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    Southern Mysteries Radio Premiere

    in Paranormal

    Hope you will all tune in and have fun with us on our premiere episode of Southern Mysteries radio. Tonights episode will be introducing our self and what we do here . As well as announcing the highly anticipated air date for our youtube series.

      What havn't heard of us? Well then pop over to youtube and check out the Southern Mysteries trailer for our new series. Then come back here to get any questions answered and information you may need. Or to just chat, call in and talk with us. You can find links to our information site on the front page of our blogtalk site. And our call in number is (646) 716-9321                   

     Looking forward to seeing and hearing from everyone. Come help us make this show the top of the list. Thanks sincerely from all of us here at Southern Mysteries and Ghostly Cowboy Productions.

      But especially me James Wraieth ...The Ghostly Cowboy.

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    Southern Mysteries Team Greet

    in Paranormal

    Tonights episode we introduce our team Southern Mysteries Paranormal Group . Take questions and share exepriences with and from our listeners. As well as talk about the upcoming investigation at The Dead Childrens Play Ground. Which will be the location featured in the Pemiere episode of our Southern Mysteries web show on Youtube. Airing later this weekend.

    We hope you will join in via chat or call in and interact with us. Look forward to putting on a great show for everyone tonight. Hope you will tune in share like and follow.

    Thanks from all of us at Ghostly Cowboy Productions the Southern Mysteries Paranormal Group

    And especially myself... James Wraieth..The Ghostly Cowboy...

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    Religion of the Ancients Restored

    in Politics

    Did ancient men of God revel in the truth? So do we. Did they have revelations and visions? So do we. Did they prophesy? So do we. Did God communicate with them? He does with us. Did they prophesy of "the restitution of all things?" We say it is at our doors. Did they prophesy of a kingdom of God? We are helping to build it up. Had they the ministering of angels? So have we. Had they prophets, apostles, pastors, teachers, and evangelists? So have we. Had they the spirit of prophecy and revelation? So have we. Did they look for the second advent and glorious appearance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? So do we. Did they expect that God would purge the wicked out of the earth and introduce a reign of righteousness? So do we. Did they look for Jesus and the saints to reign on the earth? So do we. We are, in fact, looking for all things that they did; seeking to know all things that they knew, and to bring to pass all things that they prophesied of, the great consummation of which is the restitution of all things; and men may lie and rant and rave; they cannot frustrate the designs of God, nor stop the progress of eternal truth one moment-its course is onward, ONWARD, ONWARD, and it defies opposition.. . . .    

    The omnipotent power of eternal truth will stand unscathed in the view of gathering hosts, and the nations will know that God rules in the heavens, that Mormonism is not a vague phantasy and wild chimera, but the greatest boon that could be conferred upon man; the offspring of heaven, the gift of the Gods, a celestial treasure, an earthly, heavenly inheritance, a living, abiding, and eternal reality.-The Mormon, Vol. 1, No. 23, July 28, 1855.    

                (John Taylor, The Gospel Kingdom: Selections from the Writings and Discourses of John Taylor, selected, arranged, and edited, with an introduction by G. Homer Durham, p.3)

  • The Book of the Order of the Ancients

    in Religion


    5. He who entereth the Order must be one who is dedicated to seeing the face of God and receiving from him the promise of eternal lives.

    6. He must keep the commandments and statutes of the Lord his God, to do what is good and upright in the sight of God according to that which he commanded through Moses the lawgiver and through his servants the prophets.

    7. He who seeketh to enter the holy order of God must be one who loveth that which the Lord loveth and hateth that which the Lord hateth.

    8. He must keep all the evil far from him and love to do good, that his works may bear testimony of his righteousness before God and man; he must be governed by the principles of truth, righteousness, and justice in all he doeth while in this tabernacle of clay, having repented of his inclination to follow after the dictates of the flesh, no longer doing evil according to the selfishness and jealousy and contentious spirit which dwelleth in the natural man.

    9. Every member of the Order must be dedicated to bringing into a bond of mutual love all those who are striving to live after the holy order of God.

    10. To live after the order of the ancients means that they must live in the community of God's elect, holding all things common and loving one another as themselves.

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    Hidden Mysteries: Halloween - A Time for Folktales & Manifesting

    in Paranormal

    October is known as the month for the Harvest, for manifesting new things into your life, for the retelling of ancient folktales brought over here by Irish and Scottish immigrants. It is a time to reconnect to your divine origins, when the veil between this world and the next are at its thinnest. 

    Join Rev. Maria D'Andrea and Co-host Mimi as they take a look at the ancient folklores and rituals that this season is known for. How did Jack O'Lanterns, scarey costumes and trick or treating come about? Would you like to learn about a simple spell you can do on Halloween to bring in good luck for the year? All these and more will be discussed as we take you down the ancient path of Halloween.

    Be sure to visit www.MQuestMedia.com for thought provoking segments on MQuest TV, or www.Mariadandrea.com to get in touch with Rev. Maria D'Andrea.

