigerian Afrobeat musician, singer and song- writer.

    Lagbaja's groovy fusion has been referred to as afrojazz, afrobeat, higherlife and afropop until  he himself has christened the music AFRICANO, alluding mostly to the central role of African drums and grooves in his music.

    He is currently on tour in the States but is taking time out to speak to us LIVE on tonight's show.

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    Thinking Aloud With Ayo - Beauty of Being The Boss

    in Lifestyle

    Join my guest Christopher Bamgboye and I as we talk about what it takes to build your own business.

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    Lilith and Naija at Rikers Island - The eve of battle

    in Entertainment

    With both Naija’s kindred spirit and Keisha’s damaged double souls caught on Department of Corrections’ camera during the fight, the word got out about Naija who was already enjoying celebrity status at the Womens’ Jail.  Lilith had visited most if not all of those asleep, and with the allure of the succubus, they adored Naija.   Talk of a foundation, the Angel Marked Foundation was circling amnd Naija would be its naturally selected leader.  Once visited, the victim never longed for drugs or alcohol again.   Lilith laid them straight with the power of tens of thousands of climaxes.  Linda has been pinched and is on her way to Riker's, Frankie gets the heat from everyone.

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    Officer J White is enlisted - Undercover Over Naija

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    Officer J White is enlisted for the undercover assignment to watch over Naija.   Meanwhile, things heated up in jail and heated up in the street as Frankie cleans house. Frankie the young turk from an up and coming crew, has one chance left with Carmine, who the Boss is losing patience with.  His envelopes have been lacking.  Frankie has but one chance to make it happen with Linda the Boss's favorite niece.  She had an extortion plan set for Corrections Officers on vacation with the girls for rent while they were on short vacations in DR.  G Mother Tours had been the set up and the Officers were all set up on film for the plan.  Would Linda extortion plan work?  She was already flooding Riker's and the Upstate Prisons with tobaccco and next would come drugs and weapons.   Naija continues to go along with Mr. Woods, although suspicious.  She faces too much jail time if she refused to go undercover.  Trapped in Naija's body, the legendary first wife of Adam, who tempted Adam and Eve to eat from the fruit while she (Lilith) retained her immortality.  Rumored for thousands of years, this immortal comes back to the modern day through the body of a reformed street girl, Naija but there are surprises for everybody.   Battle for Riker's Island Series Book 1.