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    Pro Basketball Player Christian “Boo” Jackson

    in Sports

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview "Boo" Jackson.

    During college basketball career, he broke several records at the university… his most coveted one the Most Points Scored in a Single Season (670) previous record was (666).


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    Sonic Boo Yow Saturday!!

    in Poetry

    P.O.E.T.S Ink Amouri and Lyrikaall aka the L.A.B Project are in the building this SONIC BOO YOW SATURDAY MORNING!!! Come turn up with your poetry bars music love truth etc calling all artists who have passion to some drop a Sonic Boo Yow on the mic!!!!! We will update you with all thats going on in the POETS INK world from our school tours to marketing services if you need to be marketed, upcoming events how to het involved with P.O.E.T.S INk and these youth !!! Call in

    619 924 0700

    press 1 to go live!!!

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    Straight from the Hip with Coach Gerald "Boo" Mitchell

    in Sports

    Play Book Talk Radio presents STRAIGHT FROM THE HIP with Coach Gerald "Boo" Mitchell.  SPECIAL HOLIDAY EPISODE TONIGHT!!!  Our guest this week will be Senior RB / TE / P KYLE LEVELLE from WOODWARD ACADEMY HIGH SCHOOL!  A Thanksgiving story you don't want to miss!
    Call in to listen to the show and ask questions (give comments) by dialing 347-850-8025 or join us LIVE on TWITTER @PlayBookAthlete.  MONDAY NIGHT, November 23, 2015 at 8:00 PM!

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    optimize my life

    in Family


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    My WordPress Help Desk for Nov. 28

    in Internet

    My WordPress Help Desk for Nov. 29, 2015

    Page 1:  WordPress News   Update on 4.4 - plugins and themes

    Page 2 :  WordPress Focus  Ken Freeman   WORDPRESS & WOO COMMERCE

    Page 3: WordPress Q&A

    Our sponsors: www.wp-sitemakers.com   www.site-keeper.com   www.hosting-master.com   www.my-donations.com

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    Sonic Boo Yow Radio Presents Sylence is Golden

    in Poetry

    Sonic Boooooo Yow!!!!! Whats going on with the universe P.O.E.T.S Ink and the L.A.B Project turning up on Sonic Boo Yow Saturdays with our special guest Michael Dixon aka Sylence is Golden a native from the innercity of Far Rockaway New York on a mission to change lives of pregnant teens. He comes to share his gift of poetry and music as well as letting people know about his filming talent! Please dont miss out on this opportunity to turn up wit this young gentlemen!!!


    619 924 0700

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    Straight from the hip with Gerald Boo Mitchell

    in Sports

    Play Book Talk Radio presents STRAIGHT FROM THE HIP with Coach Gerald "Boo" Mitchell.  Our guest this week should be someone who needs no introduction.  After all, when you are the leading rusher in ALL OF AAAAAA FOOTBALL IN THE STATE OF GEORGIA with OVER 1,600 YARDS RUSHING, then everyone should know who you are... Right???  Wrong!!!!  Sophomore Sensation EMEKA NWANZE from Northview High School will be our IN STUDIO guest this evening!  Check out his HUDL highlights prior to the show here:
    Call in to listen to and/or participate in the show by dialing 347-850-8025 or join us LIVE on TWITTER @PlayBookAthlete.  WEDNESDAY NIGHT, NOVEMBER 11, 2015 at 8:00 PM!

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    My Take Radio-Episode 325

    in Entertainment

    This will be the last show for the month of November! My Take Radio plans to give a gaming & entertainment show you will never forget. 

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    Optimize My Life

    in Family

    Helping Other, By Helping Them, Help Others

  • My Take Radio-Episode 321

    in Entertainment

    While we did not have an MMA & wrestling show last night we do have some gaming and entertainment news and rants for you. 

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    Come Out of Her My People

    in Current Events

    In the name of the everlasting Father, He that causes all that exist to exist. He that is self existent, He who directs the sun ships of millions of years, and he who made time the seed of the universe.  Known among the ancient Chemites as Amen Ra, and Aton, among the Hebrews as Ain Soph, Yahweh, and Elohim, among the Christians as Lord, God, and Jehovah, among the Muslims and Islamic world as Allah the one GOD, among the Rastafarians as JAH – Rasta Fari.  I bare witness that all these names refer to the same "One" Almighty GOD and it is to him whom I give reverence and to whom I submit. I boldly proclaim that we, the descendants of those Black Men & Women who survived the transatlantic slave trade are the lost 13th tribe, born in North America and are of a Nubian Chemetic lineage.

    I bare witness that The blood of all the nations of the earth flow through our veins.   I greet you in the ancient  Holy words of Peace! Hotep, Shalom, As Salaam Alakum, Habari Gani, A la fi ya, and Ai Shay.

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