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    JC Vintner: Ancient Earth Mysteries

    in News

    Is humanity the first creation of intelligent beings? Do similar human-type species exist throughout the cosmos? If so, have those species mastered technologies only to self-destruct in an unfortunate series of events? The Universe is unbelievably enormous, this is undisputed. It's extremely selfish to think we are the only existing intelligent life. Science and religion are on the verge of discovering the truth. Super ancient societies and their archaeological evidence uncovered to this day is a vault of stored information waiting to be unlocked. All we need to do is find the key.

    Help us uncover the truth by learning about Ancient Earth Mysteries. Evidence suggests: "Humanity is not the first nor will be the last creation of intelligent beings. Perhaps millions of years ago a similar species existed which mastered technologies only to face its own demise by an unfortunate series of events. Maybe remnants of super ancient societies are mixed in with the archaeological evidence uncovered to this day. The results could be confusing us further when trying to solve the riddle of our past for this reason. If evolution evolved once, it seems likely evolution has evolved before in other ways as it continues to evolve simultaneously on other worlds. "

    American author J.C. Vintner writes about ancient mysteries, past cultures, strange phenomena, the unexplained, legendary cryptids, and how they affect the world today in attempt to discover unified theories. With topics ranging from ancient megalithic building and relics, art in the renaissance and UFO sightings, he strengthens ancient mystery theories with added insight from personal experiences and premonitions.


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    Mike Tyson Mysteries Season 2 Episodes 1-2 Review!

    in Entertainment

    Those Guys discuss Mike Tyson Mysteries Season 2 Episodes 1-2, and More...

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    The Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary~

    in Christianity

    LIVE FRIDAY 10-2-15 1PM!

    The Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary is usually said on Monday & Saturday 

    The First Joyful Mystery is the Annunciation, The Second is the Visitation, The Third is the Nativity, The Fourth is the Presentation of the Child Jesus and The Fifth Joyful Mystery is THE FINDING OF JESUS IN THE TEMPLE.
    Sometimes before we get started you might want to say what is troubling you if anything.  It could be just something on your mind, as well as say who and what you are praying for.
    "In the Name of the Father."
    The First Joyful Mystery is the Annunciation, recalling the Angel Gabriel announcing to Mary that she will bear a son conceived by the Holy Spirit (Luke 1:26-38).
    The Our Father - 10 Hail Marys - Glory be to the Father - O My Jesus
    The Second Joyful Mystery is the Visitation, recalling Mary's visit to her cousin Elizabeth (Luke 1:39-45).
    The Our Father - 10 Hail Marys - Glory be to the Father - O My Jesus
    The Third Joyful Mystery is the Nativity, the Birth of Our Lord (Luke 2:4-7).
    The Our Father - 10 Hail Marys - Glory be to the Father - O My Jesus
    The Fourth Joyful Mystery, the Presentation of the Child Jesus (Luke 2:22-24).
    The Our Father - 10 Hail Marys - Glory be to the Father - O My Jesus
    The Fifth Joyful Mystery, THE FINDING OF JESUS IN THE TEMPLE (Luke 2:40-52).
    The Our Father - 10 Hail Marys - Glory be to the Father - O My Jesus
     Hail Holy Queen 
    Sign of the Cross



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    Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary

    in Christianity

    Focusing on The Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary~
    Sign of the Cross, 
    Glory be to the Father
     and The O My Jesus
     The First Glorious Mystery is the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Mark 16:1-8).
    Our Father -10 Hail Marys - Glory be to the Father - O My Jesus
    The Second Glorious Mystery is the Ascension of Christ into Heaven (Luke 24:50-53). OurFather - 10 Hail Marys--- Glory be to the Father -the O My Jesus
    The Third Glorious Mystery is the Pentecost, the Descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles (Acts 2:1-4). 
    Our Father - 10 Hail Marys ---- Glory be to the Father -O My Jesus
    The Fourth Glorious Mystery is the Assumption of Mary into Heaven (Revelation 12:1-6). 
    OUR Father -10 Hail Marys ---- Glory be to the Father - the O My Jesus
    The Fifth Glorious Mystery is the Coronation of Mary as the Queen of Heaven (Revelation 12:1-6). Our Father - 10 Hail Marys ------ Glory be to the Father -the O My Jesus
    Hail Holy Queen 



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    Mike Tyson Mysteries Season 1 Episodes 8-10 Review!

    in Entertainment

    Those Guys discuss Mike Tyson Mysteries Season 1 Episodes 8-10, and More..

  • Hidden Mysteries: Ancient Deities in Modern Times

    in Paranormal

    The ancient gods, according to Edgar Cayce, were beings who immersed themselves in matter eons ago, some losing touch with their celestial nature in doing so, while others retained their connectedness, thus becoming gods. When I was a teenager, I remember spending the summer reading a book about Greek mythology and immersing myself in its tales. i was transfixed by the  stories of these ancient beings as they illustrated how the seasons came about, for example, and the origins of the world. But did they actually exist, I've often wondered, and do they have any connection to us today?

    Join us as Reverend Maria D'Andrea and I take a look at the ancient gods and how they may still help us in todays modern arena. Visit www.Mariadandrea.com or call her at 631-559-1248 to speak with Maria about the services she offers. Visit www.MQuestMedia.com for video segments of MQuestTV and articles on paranormal and spiritual topics. Be sure to take a look at Maria's most recent book on Amazon.com called - "Simple Spells with Playing Cards".

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