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    Nutritional Myth Busters with Fred Van Liew

    in Health

    Join us Wednesday 11:11 am PT/1:11 pm CT/2:11 ET  

    Learn today about Nutritional Myths and how you can take charge to increase your health and energy with Fred Van Liew.

    Fred Van Liew has been known as "The Water Doctor Since 1987, and over 40,000 Doctors, clients and customers have experienced first-hand Fred Van Liew's natural, health-restoring and life changing solutions. They have saved thousands of dollars and years of frustration implementing Fred’s proven strategies and remedies for a healthy home, both inside and outside the body. 

    Fred's seminars and trainings to doctors and individual clients, his radio shows, consulting to audiences and individuals worldwide have provided the secrets to attain true health and longevity. His current best-selling book “Adrenal Exhaustion and Chronic Fatigue: How to Stop the Nightmare!” has enabled people internationally to gain answers not found elsewhere, while eliminating years of suffering. His soon to be published “Perfect Love: Healing with Spiritual Principles” addresses the often ignored but critical spiritual side of healing.

    Click Here for more info on the EP2 Stress Pendant & Other products mentioned in the show.


    All shows are Broadcasted Live Wednesdays at 11:11 am PT and recorded, archived and available for you to watch/listen from your mobile device or computer at www.TheBottomLineShowLive.com

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    Top 4 Myth Busters for 2014 Phoenix real estate Buyers and Sellers

    in Real Estate

    Top 4 Myth Busters for 2014 Phoenix real estate Buyers and Sellers

    In this episode I will be going over what the top myths are currently for 2014 for both buyers and sellers. So if you are looking ot purchase or sell a home in Phoenix you will not want to miss this episode. This is a show dedicated to anything and everything related to Phoenix real estate. Should I sell now or later......Should i rent or purchase? These are just a couple of the things that I will be covering in this episode. I look forward in hearing from you on the show. 

    Jayson Bates......602-573-3101.....valleyofthesunrealestateshow@gmail.com

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    Staying Alive: Holiday Depression and Suicide Myth

    in Self Help

    An increase in the rate of suicides around the holidays is unfortunate myth, according to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In fact, the month of December actually boasts the lowest rate of suicides for the entire year.

    It seems that the media has perpetuated this holiday suicide myth, according to The Annenberg Public Policy Center. Researchers from the center analyzed articles over the last 10 years and found that 40% of the articles continued to report the incorrect myth, even though national statistics clearly show the opposite trend.

    It is important to remember that while suicide rates may be lower during the holiday months, suicides in children still occur. If you believe that your child is suicidal or thinking about harming herself, it is important to seek immediate treatment.






    Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 (1-800-799-4TTY)

    If you're gay, lesbian, bisexual, or trans* call 1-888-THE-GLNH (1-888-843-4564)

    If you're a veteran call 800-273-TALK and press 1

    If you're a teenager call Covenant House Nine Line at 1-800-999-9999

    Telephone Counseling www.Advicecare.com 1-800-679-4031

    Staying Alive Sponsored by www.AdviceCare.com - email us: StayingAlive4U@Outlook.com

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    Debunking The Myth of Michael Brown, Gentle Giant

    in Politics Conservative

    The Dr C Robert Jones....SITUATION REPORT!!!

    Tuesday 8 to 9 pm Call in Join the Discussion 

    Ben Shapiro exposes the truth behind the media-created myth of Gentle Giant Michael Brown, the unarmed teen gunned down in cold blood by a white racist cop for the crime of walking while black. Except that every part of that story is a lie. 


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    Dispelling the Myth of Romantic Love

    in Self Help

    It's time to tell the truth about why we get into relationship. From early on in life we are sold the idea of romantic love through books, movies and tv shows. The growing number of single people is a testatment that the myth has created a strain on relationships. Arlene and Harvey will talk about the myth's surrounding romantic love, like finding Mr Right and living happily ever after or sowing your wild oats before settling down with the right woman. What men and women believe about love and the reality of why what they often find in relationships leave most feeling disillusioned and less than satisfied.

    Join in Thursday as Arlene and Harvey dispel the myth of romantic love and discuss the real reason for romantic relationships.

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    Episode 124 World Beyond Belief - Encouragement for Conspiracy Seers, the Myth o

    in Energy

    Episode 124 World Beyond Belief - Encouragement for Conspiracy Seers, the Myth of Overpopulation

    This podcast starts by reflecting on how the mainstream seems to be really concerned with the Awakening process. By sending its "big gun" out to keep the TV viewers in line by ridiculing the Awakening, it signals to all that the consciousness shift is of real concern to them. In the second hour, the focus shifts to the fallacy of overpopulation and explains why the globalists must keep working at maintaining this illusion. The real population problem is coopted demographic shifts that will make (like Japan now) supporting the needs of the aging population impossible (cabal's answer -- death panels). Also how we must work to ensure the continuation of the species and our beautiful specfic races. Are humans an endangered species? Funny question-- do some research.

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    The Myth of Free Public Transportation

    in Politics

    I would like to put to rest the myth of free public transportation.  This is a favorite project of the progressive era, but it makes no economic, or even socially conscious, sense and I'll prove it.  Hope to hear your worldview now toll-freed 888-773-4496.

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    Myth-busters: Grace Edition Pt. 2 - Minister Vincent Thomas

    in Spirituality

    "Myth-busters: Grace Edition Pt. 2" with guest speaker, Minister Vincent Thomas. 

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    Myth Busters: Orgins of Easter and good Friday

    in Culture

    One of our favorite type of shows is the Myth Busters series, on this show we'll take a look at the Pagan holiday of easter and the celabration of good Friday. Where did it come from, why do most participate, and most important is it scriptual. Join us tonight

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    Destroying The Myth: Singleness Is A Disease

    in Relationships

    Defining singleness. What does it mean? 

    What are the reasons WHY people are single? Is it down to circumstance or is it a choice?

    What are the differences between the Western culture and the African culture regarding being single?

    What are the things single people are tired of hearing?

    Singleness, is it ever a disease or a state of being?

    Is marriage for everyone? Yes? No? Why?

    All of these and much more will be discussed on tonight's episode of LOVE IN THE HOUSE at 9PM GMT.



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    Friendship Week on GetRealLive Radio - The Myth of the BFF

    in Lifestyle

    The Myth of the BFF | When friendship dies | How to mourn a friendship | How to move on

    Susan and Nicole dive into a side of the friendship conversation that isn't often discussed.

    Dr. Natalie Kon-yu, Dr. Natalie Kon-yu Lecturer in Creative Writing, Literary and Gender Studies College of the Arts, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia. She is one of the editors of 'Just between Us: Australian Writers Tell the Truth about Female Friendship'. She is currently co-editing another anthology with Pan Macmillan which features some of Australia's high profile female writers. Additionally, we will hear Jennifer Burrows spends her life helping people develop skills that help them professionally and personally. Perhaps her own journey has helped her develop this much needed skill set. Jennifer will share her painful story about how she lost all of her friends through one extraordinary rumour. A rumour that you won't believe and how one persons life can change so drastically. She lost her friends, moved countries but says it's the BEST thing that has ever happened to her. Rik Schnabel will be joining us has climbed the ladder of success and has quickly realised that being at the top can be very lonely. He's going to share - from the male perspective what friendship looks like as a man in the corporate world. Success has truly changed the landscape of his friendships in a challenging way. Additionally, Kate Elliot, founder of kateandkim.com, has travelled the globe, lived in countries overseas and shares from a deep well of personal loneliness and the desire to build friendships. She will tell us about her fast growing friendship site and why the need for connectivity and friendship is so great. 





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